Monday, February 28, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Building Cars, Climbing and Ball Smacking

Good Monday morning. I hate saying that because that means the weekend is over. It was a great weekend. We did so much and also got some thing done.

Saturday, we got up and got the kids out early to the local Lowe's for the building projects.  This weekends project was a rear wheeled motored wind up #48 Jimmie Johnson wooden race car.  They loved it. They all love building the projects.  Here are some shots of them at Lowe's.

After Lowe's we ran over to Tar-ghay (Target) and they were having a Dr. Seuss birthday story time, gift bag, goodies party.  The kids really only liked the reusable bags and treats they got.  Ok, take that back, the kids had some dollars as thy like to say, so the each got a movie. C1 and C2 got a Super Mario movie and C3 got a Hello Kitty movie.

Then it was on to Toys R Us. WOW.  The kids just went wild in that place, like any kids would.  They had more dollars to spend and C3 got herself a little Lotso, and C1 and C2 got some legos. 

Then it was on to the Mall.  Borders was having a Elmo Birthday party. So we ate a quick lunch and I took 3 of the C's to the Elmo party, where the lady reading stories was calling everyone SWEETIE.  I heard that word I swear a million damn time. The kids had a decent time there but they were ready to go.

T was happy to finally get US...Now I say US cause it goes on OUR bed, but this is really for her. She got her new bedroom dressing set.  A new comforter and pillows cases and whatever.
Just like they say on MTV Cribs,
that is where the magic happens
Well its magic for one of us.

So after buying our Oscar fish and getting him to live, PetSmart sold me this algae stuff and guess what it did?  It killed Oscar the Oscar. I was pissed. But PetSmart took back the fish killing stuff and gave me a new Oscar.  We went with a Red Oscar this time. C1 named him Roscar. (since he's red)  So we will see how this one does and T and I agree, if he wins a free toilet pass, the tank if being put up for a bit.

Sunday was a great day outside.  T went to the store and I got the kids outside.  You know how I am always bitching and moaning about C4 and his climbing ability? Well take a look...

Last nights pre Oscar dinner was so much fun. A simple dinner. Pizza and corn dogs and we ate outside.  I surprised T by singing to her last night. I sang Patrick Swayze's She's Like the Wind to her. She loved it so much she pretended to actual listen to me.  She almost got a tear in her eye. Maybe that was from dust or something...but whatever.

Then the Oscars. We watched. WHY?  No idea.  What a waste of time.  James Franco and Anne Hathaway sucked so bad.  Half of the show was a waste anyways.  But I guess to each their own.  I do want to see some of the movies now though, like..127 Hours and The Fighter.

Well that was the weekend in a huge nutshell.  Oh speaking of nuts, this is for the wives....Never Ever hit your husbands in the ass, unless you know 100% that the ass is the only thing you are going to hit.  Lets just leave it at that.





Friday, February 25, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-25-11

This Daddy's Blog


I am so glad that is it Friday. This has been a long week. Seems too long for some reason. I am just ready to be home and away from work for the couple days.

Lets see, I didn't make it to the gym this morning, I overslept. I got up at 2 something to shut the windows cause it was raining pretty hard and I started to get ready then I realized it was only 2 something.  I must have done something at the gym to hurt myself cause my left arm, shoulder and upper chest area hurts like a you know what. Im going to beg T to put on some rubber gloves and lather me up with some icy hot or something tonight.

Now that I think about it,  I am left handed.

And I guess I am not so funny after all. Sorry.

Kiss the Baby




Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...A Special One to a Dentist...

Kids are so funny. They try so hard to keep secrets but they just end up telling you the deal anyways.  Case and point.  Wednesday is Survivor night. T and the C's watch before I get home and I watch it later. C1 is a huge fan and he loves to tell me what happens when I walk in the door.  So last night, he starts trying to tell me who got voted out and I tell him "Don't tell me, ok. I will watch it after you are in bed"......."Daddy, ok I wont tell that the guy in the yellow shirt went to Redemption Island".....See, cant keep it in.  It was so funny and he wanted to tell me so bad, I just laughed as I watched the show.

Now, for what you have all been waiting for.....


Lets see who we can thank today. 

