Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday

So T took the kids to the park yesterday since the weather is getting to be so nice.  They were there for a while and she must have worn the kids out cause when I got home they were ready to have snack, brush teeth and go to bed.  C3, who tells you even in her sleep that she is not tired, didn't even ask to come lay in our you know she was tired.  I had a great moment last night during snack.  While I was unloading the dishwasher (since I haven't done anything all week) C1 and I were talking and we decided to play a game of charades (we called it guess the animal).  Giving hints and clues and making faces and sounds and trying to guess what animal we were talking about. We laughed and it was so much fun packed into 10 minutes of time.

Then after the kids were in bed, T and I watched Survivor.  Now T is the super huge fan and she loves Russell and Bawwstan Rob. I cant stand Fatskull Russell and I like Bawwstan Rob, so we talk trash to each other. Now I am not the huge super fan like she is but last nights Tribal Council where the one guy Phillip calling out the two girls Francesca and Kristina was HILARIOUS. And he kept saying Francesca's name wrong and it was pee your pants kind of funny.  So if you are a fan of Survivor, lets talk some trash and if you like Russell then go talk to T, I have nothing for you.

So you know what comes on Thursdays right?   That's right its time for


Washing Machine...Thank You, for doing such a great job on my ipod. Now all of my dirty rap song are clean.

Survivor...Thank You, for coming back on so soon. Now my wife has even more reason to pay less attention to me.

Lifetime Movies...Thank You, for doing a great job of making us men out to be the bad guys. Every single time in every single movie.

Talc...Thank You, for being there to keep my buddies fresh. Never know when you might feel a little unpleasant.

Sun...Thank You, now that you have come out, I can look more white and dry skinned.

Body Hair...Thank You, for growing so fast that I have to shave you like ALL THE TIME in order to not have a man sweater.

Big Egg...Thank You, for keeping Lady GagGag safe in her entrance of her Grammy's performance.

DIY...Thank You, for making me want to start home projects that I know I will mess up and never finish.

Who do you want to give a Thank You Note to?

Kiss the Baby



Gretta February 17, 2011 at 12:26 PM   Reply to

I haven't kept up with Survivor this time. I'm a Biggest Loser & Top Shot kind of gal myself. I like Top Shot more because it inspires me to head out to the farm and try their shots. Biggest Loser just inspires me to wish I worked out and had a nice set of abs, arms that weren't flabby and thighs that didn't jiggle!

And what was with Lady Gaga's egg?!? BIZARRE!!! Well, so is she!

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