Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Worse?

So I am speaking from my opinions only here. You may agree, you may not. If you do, awesome.  If you don't, its ok, I understand, we are all different.

So near the beginning of the Super Bowl, T and I are watching and Fox shows a promo for a variety of the shows and they are tossing a football around. At the end of the promo it has that one older blonde lady from 40 Year Old Virgin (and other movies) and she says "Whose STUPID idea was this anyways?"

So now T and I may be in the minority but we DO NOT like certain kinds of words to be used by our children and that word is one of them,  That word STUPID is so negative. Why would you want your child saying that.  Try to put that word into any sentence and it never comes out sounding good.  Would you allow your child to call YOU that, probably not, so why say it to another child.

Now on to my point...Years ago, during the Super Bowl Halftime Justin and Janet showed a mili second of a pastie that covered a nip on a boob. The whole world shut down.  And really how many people were sitting waiting to see that.  The government and general public made such a huge deal over that eye blink of a moment of something was wasn't even.....I mean nothing.  Seriously.

But the people at FOX now want to have a commercial showing it actors and characters saying the words STUPID.  I wonder if I made such a huge deal and started complaining about that if it would make a difference?  Probably not.  I would rather have my 3 sons and my 1 daughter see a boob, a nipple, hell a nose hair length glimpse of a covered up spec of a nipple then to be running around saying the word STUPID.  Hey your stupid, no you are, your stupid.  Where is the good in that.  If your kids says that to someone, then you are probably the same parent that will lose your mind if your kids comes home and is crying because some other kids called your kid stupid.

This all goes back to what do we want our kids to take away from things like radio, tv, books magazines?  I would rather my kids hear something negative but be able to learn from it. Like learning about history. Not all history was positive but they can learn how to take a negative moment in history and make it positive somehow.  You cant take the word Stupid and make it positive. You can take that jelly bean size covered up part of Janets body and teach a lesson from it. "That is what Mommy and other Mommies use to feed their children all over the world" I bet if Janet would have had a baby bottle with formula attached to her boob, no one would have said anything!

Whatever I am gonna stop before I piss people off.  The point I am trying to make is that I even as a dad would rather have my sons and daughter see something so natural that it is used by the minute to feed children across the world then rather have them hear words that they might use at a young influential age.  Stupid, Shut Up, Dummy, Idiot, Retarded, Crap, if those are words that you would let your children say to YOU or other children...fine, but I am not going to have my children act in such a negative way or use negative words.

And to finish off, I am not without blame or fault here.  I have said curse words that my kid have repeated but I am torn between it being worse for my kids so slip and say ASS or STUPID. 

Remember also, if there is a word that you would not say to another persons face, why let your kids say it.  Just think about it.

Kiss the Baby



~Rachel February 8, 2011 at 7:29 PM   Reply to

We have had to teach the kids that though some Disney movies say "Idiot" and "Stupid" and "Shut-up," that we don't use those words. It irritates me that they use these words at all. Totally not necessary!!

Anonymous,  February 9, 2011 at 7:50 PM   Reply to

I so totally agree with you here. I loathe the word stupid. I seriously get onto the kids more for saying "stupid" or "shut up" than I do if they happen to slip and say something else they may hear from their parents' mouths. Not that I or 0007 would ever cuss.....

Tam and John February 13, 2011 at 10:05 PM   Reply to

Amen. Drop the f-bomb on me before you say "retarded". Thanks for a thoughtful post!

Unknown February 15, 2011 at 5:48 PM   Reply to

I think the problem is that kids learn so much from the television. Not that they don't learn from us parents too (and I have had my fair share of f-bombs and cussing) but I don't like that kind of language on television for Little Butt to see. She can't watch SpongeBob because he called someone stupid. She called The Hubble an idiot (and we NEVER use that word). We finally realized it came from Sleeping Beauty. Kids take away so much from the television. It's a shame that they think it's okay. Thanks for posting this. I totally agree!

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