T's Dentist...Thank You, A very special thank you for giving me 3 weeks worth of comedy material as you pissed my wife off by giving her a silver temp crown. You turned her into a Gangsta Wife Mommy. She got Grillz now, now we can spit rhymes together.

TMZ...Thank You, for showing that picture of Rosanne in her bathing suit while she was at the beach. Now I know what beach to avoid.

Farrelly Brothers...Thank You, for your movie Hall Pass. Now our wives will have just one more reason to be pissed at us for something we had nothing to do with.

Jackass Gravel Spreaders...Thank You, for the huge mess in front of my house.  Guess I will be cleaning all those rocks up this weekend.

Prank Phone Callers...Thank You, for being dumb enough to not change the caller Id before you try to trick me.

Justin Beiber...Thank You, for cutting your hair, or for that matter doing anything, a day without you in the news and i just wouldn't know what to do

Car radio...Thank You, if not for you I wouldn't get to listen to all that static in the morning.

Bald Spot...Thank You, no wait a minute...Hey F YOU.

Mirrors at the Gym....Thank You, all millions of you...for reminding me I have a lot of work to do.

Ok, so that's it.  Who do you want to thank?

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being a Parent is like running the Government...sort of

Have you watched or read or listened to the new recently?  Local and or National or World Wide. The World is getting out of control, this is so crazy.  People are taking a stand against the Governments and protesting the policies and getting violent against one another. And in return some of the Governments are fighting back and even having some of their own people killed. Madness.

So picture this.....What if you and your spouse, the parents were the Government (which basically you are) and your kids were the citizens of your country (which basically they are)???  What if your kids were so unhappy (which they say they are sometimes) that they decided to take a stand against you?

Can you imagine it....Waking up to find your kids outside your bedroom door with picket signs, protesting you and what you were cooking for breakfast, what you had planned for the day.  Throwing toys at you and chanting "DOWN WITH PARENTS"  What if your kids went on strike and banned against you?  I mean just picture it.  It is hard enough to get kids to do what we ask them to sometimes, throw in the willingness to protest and you have mayhem.

Now as the Government (parents) how are you going to handle this backlash?  Are you going to sit and come up with a plan to make all parites happy?  Are you going to try and get one or more of your kids to move to your side and then go take down the other kids?  What if your kids go recruit their friends and then try to take over the house? Or worst case scenario, will you go after the kids hard core and take it all away from them, everything they have, make them regret even thinking about protesting?????

The way a home and a family is run these days are almost so much like a Government. Either we are telling kids to DO THIS and DO THAT, or the kids complain and it just doesn't have to be like that.  Parents and kids can make this work together and it doesn't have to be a daily battle. Just remember that we the parents need the kids to be happy to make everything work, but we also need the kids to know that we do control them, but let them know in a positive way.

Now we don't have problems like that here in the U.S. because we at least know how to talk about things.  We may not always agree with our kids and vice verse but we at least talk about it.  Talk with your kids, work stuff out.

Remember we do rule our kids and sometimes with an iron fist, but don't be like Gadhafi.

Show them love.  And if they start to protest and throw stuff at you, tie them up and tickle them till they pee themselves.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parenting Lesson from The Bachelor.

I don't if I am just that empty headed or what but I amaze myself sometimes at how a mindless tv show can shed light on my daily attempts to become a better parent.  I know and T knows that I more often than not am a Helicopter Parent.  I just worry about things when it comes to the kids and try to be right there, especially with C4 right now. That kids is so active and does the craziest stuff.  I mean he is a typical 21 month old and does things that kids do. Climb, scale rock walls, swing from the ceiling fan, walk the banister like a tightrope.  I don't know why I am always so worried about him, I guess I just am.

I need to let go, let whatever happens happen.  Stop being a Helicopter Parent.

I found this out once again last night on The Bachelor.  During a date with Emily, Brad is at her house and they have a great date, Emily's daughter is asleep upstairs and she is saying she want Brad to kiss her.  Brads says he wants to kiss her but her daughter is upstairs.  He doesn't want to be disrespectful.  So the entire time T and I are like "Brad, just kiss the chick"....I made a comment to T that Brad is just being to cautious. Just go for it dude, kiss her and see what happens. You never know man, it could lead to the best thing ever...

