Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to my awesome wife T. and a special Thank You Note Thursday....Birthday Edition

Yesterday was C2's 6th Birthday. He had a great one and we will be having his party this weekend.  He loved the gifts he got and was so excited to tell me about them when I got home last night.

On to today.

Today is T's birthday.
I love my wife so much.

You know one of the things that make her so great?
The fact that on her birthday..
she doesn't care about fancy gifts, expensive things, or material items..
she doesn't want a babysitter so we can go eat, she doesn't want to go get a mani-pedi

She wants to spend the quality time with her C's
And then later just have some quiet time to herself to
do coupons, surf the net for deals and ways to save money.

She is so just like that. Wants and Needs nothing but for everything to
just run the way it does.

She asked me to NOT sing to her on the blog.
I never listen to her, but today
since it is her birthday
I decided that I would do as she asks and not sing.
But that doesn't mean I didn't get the C's to sing her a song
(not sure why its not in HD, sorry for the fuzzy kids)
So there. I didn't sing.

Thursdays Thank You Notes
Birthday Edition

T...Thank You, for accepting that I am going to ask you for PO DO tonight. Yes its my gift to you.

T...Thank You, its not often that I get the chance to help you search the city for you purse.

T...Thank You, for not being a gold digger. Our back yard is muddy enough.

T...Thank You, I'm so glad that you love the Pet Rock that I got you for your birthday.

T...Thank You, its going to be my pleasure to rub your feet and back and head tonight.

T...Thank You, for not calling the police and pressing sexual assault charges against me for always trying to grab your ass. Gotta Get Dat Boom Boom Pow.

Honey in all seriousness, I love you so much and I hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday

Kiss the Baby and the Bday girl



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. Happy Birthday to C2 The Big 6


You make Mommy and I so proud and happy.
You are a great son and a great little brother and big brother.

I felt good about the soccer goal that C1 and I built for C2 last night. It was easy and now all we need it the net.

So I got some new spec's

This is me without my glasses

This is me and my old look

This is me and my NEW look

So there. Now I get to ask T everynight if I look like SuperMan, and she in her most sweetest way laughs and says NO!



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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I cant get the 80's out of my head

Since watching Jack Wagner on an 80's music cd infomercial and singing the songs to T and C4 this past weekend, I have not been able to get the songs out of my head, now im singing Billy Oceans "there'll be sad songs, to make you cry, love songs often do" Yeah. I amaze myself too. Nothing to do with todays post, but...I hope you get that song in your head too.

I cant explain why I am so tired this morning.  I went to bed early. Got up to go to the gym, had a good workout. But, the drive to work was rough. Hard time keeping the eyes open. But it is Tuesday and it is going to be a busy night tonight, so I have to make it through the day.

Am I the only one that is cheering for Kirstie Alley? Probably not, but I hope she does well on DWTS. Her and the other two are Cheryl and Lacey for obvious reasons.

I am building a soccer goal for C2's birthday, and I had to get the last four pieces yesterday, so I will be building that tonight. C1 wants to help. He is excited to help build that for his brother.  C2 is excited about turning 6 tomorrow. I dont know if it is because of turning six or the gifts but as long as he is excited.

C4.  Look when you get older and can read this...You have become too hard to handle at night. I dont know how in the world your mother deals with you during the day.  The annoying your bro's and sister when they are trying to sleep, the screaming the in and out of bed, the screaming, did I mention the LOUD SCREAMING?

So my plans for T's birthday is on Thursday and gift ideas for her get harder every year.

I started thinking (smoke comes from ears) 

T stays super (ok, super is so 80's) very busy and finds it hard to get anything done with a certain C that is always wanting to attach himself to her hip or boob or ass or leg or whatever he can get a grip on.

Gift Idea. Stunt Double - This double of T will be the one that the kids climb on and rough house with.

Body Double - This will be the one that deals with me when T has no energy to deal with me.

Maid T - This is the one that will do all the cleaning and housework when T is short of time.

She may not realize this at first but I am doing this for her.  Problem is that I am having trouble tying up loose ends on this.  The bank will not give out loans for body doubles.  The work permits are not clearing.  This idea is going in the toilet faster than..well stop right there.

Back to square one.

Kids and I will be having arts and crafts time tonight when I get home to make cards for Mommy.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I do it every year so why change it up now.

I have so much stuff to do. Wish I was able to get days off.  I just never seem to have enough time at night to get anything done.  I try and give T 15 minutes a night, sometimes that doesnt even happen and that isnt even enough. I just know that tonight and tomorrow night I am gonna run out of time. Be up late. And then get up early for the gym. Oh well, whatever. Its worth it and I know that C2 will be so happy and surprised and T will be so....

