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Fridays Final Thoughts 2-4-11....Media Day Questions Answered

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It's Super Bowl Weekend.
The Pittsburgh(Booty)Steelers
The Green Bay(Fudge)Packers

I will no way, never ever cheer for the Packers so I guess I am wearing black and yellow.

What a week it has been. We went from awesome warm weather last weekend to cold and rainy and sleeting weather now. 

By the way, to the dude that took way too long in the shower this morning at the gym and made me NOT ABLE TO TAKE ONE, F You!

To the C's and the cat that wanted to co sleep last night. Nevermind.

T, I promise to rub your knee tonight. (wink wink)

To Jimmy Fallon, I have an Elton John type of crush on you.

And to the blogger who T and I were tweeting last night..That was some funny shiii, and game on.

So the other day I did a post about how Super Bowl Media Day was a large event and a big part of the Super Bowl. That gave me a chance to hold my own Media Day.  I gave you, the readers, my readers my awesome friends and followers of the last year to ask me anything you wanted. No holding back.

I was surprised that I didn't receive that many questions. But to those of you that did ask, here are your questions and answers.

The awesome dad over at Planting Pennies asked...What's the secret to a good marriage? What do you base your answer on? Damn dude, its a secret. Ok, I think every marriage is different. Only a husband and wife know the answer to that. But I say, humor, love, trust and sex. Gotta have lots of sex. The ability to work as a team. I base my answer on the fact that T and I have been married almost 11 years and we laugh, love, trust one another and we have lots and lots of PO-DO (sex-Pants Off Dance Off) Great Question

The next question came from the football loving mom at Kats Playbook...Do you secretly love one child more than another? And when will you become a Tebow fan? I will have a I Heart Tebow button ready for you. A 2 parter. To be 100% honest, NO. I do not secretly love any C more than the other. They are all so special in different ways and my heart is big enough to love them all the same. I do get mad at one more than the others sometimes and that is something I am personally working on. I could never see loving one C more than I do another. #2, I will become a Tebow fan if and when he becomes a Atlanta Falcon. Until then you can have him and there is not going to be a Tebow Button on my blog. But thanks.

Thank Q who is a sports fan like me asked...Who do you think is the greatest Atlanta Falcon of all-time? Q, that is easy. Neon Deon #21. A FSU guy and also A Brave. He brought excitement to the city and to the team. Best Falcon of All Time in my opinion.

T at MyCrazy4 even decided to get in on it and asked...Did you ever picture your life the way it is now? 4 kids, being married almost 11 years? Do you have ANY regrets about anything? And I have one more... Do you want more children? Would you have a vasectomy reversal if I wanted you to? Wow the wife comes up with a 3 parter.  No, I cant say that I pictured my life like this. I always wanted to be married with kids, but I never thought of having 4 and being married this long. I always thought I would have f-ed it up somehow, probably still will someday. I have some regrets. I know I have treated you bad at times and been nasty. I know that me being dirty and crazy is often disrespectful to you but I love how I met you and how fast we got married and I love having children with you. You are the best and I am amazed at how much you love me. I would like to have more children, so people can ask "Are ALL of those yours" and I can say "NO, they are from another baby daddy" A-Hole. I would have a Big V reversal but it would be a hard decision mainly because of a housing and money issue. But yeah, for you dear, I could get my wires fused together again. But shooting blanks is awesome. (Long answer)

Gretta at TheJohnsFamily asked the last question, or questions...What is one meal that T has made for you that you hope she never cooks for you again the rest of your life? and I know your kids were raised eating healthy/natural foods but what advice would you give us as we make this transition to an organic/natural cooking and eating as far as our kids are concerned? Do your children ever want the "junk" and how you curb them from eating the junk when you are not at home? Roast! Pot Roast! Whatever you call it. I have never liked it. I used to hide it in different places when my parents fixed it and I just cant stand it. I can survive without roast.  Only you know how your kids will react to eating differently. Make the transition slow.  You can find healthy, organic, natural junk food. And trust me, our kids have junk. We have some here and there, but it is limited. And we take healthy snacks with us on the road. The kids will get used to it and if you eat it, they will and if they get hungry enough....they will eat it.

Well thanks to the few supporters of the blog that asked some good questions.  Sorry if you missed out. But just cause I like my readers, leave a question in the comment area and I will answer it. 

Have a great Super Bowl Weekend and remember to




Q February 4, 2011 at 12:27 PM   Reply to

Prime Time, eh? I can't remember how long he played there, but I remember his impact. I wonder if he'll go into the Hall as a Falcon? I think he should.

Anonymous,  February 6, 2011 at 12:09 PM   Reply to

Rabbi, you glow with ancient wisdom. You are also radiant with the great fragrance of Old Spice, you're a great brother!

Mark "the Penny Farmer"

Kat February 18, 2011 at 9:21 AM   Reply to

So I finally just got around to reading this one. Thanks for the wisdom about loving your children. I have a hard time imagining that I could love another child just as much as I love Mr. T. But obviously, I know that as a parent our love is endless. Just great to hear from a dudes perspective too!!

And for Tebow...I will take that. If you can admit that you would become a fan if he became a dirty bird...then we will just conclude that its a step in the right direction ;)

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