Damn and it hit me, like T slapping me in the face with the frying pan.....I need to take my own simple advice that I am giving this playboy on tv..."Just let it happen and see where it goes"  Yeah, I sound so damn smart when it comes to someone else's problems. Just let it happen, let it happen, let it happen.

Let it happen...I might see the best, funniest, most loving moment if I just let it happen. Don't hover over the C's and wait for the worst to happen.  Sit back, watch, and wait for the best to happen.  A great moment in parental history might take place.  T, man she just does her thing and lets the kids play and experience things and it is no wonder the kids seem to have more fun when I am not there.  How can they have fun when I am saying all the time "Be careful".  Kids don't want to be careful, they want to live on the edge and do crazy stuff.  I did when I was a kid and I made it out of my youth ok.

It just always seems to strike me odd that I can learn a lesson from watching a dude flirt around with women on a tv show.  So Brad, I thank you for being such a puss last night and not going in for the kiss.  You re-planted that thought in my head that I don't need to be too cautious.  Its ok to be aware of the happenings of what my kids are doing but I don't have to wrap them in bubble wrap and then let the go off and play or do whatever.

Another lesson learned.




Monday, February 21, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Spend it outside

The weekend went by so fast. In a blink it was over.  Now we did get just about everything finished on our list of to do's but man, Go to bed Friday night and wake up Monday morning and I am wondering where the in between went.

So T is know (I know and some others might know too) to get an idea in her head and run with it. I get home Friday night from work and tables have been moved, kitchen cabinets have been moved, the re-arranging had begun.   See we needed a bigger kitchen table so we can all eat together.  Moving the dining room( school table) into the kitchen means we need a new table for the dining room.  So T went Saturday to buy a new table. Another tidbit of helpful info for you, on Saturday I figured out I needed a new taller ladder to fix our broken shutters and I went to get one.  You can fit a 20 ft extension ladder in a Town and Country. 

Got both cars serviced, so that was good. Got the kids playground fixed and the poo patrol done and garbage picked up in the backyard.  I rocked the hell out of my honey do list this weekend.  Fish tank clean. Lights changed on the top of the house in the back. Check, Check, Check, Check.....All done.

Body shaved too.  Hell Yeah. CHECK!!!

So....Am I the only person, male, self promoting funny man, ass clown, joke player, whatever or however you want to label me.....Am I the only one who thinks the 3 Stooges are NOT FUNNY.  Yesterday while waiting for my car to get serviced and new brakes, the 3 Stooges were on the tv at the place.  Others were watching so I didn't even try to change it. I have got to tell you, I didn't think any of it was funny. Maybe because I am the Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley, kind of funny but that stuff just left shaking my head wondering if it was just because of the day and time of the humor??? I don't know.

We had the kids playing outside all weekend long since it was so nice out. The weather was great, we wore the kids out, they were so tired by the end of the day.

It was a fun weekend, it just went by so fast.  It was great being able to spend the time outside and watch the kids play and get stuff done that I needed to.  Better enjoy that easy weekend time, cause soon I will be doing yard work galore trying to make the yard look nice.

Have a great week.


Kiss the Baby



Friday, February 18, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-18-11....Fast and Productive Weekend

This Daddy's Blog


This is Daytona 500 weekend.  The first race that counts for the new Nascar season.  Funny how it is the beginning of a new race season and it is going to be so nice out all weekend long that we will spend so much of it outside.  I hope the weekend does not go by as fast as the race does.

Lets go #24 Jeff Gordon

Plans for the weekend.  Well T has been making a to do list for me and I know I have to get some stuff to do so it will be a busy fun weekend.

I want to get C2 and C3 ready for soccer. I want to start practicing with them so they ready to go, but I am going to make sure they have fun with it. Not too much, not too hard.

I need to get through the woods again in our backyard and make a good path for the kids since they like to go back there so much. Chopping down small trees and prickly vines...they love playing back there so much.

T and I are gonna have date night. Either tonight or Saturday night. Which ever night I can get her to stay up with me. Watch a movie, play cards, po do, laugh, tweet, shave my back, po do, play wii, you know just some stuff like that.