I hope happy and surprised.  To be continued.

Birthdays. 2 in the next 3 day.





Monday, March 28, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Rain Rain and more Rain

It was a rainy and thunderous weekend. Sounds like the start to a book.

Lets see, it rained Saturday but it didnt get really bad until Saturday night around midnight when T and I were watching a movie or trying to and the storms got so bad, that we had to look at the radar and saw the Tornado Watch.  Then T cracked the window and just minutes later we heard the siren.  So we got the kids and carried them to the basement and put them on the futon and pull out bed and covered them up.  With the lightening still lighting up the sky and the thunder shaking the house, T and I waatched "How Do You Know" on the laptop. I like the movie and T didnt really. But I am a Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson fan, so it cracked me up.

Sunday, was also a good day, too wet to go outside so we did stuff around the house. The kids played T got stuff ready for a sale, I cleaned out my closet and drawers and swapped out some winter clothes for spring and summer.  The only bad thing about yesterday was that C4 had a few cloth diapers that were SO nasty that I wanted to throw up. And that was from only washing them out outside. Thankfully T was there to change them.

Last night T and I watched "Due Date"  That was a funny movie. Robert Downy Jr. and Zack Snuffaluffagus (or whatever) were too good. So many funny spots in that movie. 

We hit the pillows around midnight and then all hell broke loose again around 3 in the morning. Rain, thunder, lightening got so bad, I went to get all the kids in our bed and we checked the tv and the computer and it was just bad storms. That pretty much ruined my sleep for the rest of the night.

Well after half ass sleeping in this morning and  not hitting the gym after such a rough night, I headed to fill up the car (after getting a loan) and return the movie and drove to work in the rain. Fun Fun.

And this past Friday a bunch of you went to work and voted for me on a Blogger Bracket  Challenge, this is my quick thank you

And this week, here is what is going on.  We have two special birthdays .  C2 will be 6 on the 30th and T has a birthday on the 31st.

Also I am getting not one but two giveaways ready. Stay tuned.

kiss the baby






Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-25-2011....Friends! A friendly post.

This Daddy's Blog


Another Friday is here and I cant even begin to say how happy I am for it to be Friday. Maybe not as happy as that girl who sang that awesomely hideous song "Friday" but still I am happy.

I am a very emotional person. I let things bother me way too much. Things that don't even have anything to do with me piss me off. Why? I don't know, just the way I am and I have always been like that.  So last night I was invited to read something and it really pissed me off. Now my wife can and does handle her own battles, but that doesn't mean things that go on with her don't piss me off. I was very pissed last night to where I tweeted some things to get off my chest and said some things. Don't care, still don't. It didn't hurt my feeling like it would say if it were two other friends.  I just thought it was very rude and uncalled for. So It led me to think about this at the gym this morning.....

Friends.....What is a friend? There are different levels of friendship. I know that. But I guess SOME people don't realize that. See and what is hard for me, is to not make it personal and name call, I guess that is where I still need to grow up. I try and teach the kids that, but for me, I just get so emotional. So I decided my theme for the F-F-T would be FRIENDS. And this song popped in my head at the gym.

Friends. I have two male friends that I have basically know since we moved back here. Brandon and Michael.  Two great guys and their wives are just as awesome. I honestly believe that if I needed something, anything they would be there for me. And i would be there for them. Those are what friends are. I don't think friends have to talk to each other everyday. Everyone has kids and lives and schedules.  I have someone I would consider a friend that I met from this blogging thing. Robins husband Triple 0007.  On the phone, emails, texts, this guy and I have talked about a lot of stuff.  I have other people that I have come to know from the blogging world that are awesome people and that I would love to meet in person someday.  I would call those people friends, not because of the being there for you reason, but for the fact that, these people share personal stuff with you. More than what you read on a blog.
I mean for this person to send an email, not even a personal phonecall or something like that, to talk about this. An F-ING email to say some rude shit, really pisses me off. It may not have meant to been rude, but guess what IT WAS. See and T is the person who doesn't get mad about stuff like this. She has 4 things on her mind that she cares about. Our 4 C's. They come first. She isn't pissed by this like I am, I think her feelings were hurt more than anything. And I am not sad by this, don't get me wrong and I am not mad or pissed because I feel like I lost something, I am pissed in the nature it was done. In the nicest least rude way I say PISS OFF.

Sorry this was so long winded, but trust me, I actually kept it short.

So first to Laura and Brandon, Angie and Michael, McKenzie and Gary. Thanks for being close to us and being our family. That is how good of friends they are, they are like family. To the people we have gotten to know and talk to over the blogging world, thanks for investing time to get to know our family and sharing your family with us.

