Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being a Parent is like running the Government...sort of

Have you watched or read or listened to the new recently?  Local and or National or World Wide. The World is getting out of control, this is so crazy.  People are taking a stand against the Governments and protesting the policies and getting violent against one another. And in return some of the Governments are fighting back and even having some of their own people killed. Madness.

So picture this.....What if you and your spouse, the parents were the Government (which basically you are) and your kids were the citizens of your country (which basically they are)???  What if your kids were so unhappy (which they say they are sometimes) that they decided to take a stand against you?

Can you imagine it....Waking up to find your kids outside your bedroom door with picket signs, protesting you and what you were cooking for breakfast, what you had planned for the day.  Throwing toys at you and chanting "DOWN WITH PARENTS"  What if your kids went on strike and banned against you?  I mean just picture it.  It is hard enough to get kids to do what we ask them to sometimes, throw in the willingness to protest and you have mayhem.

Now as the Government (parents) how are you going to handle this backlash?  Are you going to sit and come up with a plan to make all parites happy?  Are you going to try and get one or more of your kids to move to your side and then go take down the other kids?  What if your kids go recruit their friends and then try to take over the house? Or worst case scenario, will you go after the kids hard core and take it all away from them, everything they have, make them regret even thinking about protesting?????

The way a home and a family is run these days are almost so much like a Government. Either we are telling kids to DO THIS and DO THAT, or the kids complain and it just doesn't have to be like that.  Parents and kids can make this work together and it doesn't have to be a daily battle. Just remember that we the parents need the kids to be happy to make everything work, but we also need the kids to know that we do control them, but let them know in a positive way.

Now we don't have problems like that here in the U.S. because we at least know how to talk about things.  We may not always agree with our kids and vice verse but we at least talk about it.  Talk with your kids, work stuff out.

Remember we do rule our kids and sometimes with an iron fist, but don't be like Gadhafi.

Show them love.  And if they start to protest and throw stuff at you, tie them up and tickle them till they pee themselves.

Kiss the Baby



Daria @ Mom in Management February 23, 2011 at 4:54 PM   Reply to

I especially like the tickle till they pee parenting tactic. :)

aimehaskett February 28, 2012 at 11:42 PM   Reply to

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