I am going to be cooking this weekend, since T and Gretta want to talk trash about how their husbands need to cook this weekend. Watch me rock this thing and dance around the kitchen like Usher this weekend.

I will be taking both vehicles to get oil changes and my car needs brakes so I will be getting up early and hitting the gym and then doing that. Early out the door with business done means time at home to play and work at the house.

Oscar, I will have you in fresh clean water again and you some new fishes to eat.

So that is a look at what will be going on this weekend around our parts.

Now for some thought bouncing in my head to finish the week.

Sunday beer and liquor sales.  Good or bad for your state? We don't have it here in Ga. and I think it would generate money.

With all the countries now protesting their own Governments do you ever see it happening here in the U.S. ?  I sure hope not.

Is Dr. Oz not the coolest Dr. on tv and he is a real doctor to boot.  He can get you happy, healthy and laid all in one show.

Well that's it, everyone have a great weekend and



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday

So T took the kids to the park yesterday since the weather is getting to be so nice.  They were there for a while and she must have worn the kids out cause when I got home they were ready to have snack, brush teeth and go to bed.  C3, who tells you even in her sleep that she is not tired, didn't even ask to come lay in our you know she was tired.  I had a great moment last night during snack.  While I was unloading the dishwasher (since I haven't done anything all week) C1 and I were talking and we decided to play a game of charades (we called it guess the animal).  Giving hints and clues and making faces and sounds and trying to guess what animal we were talking about. We laughed and it was so much fun packed into 10 minutes of time.

Then after the kids were in bed, T and I watched Survivor.  Now T is the super huge fan and she loves Russell and Bawwstan Rob. I cant stand Fatskull Russell and I like Bawwstan Rob, so we talk trash to each other. Now I am not the huge super fan like she is but last nights Tribal Council where the one guy Phillip calling out the two girls Francesca and Kristina was HILARIOUS. And he kept saying Francesca's name wrong and it was pee your pants kind of funny.  So if you are a fan of Survivor, lets talk some trash and if you like Russell then go talk to T, I have nothing for you.

So you know what comes on Thursdays right?   That's right its time for


Washing Machine...Thank You, for doing such a great job on my ipod. Now all of my dirty rap song are clean.

Survivor...Thank You, for coming back on so soon. Now my wife has even more reason to pay less attention to me.

Lifetime Movies...Thank You, for doing a great job of making us men out to be the bad guys. Every single time in every single movie.

Talc...Thank You, for being there to keep my buddies fresh. Never know when you might feel a little unpleasant.

Sun...Thank You, now that you have come out, I can look more white and dry skinned.

Body Hair...Thank You, for growing so fast that I have to shave you like ALL THE TIME in order to not have a man sweater.

Big Egg...Thank You, for keeping Lady GagGag safe in her entrance of her Grammy's performance.

DIY...Thank You, for making me want to start home projects that I know I will mess up and never finish.

Who do you want to give a Thank You Note to?

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday rather Wordfull Wednesday...A story

So my Wordless Wednesday once again isnt so Wordless and it tells a story
about a little sum sum that happened to me yesterday

So lets see, I have this little

that I use to listen to my

when I


But like a

I left it in my shorts to

So now I have

Now the good new is that I do have a back up

But for some reason I deleted all of my
Media Player
meaning I still have



Hope you enjoyed my Wordfull Wednesday Story




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor....Get your ass off my boat

Ok so I haven't blogged about ABC's The Bachelor all season and it has gone by fast.  Brad is finally down to the Final 4 and the hometown dates.  Last nights show was especially great for a number of reasons.  I mean it is so hard to put them in order.  But lets see if we can do a quick recap of the episode to remember for the season.

Ok for the funniest part of the show...Now, if you watch the show then you know what I am talking about, if you don't just stay with me......

Ok, so Brad broke a rule (I guess its in writing) and told Emily that she was getting a rose. He told her and he didn't care about the rules. Brad is living on the edge.