Think about how you treat your friends. And who are your friends? Why are they your friends?

Kiss the Baby




Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Seriously..Beer Goggles?

Man, I swear 4 days into my new personal trainer workout routine that I was given, and I am telling you that I can feel a difference in what I have been doing. I did legs today and I can feel it already. Guess tomorrow I may need help getting around. And under the Pillsbury rolls on my stomach and sides I can tell that there are some abs up under these flab's.  I am asking them to make themselves know in ways other than hurting.  Man-Kini here I come.

Ok so its Thursday and we know what that means....


Not going to waste any time today.

Alexandra Wallace...Thank You, for showing the world just how easy it is to get into UCLA.

Sexy Daddy Bloggers...Thank You, for not putting me on your list. I didn't want to be on it anyways. ...Thank You, for loving me even when I was an egg yesterday. It takes balls to love and egg on twitter and brother you got a pair.

Chantel O. ...Thank You, for standing in line at the post office and taking a picture of someones butt. It is nice to know you are really just like the rest of us.

Pollen in Ga. ...Thank You, for making life miserable. Specs of yellow covering everything in site.

Dionne Warwick...Thank You, I never would have know what a super huge bitch you were if you didn't take your old ass on Celebrity Apprentice.

My Wife T...Thank You, for letting me explain to you at midnight last night what "Beer Goggles" were. You said you had never heard that term, well after minutes of laughter and head shaking, you finally got it.

Cloth Diapers...Thank You, for always going above and beyond. Every time I take a nasty shitty diaper outside to wash you, I say "Damn this is the worst" well you then come back with a much nastier diaper.

My Fans...Thank You, for going over to Thank Q's Blog and voting for me in his blogging challenge.  I know you love me. I love you back.

(Take that as a hint that if you didn't vote yet. Go vote. 1 day left and I am down 7 votes.)

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with words...Lots of words. And more words

Wordless Wednesday. I am still missing the Wordless part of the idea but whatever......

As you all know I am always the first to say how bad I am at handling certain situations, well a close second behind T.  I just don't do some of the things as good as I probably could or should.  Take for example.......calming down a crazy, crying, whiny, angry, tired 21 month old C4.

Ok, so time for a little self pat on the back.  Last night I get home and T has to go to the store.  She is breastfeeding C4 and he is falling asleep.

C4 is asleep and T is off to the store.  I am getting the other C's snack and we are having some quiet time and then C4 wakes up.  Yikes. Ok, I hear him from the kitchen and I leave him alone for a minute.  He continues to cry so I go get him and he is still half asleep. I carry him, hold him, rock him. He starts to calm down and wants down.  He then realizes that his Mommy is not home. Oh hell, it all starts again. I offer to pick him up...NO WAY! He freaks out and gets louder.

I leave him alone, let him have his minute and then he comes to me and wants me to hold him. I'm such a stud.  He is sleeping on my shoulder and then something gives him a jolt, he wakes up and wants down again. Crying and looking for Mommy again, he lets the tears roll and the sirens are going off. Man he is loud.

Ok, he finally calms down ONCE again and he is resting on my shoulder and now he goes to sleep. I continue to walk around and rock him to make sure he stays asleep. The other C's were awesome in brushing their teeth and getting books to read in bed while waiting for Mommy to come home from the store.

Ahhhhh. C4 is finally asleep for good and I get him on our bed and he stays asleep there.  T comes home and goes and tucks the remaining kids in bed.  We trade a few smart ass comments back and forth about all of our cups. We laugh and then we head to bed.

Well there it is.  On a night where all the stars were set in the correct order for me to have a mental meltdown over C4 waking and crying and having his own tired half sleep fit, I kept my cool, left him alone and let him come to me and it all worked out in the end.  Patting myself on the back still.

Don't hate the playa...hate the game. I'm a Daddy Stud.  Oh but apparently not enough of a Stud to make the list of Top Sexy Daddy Bloggers.  I may have a belly, but I got growing guns, nice legs, I have jeans that make my ass look good, the neatly shaved beard of a movie star.  I AM A SEXY DADDY BLOGGER.  Bes belee dat!!!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Push or Not to Push? That is the question.

As a dad who loves sports, I am at a pivitol point in my fatheringhood (not a real word) where I need to be careful and think (hard for me) and choose my words and make my decisions wisely.  This has to do with 2 of my C's.  Right now we have two C's that are involved in soccer.  I believe that soccer might be the most important sport for a young child to play.  Continuous running, all the kids are involved, its outdoors and when they play at a young age, you dont need to know a lot about it except run, kick and run somemore and kick the ball in a goal.

