Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-11-11....All of this and a little of that

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So Friday is here and it is not your typical Friday.  Yes I want it to be over so fast just like any other Friday, but only because T is sick and I want to be home to take care of her and let her rest and get better.

I went home early last night and I always say that she does so much and I don't know how she does it, but, it was confirmed again last night. With her sick in bed and me having to take care of the C's, I didn't do as good a job as I would have liked.  C1 actually did a better job taking care of his brothers and sister than I did.  I need to go to some kind of Mommy Gone-Daddy Home Boot Camp.  I did however change 2 shitty diapers. Yeah I know, pat me on the back.

So we had a dusting of snow again the other night and we are suppose to have the weather in the high 50*'s this weekend.  I hope it is nice so we can open the windows and get some fresh air in the house.

Two days of missed gym time. Slept in Thursday morning since it snowed and I took advantage of it and skipped it this morning so I could leave the house later to make sure T was ok.  But I will be there either later tonight or first thing in the morning.  I am so happy with my new workout book by Men's Health, "The Big Book Of Exercises".  I have used the workouts already and I could tell after the first day.

Ok so time for some random thoughts running through my head..

The World of TV...

If you have not seen the Jimmy Fallon Show...It is a must see. Dvr, Ti-Vo do whatever, but you need to watch his show.

Brett Farve to do Dancing with the Stars? Its ok, he will arrive late, not want to practice and tell the show he is quitting/retiring about five time before the end of the season.

The World of Movies...

Thank Heavens my C3 is not old enough to care about this little Bustin Jeiber and his 3D movie. 

The World of Music...

The Grammy's are on this weekend.  Can someone lock Lady GagGag out so we don't have to look at her nasty self?

The World of Kids, my kids that is...

C1 finished his paper he had to write about going on a future vacation. He picked the Disney Cruise. Take a look..

C2, my little David Beckham is signed up and ready to get back on the soccer field.  Older, faster and smarter, I cant wait to see him play.

C3, she is playing soccer too. I cant wait to see my Princess flying up and down the field with pink shoelaces and hair bows. Gonna be hard to see someone get rough with her, but I think she can hold her own..I hope.

C4, Mommy's Boy has breastfed longer than any of our other children. I want to be selfish and ask for MY boobies back but I know he benefits more from them then I do.

The World of my Wife...T that is, the only wife I have

I am glad you finally found someone that can make you happy, laugh and smile late at night, when I am sleeping.  All I know is that Jimmy Fallon better be glad we live in Ga. I would hate to have to ask him to not be so funny and charming and good looking.

Have I told you recently that I love you and more than that, I love those looks you give me when you catch me staring at your ass. I love the angry slaps to my hand as I attempt to touch that booty. I love the way you lock the bathroom door as you bathe or shower and try to get some alone time. 

Seriously though T, you are an awesome wife and mother and I know you always complain when I do nothing  but talk nice about you on my to make you feel better and let you know that I do have bad things to say about you....

If you ever get sick and throw up and feel like shit and have our room smelling like a sick ward again.........

...........I am going to hold sex from you.

Ok, Im lying.  I am going to kick your ass...

...........After I take care of you....

C, I cant even be mean to you.

Kiss the Baby



Muliebrity February 11, 2011 at 2:51 PM   Reply to

Feel better soon, Tracy! I am sure you will be better in no time, with Scott taking care of you!

Gretta February 11, 2011 at 11:00 PM   Reply to

Hope Tracy gets to feeling better soon! And way to go for changing those dirty diapers.

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