Brit (A Food Writer).  Ok this skinny as a number 2 pencil chick is a food writer. She obviously is not a food eater.  She needs to be a fast food writer. Ok enough about the skinniest of the women on the Bachelor.  Brad takes her on this Yacht and he doesn't waste anytime in telling her she is not for him. So right in the middle of their dinner (which she took one bite of) he told her it was time to leave.......And instead of taking her back to the hotel or the limo he....ok get this...puts her in a dingy boat in the dark night in the water and ships her back.

So yeah, I'm not picking you and you cant finish your dinner and you have to ride back to the hotel on a dingy boat and walk your ass back through the sand pack your stuff and get gone baaaaa bye.

The best part was him kicking Michelle to the curb.  I didn't like her at all.  That was awesome. But he needs to watch out, she might find out where the girls live and show up at one of the home town dates.

So the Final 4...You have

Emily - The Blonde Bombshell, America's sweetheart with a daughter who make Brad nervous.

Shantel O - The Slapper, the feisty one who has fun with Brad, and says she loves him.

Shawntel - The embalmer.  Scary. I am not sure about her.  Scratching my head.

Ashley - Biggest forehead and a whiner. "You scare me" She says this 20 times per show.

Ok, so I guess I can update again next Tuesday as we get closer to Brad 2.0 maybe finally picking someone.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to my special T




She never wants anything.  She never asks me for anything.  If I get her stuff, she takes it back and gets mad that I spent money on something that she didn't need or want. 

So I took back the

I made this guy leave
I knew she didn't need another guy laying around in bed all day

This guy doesn't cook the way she likes
so I made him leave

So since I know exactly what T loves, I am going to give it to her tonight.
(Not PO-DO people)

The thing that T loves more than almost anything
(yes even more than PO-DO)

A foot, back, head, full body rub down.   A massage, lotioned up and rubbed down.  She will especially love it when I tell her that I have no intention of trying any funny business
(yeah right)

So our plans for tonight
(which change, due to having four kids)

Me- Get home late as usual
Get kids to bed kind of early
Watch The Bachelor
Turn off the lights and let T get relaxed and then
rub her till she is so relaxed that.....






Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-11-11....All of this and a little of that

This Daddy's Blog


So Friday is here and it is not your typical Friday.  Yes I want it to be over so fast just like any other Friday, but only because T is sick and I want to be home to take care of her and let her rest and get better.

I went home early last night and I always say that she does so much and I don't know how she does it, but, it was confirmed again last night. With her sick in bed and me having to take care of the C's, I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked.  C1 actually did a better job taking care of his brothers and sister than I did.  I need to go to some kind of Mommy Gone-Daddy Home Boot Camp.  I did however change 2 shitty diapers. Yeah I know, pat me on the back.

So we had a dusting of snow again the other night and we are suppose to have the weather in the high 50*'s this weekend.  I hope it is nice so we can open the windows and get some fresh air in the house.

Two days of missed gym time. Slept in Thursday morning since it snowed and I took advantage of it and skipped it this morning so I could leave the house later to make sure T was ok.  But I will be there either later tonight or first thing in the morning.  I am so happy with my new workout book by Men's Health, "The Big Book Of Exercises".  I have used the workouts already and I could tell after the first day.

Ok so time for some random thoughts running through my head..

The World of TV...

If you have not seen the Jimmy Fallon Show...It is a must see. Dvr, Ti-Vo do whatever, but you need to watch his show.

Brett Farve to do Dancing with the Stars? Its ok, he will arrive late, not want to practice and tell the show he is quitting/retiring about five time before the end of the season.

The World of Movies...

Thank Heavens my C3 is not old enough to care about this little Bustin Jeiber and his 3D movie. 

The World of Music...

The Grammy's are on this weekend.  Can someone lock Lady GagGag out so we don't have to look at her nasty self?

The World of Kids, my kids that is...

C1 finished his paper he had to write about going on a future vacation. He picked the Disney Cruise. Take a look..

C2, my little David Beckham is signed up and ready to get back on the soccer field.  Older, faster and smarter, I cant wait to see him play.

C3, she is playing soccer too. I cant wait to see my Princess flying up and down the field with pink shoelaces and hair bows. Gonna be hard to see someone get rough with her, but I think she can hold her own..I hope.