Now here is where it gets tricky.  C2. He is really good at soccer. He has played 2 years already and is playing this year on a team that is well below his level.  He could be playing in the 8&Under team but he said he didnt want to play with them yet. And Im ok with that.  And im ok with him staying on the 6&Under team but what I am not ok with is the way the local county/city is running the soccer program.  I could do a better job running the soccer program if I was working for the rec. dept.

I need to be careful of pushing the kids to much to where they dont want to play.  As much as I want to take C2 and C3 out there and practice on things, I want them to have fun as kids and still have fun when they go out and play the game. But man when I say he's good, I really mean it. And C3 for never playing before, she is good too.  I just know that if I got them out for a little while extra on Sunday they could be really awesome.

C1, he has things I want to push him at too. He is so smart and creative.  Do I take him aside and tell him that instead of drawing for fun or building lego's for fun he needs to draw or build certain things? I could maybe but then would that be as fun? Probably not!  He is a great reader. Do I push him to read more and then he wont want to read when he is supposed to?  I always liked to draw when I was little and his age. Do I make him start to draw comic books or graphic arts to show his ability and make him better at it?

See we have a cousin that plays professional baseball in the Phillies and he was always playing ball. ALWAYS. Never at home, on the road, on the go, many different teams, missing family events and school functions.  I can remember him saying many times, he would rather be hunting, fishing, doing whatever, but no he had ball.

See I dont want to be that parent.  I dont want the kids to become so good at something but have it be at the risk of them never wanting to do it again. I dont want the stuff they love to do become a pain in the ass later in life.

So I will make sure I pay attention to how much pressure I put on the C's to be good at something. I will let it fall naturally for them.  But I am here to tell you, dont be surprised if you hear of C1 constructing or drawing a massive plan for something huge in the future.  Dont be shocked if you see C2 scoring goals in game on ESPN Deportes'. C3, hell she may wind up doing whatever she wants, she has her mothers grit and grind. C4, Climbing Mount Everest and trying to roll down it?  He's crazy like that.

What and how do you approach your children in the situation?  Push Them?  Let them be?

Whatever they do I will be there to support them and hopefully I wont push them to hard to where they wont just sit around and do nothing.

And once again I am trying to spell check and it is not working. So have fun reading my error's and thinking to yourself how bad of a speller I am. And if you dont like reading my rongly speled post today den come bak anuther day when the spell chek es fissed.

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VOTE FOR ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Under Attack

So while other countries are being attacked by planes, missiles and warships, we here are being attacked by.....Pollen.  After a crazy winter, and rainy start to the spring and warmer weather, the pollen has entered the picture now.  Yellow pollen is starting to cover everything.  Our cars, homes, windows, decks, anything that is NOT yellow, is now yellow.  Problem with this is that most of us, Me, T, and most of all C1 does not stand up well to the pollen.  Puffy eyes and runny noses, yeah...its that time again. Yay. Not. You can see it in the tree's waiting for you, your kids, your pets, your cars.  It is out there, everywhere.  No matter what you do, you cant escape it.  Get the hazmat suites and hoses.  This is going to be a long fight but we have to beat it...or take Benedryl, Zyrtec or whatever..

Friday night, T and I were in bed, watching tv and tweeting people. Its funny, she had the laptop and the cell phone and was tweeting from both. I was tweeting from the phone with people about the Jimmy Fallon show and then all of a sudden I woke up and T told me I was snoring. So sorry to all of you that may have been tweeting with me during the show.  All 2 of you.

Saturday's soccer practice went awesome. At least I thought so. All 6 kids showed up and all 6 kids are really good. The practiced hard and had fun. I had a good time coaching them and wished I could do it more. 

We then traveled down to our cousins house and spent the day down there.  The kids had fun and it was nice to see Gary and Mckenzie and the girls.  We rode the golf cart around which is my favorite and the kids played on the playground.  We even caught a lizard and put it in a cooler with grass and some water for their daughter Madison to see when she got home.  Ate the awesome chicken tacos and after dinner the kids watched Toy Story 3 down in the movie room on the xtra large screen.

The drive home didn't take as long as the one getting down there but we finally made it to the gas station where we came across the kind and friendly female smoker who was dropping her butts across the parking lot. Just what I wanted at 1 am on a Saturday/Sunday...a blowin up good time at the Chevron.

We kept C1 in the house yesterday and I did some yard work, and we had a relaxed day.  Checked my bracket and put more X's on it than a game of tic tac toe has and ended the night by laying in bed with T laughing at Gary Bussey and his dumb ass on Celebrity Apprentice.

