Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hovering over the playground in my Parental Helicopter

I found something out Sunday while we were at the park with the kids.  It didn't come to my attention until later on in the day when T made a comment to me.  Damn it, I always hate when there is a lesson involved in something she says to me and she doesn't even know she is teaching me....

Or does she?......I bet her little sneaky azz knows what she is doing the entire time.

I'm 38 years old with the mind of a locker room 16 year old and the wanna be playful body of a 8 year old.  See when we are at the playground or even at home for that matter, I always have to be playing with the C's.  Tag, chase, hide n seek, soccer and pretty much everything. 

What was brought to my attention was that I was being a Helicopter Parent.  I kind of figured out that by me playing with the kids every minute of the time at the park, I was hovering over them and not letting them have their own experience's.  I was trying to be involved but I think I was being TOO involved.  4 C's having fun playing with other kids and I seemed to be intruding on that fun.  C1, finding other older kids to play with and I would always find him and ask if he was having fun.  C2, following C1 and playing along, and I would try to get him to play soccer with me.  C3 running and sliding and swinging but I would be right there to see what she was doing.  C4, the little climber was on his own little adventures and climbing everything in site and I had to be right there to save him as he almost fell from the sky tall slide.

"Sure would have been nice to have you sit by me and have a conversation"  That is what T said to me that night when we were at home after a fun day at the playground.  Fun for who?  Me, hell yeah..I had a blast. The C's yeah, they had fun, T ?????  Well she clipped coupons by herself on the bench and I am sure we could have talked about a lot of stuff , if I had just sat down......Sat down and watched the kids from the bench and let them have their own learning experiences. 

So I think next time we go to the playground or the kids are out playing at the house, maybe T and I can sit together and talk about stuff and just watch, love and enjoy the C's.

Sorry babe for not sitting and conversing with you, but I did notice how fine you were. I was eyeballing you all day at the park, looking all sexy over there clipping coupons in the sun, with your fine azz self.




Unknown February 3, 2011 at 2:26 PM   Reply to

It's difficult not to hover. I find myself doing the same thing. It's something that you have to be conscious of constantly. Good luck next time!

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