C4, Mommy's Boy has breastfed longer than any of our other children. I want to be selfish and ask for MY boobies back but I know he benefits more from them then I do.

The World of my Wife...T that is, the only wife I have

I am glad you finally found someone that can make you happy, laugh and smile late at night, when I am sleeping.  All I know is that Jimmy Fallon better be glad we live in Ga. I would hate to have to ask him to not be so funny and charming and good looking.

Have I told you recently that I love you and more than that, I love those looks you give me when you catch me staring at your ass. I love the angry slaps to my hand as I attempt to touch that booty. I love the way you lock the bathroom door as you bathe or shower and try to get some alone time. 

Seriously though T, you are an awesome wife and mother and I know you always complain when I do nothing  but talk nice about you on my to make you feel better and let you know that I do have bad things to say about you....

If you ever get sick and throw up and feel like shit and have our room smelling like a sick ward again.........

...........I am going to hold sex from you.

Ok, Im lying.  I am going to kick your ass...

...........After I take care of you....

C, I cant even be mean to you.

Kiss the Baby




Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday....No really Thank You!!

So I get home last night and the three older C's are watching a movie in our bedroom and T and C4 are watching tv out in the living room.  I sit on the couch and I am trying to get C4 to come hang out with me and he is having none of it.  He is on Mommy T tighter than velcro.  I ask him to come see me and he is giving me the nastiest looks.  I wonder if it had anything to do with him spraying smell good stuff in his face and me having to hold him down to flush his eyes out with saline...???? Just a thought.  Guess I will try again tonight, see how my little buddy is acting towards me.

Yesterday T signed up C2 for soccer and we are signing up C3 also. C2 is a soccer stud and he loves playing and C3 has wanted to play now for at least a few years.  She is four and she will be on the U6 team with C2 who will be 6 in March.  These two crazy, wild, attack dog style of kids are going to be on the same soccer team.....Other kids beware..

So, today is Thank You Note Thursday and I hope you are ready for this, I have some special Thank You to hand out today.  I have put some thought into these and not just anyone gets a Thank You Note from me, you have to have done something pretty awesome...

So lets get to it............

Lindsay Lohan...Thank You, for staying in trouble and making us aware that if we can't just take things from others without asking.

Lady GaGa...Thank You, for being hands down the ugliest man woman in the world.

Ke$ha...Thank You, for recording all of your songs and making them all sound the same.

C4...Thank You, for adopting your mothers dirty looks. Like the one you shot me last night when I said you were going to be sleeping on the couch.

T...Thank You, for making me feel so uncomfortable as you were talking to me while I was taking care of business.  Could you please just text or tweet me next time?

People with music ring tones...Thank You, for allowing me to have these M-F'ing songs in my head all day long.

Viagra...Thank You, for letting me know over and over in my spam email inbox that you can increase my love making pleasure and help me get a you know what faster.  I wasn't even aware that I had a problem with that.

Twitter...Thank You, but NO THANKS.  I do not want to follow Oprah. Stop asking me!




Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....but with words.

Ok so I am doing my version of Wordless Wednesday
Worded Wednesday

Its a story try and follow along.

So I was trying to find something

And thought I did and I got really

I thought I
 nailed it

But I didnt

So I felt like I had my
thats right

and my

But in reality I didnt. I will be ok and I just have to

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Worse?

So I am speaking from my opinions only here. You may agree, you may not. If you do, awesome.  If you don't, its ok, I understand, we are all different.

So near the beginning of the Super Bowl, T and I are watching and Fox shows a promo for a variety of the shows and they are tossing a football around. At the end of the promo it has that one older blonde lady from 40 Year Old Virgin (and other movies) and she says "Whose STUPID idea was this anyways?"

So now T and I may be in the minority but we DO NOT like certain kinds of words to be used by our children and that word is one of them,  That word STUPID is so negative. Why would you want your child saying that.  Try to put that word into any sentence and it never comes out sounding good.  Would you allow your child to call YOU that, probably not, so why say it to another child.

Now on to my point...Years ago, during the Super Bowl Halftime Justin and Janet showed a mili second of a pastie that covered a nip on a boob. The whole world shut down.  And really how many people were sitting waiting to see that.  The government and general public made such a huge deal over that eye blink of a moment of something was wasn't even.....I mean nothing.  Seriously.

