Monday, February 7, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

So Saturday when my little Princess C3 and I went on our Daddy-Daughter Date, I had high hopes that this would be one of the most memorable experiences of her young life.  Going on a date with Daddy. I was stoked for this.

C3 got all dressed up and was looking so pretty. I put on my best casual wear and Mommy T drove us to the mall so we could have our Daddy-Daughter Date at the Chick Fil A. 

Chick Fil A had the area set up so nice. They had the place all decorated and the guys had on tux's and it was so cute.

So as C3 and I check in for our reservation, she is escorted by a young man to our table. I follow and then we have our picture taken. It was sweet.  They had cute little place mats and menus and they even had a Daddy-Daughter questionnaire for us to ask each other questions, you know to make sure there was not dead silence time between words.

We had a nice dinner and then we had some ice cream and chocolate.

After that we made a craft project and then it was off to treat my little sweetheart to some story time.  We walked down to Borders and she picked out some books that she liked and I read them to her.

Well about then she started complaining about her tummy hurting.  I for sure thought it was from too much junk.  So we just sat at Borders and read and relaxed.  After a while Mommy and the boys picked us up from our date and we headed home.

The whole way home, she moaned and groaned about her tummy hurting.  We made it home without her getting sick and after she changed into her jammies and relaxed in our bed, she walked out into the other room and then all of a sudden............

................Yeah....She was getting sick.  I cleaned up while t took her to the bathroom and then we tried to get her to relax.  She was sick all night. T was up all night with her, I got up a few times when they were up to change bowls.

T and I laughed a little, not at C3 or the fact that she was sick, but the fact that this happened on our Daddy-Daughter Date night.  I felt so bad.  I may have ruined dating for my daughter forever. Wait that may be a good thing..No, seriously. I felt so bad. She was miserable and all I thought about was we had our little date and now she is puking all over the place.

I wanted it to be so special, it was our first.  I mean, I know she had fun, and to me it was the best date I may have ever had. There are a few with her Mommy that rank up there.  But as far as our first ever Daddy-Daughter Date Night...I was very proud of her for acting like a big girl and going with me.

So if you ever read this in the future my little Princess , just know that your Daddy had a blast and I cant wait for our next one and I promise to do what you wanted to do that we didn't get a chance to do.....


Thanks for a great night,
Love Daddy

Kiss The Baby



Unknown February 10, 2011 at 1:08 PM   Reply to

Awwww! How sweet! Sorry she got sick though. Poor baby. :-( I hope next year's date goes better.

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