Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday

So Jimmy Fallon (@JimmyFallon) is closing in on the number one spot on my favorite list.  Yes while I do have a Top 10 list for the ladies, I also have a Top 10 list for the dudes.  On his show he does so many things that make me want to pee all over the bed but, I hold it in until I get up and go sit down on the toilet and pee. 

His Thank You Notes.  There are way too funny.  The looks he gives, the way he leans down to write as The Roots play sweet simple melodies. 

You know we all have people to thank. I don't have to wait till Thanksgiving to hand out some Thanks.  So I think what I might start doing is on every Thursday (or until Jimmy finds out and sues me) I am going to hand out some Thank You Notes.  A few here and a few there. To show I care.

So to start it off (que the music) Shoot. I dont have any music.  Ok pretend that I have some beautiful cords playing while you read this.

Jimmy Fallon...Thank You, for being the reason that my wife T stays up late and goes to bed with only one man on her mind..YOU

Twitter...Thank You for requesting the I follow Kim Kardashian (every day). You really want me to get into trouble dont you? You just keep teasing me.

Gwyneth Paltrow...Thank You for singing. Well not really. Please stop, you dont sound good.

Lady at my gym...Thank You for sneaking into the mens shower room when yours was locked.  I loved inhaling the fumes of White Rain as I stared at your fallen hair all over the floor.

Dr. Oz...Thank You for stating the fact that the average male last less than 10 minutes during sex. Now if I go over the 10 minute mark I can consider myself an over achevier.

Jonas Brothers...Thank You for making a return to my ipod during my workout at the gym.  Nothing get me more pumped while I am leg pressing more than 300 lbs.

The 4 C's...Thank You for getting back to normal and climbing in our bed in the middle of the night,  My balls have been wondering why they werent being smashed for so long.

So there you are.  Do you have anyone you would like to send a Thank You note out to?  Tell us.

And with that




Lily Dawn January 20, 2011 at 9:51 PM   Reply to

Love it- Definitely have a few people to thank this week =)

0007 January 21, 2011 at 7:39 AM   Reply to

...I got a song for you to look up:
Bloodhound Gang : Why is Everybody always picking on me?

Unknown January 25, 2011 at 11:28 AM   Reply to

LOL! I'm loving Thank You note Thursday! Keep them coming. And yes...the gym lady?? Annoying!

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