But the people at FOX now want to have a commercial showing it actors and characters saying the words STUPID.  I wonder if I made such a huge deal and started complaining about that if it would make a difference?  Probably not.  I would rather have my 3 sons and my 1 daughter see a boob, a nipple, hell a nose hair length glimpse of a covered up spec of a nipple then to be running around saying the word STUPID.  Hey your stupid, no you are, your stupid.  Where is the good in that.  If your kids says that to someone, then you are probably the same parent that will lose your mind if your kids comes home and is crying because some other kids called your kid stupid.

This all goes back to what do we want our kids to take away from things like radio, tv, books magazines?  I would rather my kids hear something negative but be able to learn from it. Like learning about history. Not all history was positive but they can learn how to take a negative moment in history and make it positive somehow.  You cant take the word Stupid and make it positive. You can take that jelly bean size covered up part of Janets body and teach a lesson from it. "That is what Mommy and other Mommies use to feed their children all over the world" I bet if Janet would have had a baby bottle with formula attached to her boob, no one would have said anything!

Whatever I am gonna stop before I piss people off.  The point I am trying to make is that I even as a dad would rather have my sons and daughter see something so natural that it is used by the minute to feed children across the world then rather have them hear words that they might use at a young influential age.  Stupid, Shut Up, Dummy, Idiot, Retarded, Crap, if those are words that you would let your children say to YOU or other children...fine, but I am not going to have my children act in such a negative way or use negative words.

And to finish off, I am not without blame or fault here.  I have said curse words that my kid have repeated but I am torn between it being worse for my kids so slip and say ASS or STUPID. 

Remember also, if there is a word that you would not say to another persons face, why let your kids say it.  Just think about it.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, February 7, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

So Saturday when my little Princess C3 and I went on our Daddy-Daughter Date, I had high hopes that this would be one of the most memorable experiences of her young life.  Going on a date with Daddy. I was stoked for this.

C3 got all dressed up and was looking so pretty. I put on my best casual wear and Mommy T drove us to the mall so we could have our Daddy-Daughter Date at the Chick Fil A. 

Chick Fil A had the area set up so nice. They had the place all decorated and the guys had on tux's and it was so cute.

So as C3 and I check in for our reservation, she is escorted by a young man to our table. I follow and then we have our picture taken. It was sweet.  They had cute little place mats and menus and they even had a Daddy-Daughter questionnaire for us to ask each other questions, you know to make sure there was not dead silence time between words.

We had a nice dinner and then we had some ice cream and chocolate.

After that we made a craft project and then it was off to treat my little sweetheart to some story time.  We walked down to Borders and she picked out some books that she liked and I read them to her.

Well about then she started complaining about her tummy hurting.  I for sure thought it was from too much junk.  So we just sat at Borders and read and relaxed.  After a while Mommy and the boys picked us up from our date and we headed home.

The whole way home, she moaned and groaned about her tummy hurting.  We made it home without her getting sick and after she changed into her jammies and relaxed in our bed, she walked out into the other room and then all of a sudden............

................Yeah....She was getting sick.  I cleaned up while t took her to the bathroom and then we tried to get her to relax.  She was sick all night. T was up all night with her, I got up a few times when they were up to change bowls.

T and I laughed a little, not at C3 or the fact that she was sick, but the fact that this happened on our Daddy-Daughter Date night.  I felt so bad.  I may have ruined dating for my daughter forever. Wait that may be a good thing..No, seriously. I felt so bad. She was miserable and all I thought about was we had our little date and now she is puking all over the place.

I wanted it to be so special, it was our first.  I mean, I know she had fun, and to me it was the best date I may have ever had. There are a few with her Mommy that rank up there.  But as far as our first ever Daddy-Daughter Date Night...I was very proud of her for acting like a big girl and going with me.

So if you ever read this in the future my little Princess , just know that your Daddy had a blast and I cant wait for our next one and I promise to do what you wanted to do that we didn't get a chance to do.....


Thanks for a great night,
Love Daddy

Kiss The Baby


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