Friday, February 18, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-18-11....Fast and Productive Weekend

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This is Daytona 500 weekend.  The first race that counts for the new Nascar season.  Funny how it is the beginning of a new race season and it is going to be so nice out all weekend long that we will spend so much of it outside.  I hope the weekend does not go by as fast as the race does.

Lets go #24 Jeff Gordon

Plans for the weekend.  Well T has been making a to do list for me and I know I have to get some stuff to do so it will be a busy fun weekend.

I want to get C2 and C3 ready for soccer. I want to start practicing with them so they ready to go, but I am going to make sure they have fun with it. Not too much, not too hard.

I need to get through the woods again in our backyard and make a good path for the kids since they like to go back there so much. Chopping down small trees and prickly vines...they love playing back there so much.

T and I are gonna have date night. Either tonight or Saturday night. Which ever night I can get her to stay up with me. Watch a movie, play cards, po do, laugh, tweet, shave my back, po do, play wii, you know just some stuff like that.

I am going to be cooking this weekend, since T and Gretta want to talk trash about how their husbands need to cook this weekend. Watch me rock this thing and dance around the kitchen like Usher this weekend.

I will be taking both vehicles to get oil changes and my car needs brakes so I will be getting up early and hitting the gym and then doing that. Early out the door with business done means time at home to play and work at the house.

Oscar, I will have you in fresh clean water again and you some new fishes to eat.

So that is a look at what will be going on this weekend around our parts.

Now for some thought bouncing in my head to finish the week.

Sunday beer and liquor sales.  Good or bad for your state? We don't have it here in Ga. and I think it would generate money.

With all the countries now protesting their own Governments do you ever see it happening here in the U.S. ?  I sure hope not.

Is Dr. Oz not the coolest Dr. on tv and he is a real doctor to boot.  He can get you happy, healthy and laid all in one show.

Well that's it, everyone have a great weekend and



Gretta February 18, 2011 at 12:14 PM   Reply to

You might want to chop the heads off the snakes back there while you're at it too! Sounds like a fun place to play though. And what are those small letters mixed in with your date night fun?! Enjoy your cooking. We have plans all weekend so David got out of it, at least for this now!

Beer on Sundays....if you're going to sell it, you might as well sell it on Sunday too because those folks are going to go somewhere else to get it on Sunday so why not just let them buy it locally and keep the money in your state/city!

Hope you guys have a GREAT, fun weekend!

Daria @ Mom in Management February 18, 2011 at 5:05 PM   Reply to

I think stores should absolutely sell alcohol on Sundays. They didn't until recently in CO & it was very annoying. Many impromptu Sun afternoon BBQ's need beer!

In FL, it's great - you can buy beer and wine in the grocery store - one stop shopping! But in CO they haven't gotten that cool yet. Soon? Please?

roadrunner201 February 18, 2011 at 6:01 PM   Reply to

Jeff said that's something we'll be voting on this year. (Sunday beer sales) We couldn't even get beer at restaurants in this town until this year. Should be interesting.

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