Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parenting Lesson from The Bachelor.

I don't if I am just that empty headed or what but I amaze myself sometimes at how a mindless tv show can shed light on my daily attempts to become a better parent.  I know and T knows that I more often than not am a Helicopter Parent.  I just worry about things when it comes to the kids and try to be right there, especially with C4 right now. That kids is so active and does the craziest stuff.  I mean he is a typical 21 month old and does things that kids do. Climb, scale rock walls, swing from the ceiling fan, walk the banister like a tightrope.  I don't know why I am always so worried about him, I guess I just am.

I need to let go, let whatever happens happen.  Stop being a Helicopter Parent.

I found this out once again last night on The Bachelor.  During a date with Emily, Brad is at her house and they have a great date, Emily's daughter is asleep upstairs and she is saying she want Brad to kiss her.  Brads says he wants to kiss her but her daughter is upstairs.  He doesn't want to be disrespectful.  So the entire time T and I are like "Brad, just kiss the chick"....I made a comment to T that Brad is just being to cautious. Just go for it dude, kiss her and see what happens. You never know man, it could lead to the best thing ever...

Damn and it hit me, like T slapping me in the face with the frying pan.....I need to take my own simple advice that I am giving this playboy on tv..."Just let it happen and see where it goes"  Yeah, I sound so damn smart when it comes to someone else's problems. Just let it happen, let it happen, let it happen.

Let it happen...I might see the best, funniest, most loving moment if I just let it happen. Don't hover over the C's and wait for the worst to happen.  Sit back, watch, and wait for the best to happen.  A great moment in parental history might take place.  T, man she just does her thing and lets the kids play and experience things and it is no wonder the kids seem to have more fun when I am not there.  How can they have fun when I am saying all the time "Be careful".  Kids don't want to be careful, they want to live on the edge and do crazy stuff.  I did when I was a kid and I made it out of my youth ok.

It just always seems to strike me odd that I can learn a lesson from watching a dude flirt around with women on a tv show.  So Brad, I thank you for being such a puss last night and not going in for the kiss.  You re-planted that thought in my head that I don't need to be too cautious.  Its ok to be aware of the happenings of what my kids are doing but I don't have to wrap them in bubble wrap and then let the go off and play or do whatever.

Another lesson learned.




Helene February 22, 2011 at 11:15 PM   Reply to

Wow, who'da ever thought we could learn anything worthwhile from watching The Bachelor, right?

You definitely bring up a good point...but it's so hard to step back and let your kids be kids when you know there's a chance they'll get hurt. But then again, sometimes they have to learn the hard way. Isn't that how we learned some of life's best lessons?

Kissed the baby. All 4 of them.

S.I.F. February 23, 2011 at 1:25 AM   Reply to

Learning from Brad Womack! Now THAT is impressive my friend! ;)

Jamie February 23, 2011 at 6:39 PM   Reply to

So interesting- what a great lesson to take away from that! Here's the lesson I took: Emily's a little boring and Chantal's a little crazy. And Ashley's just annoying. Just sayin'.

Heather February 23, 2011 at 9:18 PM   Reply to

Wow. Some deep thoughts learned from the Bachelor.

I am not a helicopter parent. I just think that kids have to learn on their own and we can't shelter them too much.

I say that now and will until one of them gets hurt. ;)

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