Yeah, a great weekend and now its back to the grind.

Kiss the baby


Friday, March 18, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-18-11...Back 2 The Gym & Would you wake your spouse for PO DO?

This Daddy's Blog


Wow this never happens anymore.  I am up later than T on a night. Not for much longer but I am.  She got up early again this morning and I skipped my third day of the gym to stick around and help her in the am. I really didnt even help her come to think about it. I am very proud of the fact that since I started the gym, I have not missed that many days.  I pulled something in my chest again (i think) so I decided to rest it and take a few days off.

I am back in there in the morning.

T works so hard during the day.  Four kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, soccer, bathing, ME bugging her.  She deserves a early night with no bugging from me.

I am laying in bed on the (with shorts on) watching the NCAA Tourney and x-ing out my teams that lost all day and killed my brackets. Oh well, its for fun.

I will be back in the am to finish the post (reason its called F-F-T.)

(pretend you slept, and woke up for this next part)

Here we are on a bright and sunny Friday morning here in the ATL.  I got up nice and early for the gym this morning and my car temp show -33*.  Yeah that was off just a tad.

Had a great workout after missing 3 days. The personal trainer guy, you know the one that I was scared of....He gave me his notebook to copy and use as a platform.  See, I knew he was a nice guy. Gave me some great tips this morning.

Didnt get to shower this am after my workout, the gym was packed and too many people waiting for the shower and I had to get to the bank.  So I did the ol' college shower.  Deodorant, wet hair, cologne, and most important ball talc. I will be ok till I get home tonight.

Day 2 of the NCAA Tourney and I again will be watching the games online at work and x-ing out my losses.  My picks sucked yesterday, so im sure more of the same today.

Something funny happened this morning.  I noticed T was online in yahoo and I IM'ed her a good morning sunshine and the reply I got back was


I was like damn, this early and already NO, its not a good morning?
It was C2. I thought that was funny.

So T and another mom ran soccer practice last night and they say it went great.  Myself and Andrea from My4Redheads came up with some stuff for running a practice and T said the kids did great.  I am running the practice tomorrow and guess we will see if I can carry over the great vibe from Thursday.

Well that is it.  Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, I know the weather is gonna be great here.  Play outside, do stuff with your kids, do the PO DO or whatever. Make sure you have fun no matter what you do.

Oh yeah, this came up last night on the Twitter.  For us guys, is it too dangerous to try and wake our sleeping wive's up for a little PO DO?  I know if the wive's tried waking up the dude's it wouldn't be a problem, but is it a problem the other way around?

My spell check wasn't working so enjoy my grammer mistakes

Kiss the Baby


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday The Irish Edition and NCAA Tournament Edition

Today is Thank You Note Thursday
and on this
St. Patricks Day
NCAA Tourney Day
we will be giving thanks to those that make this day what it is.

Colin Ferrel...Thank You, for being a bad ass drunk dude. You make being drunk look cool when it actually isnt.

Boston Celtics...Thank You, for being the one Irish thing I dont have to like, even on this day.

Fingers...Thank You, for pinching me. I am not Irish and I dont wear green, but you still find ways to pinch me and it doesnt feel good. Why am I thanking you again?

Leprechaun's...Thanks You, for being scary looking little bastards, with red beards.

NCAA Tournament...Thank You, now I have a good reason to use the quad screen feature on my computer on Thursday and Friday.

Green...Thank You, for being everywhere. Our Beer, RIvers, Lakes, toilets, I mean all we will see today is Green. Except in our banks and wallets. Stupid color green.

The 3 bigger C's...Thank You, for not coming into our bed last night. No I didnt get any, but I was able to sleep without my balls being stuck to my thighs.

Irish Spring Soap...Thank You, for at least making us smell Irish.

NCAA Bracket Sheet...Thank You, for giving me the power to decide a teams fate. Even if I am not correct in my picks, I still have power.

Alrighty o'folks.  This has been another edition of Thank You Note Thursday by This O'Daddy.  Who do you want or feel the need to thank today.

Since it is St. Patricks Day (even though im not Irish and I dont drink anymore) celebrate by putting an O before everyones last name.

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....but with words...First Dinner and The Loud One

Usually when he looks like this you can hear him from miles away.
My Our 21 month old is getting so big.

This child, is so loud.
T and I were laughing the other day when we thought
kids must get louder as you have more of them.
He is our last...maybe and by far the loudest.

So we got to enjoy our fist dinner at our new table this weekend.
It was nice to sit together and have room instead of
being all bunched up.

T and C1 enjoying shrimp and crab cakes

C3 loving the food mommy cooked

C1, C2, C4 and Mommy. That blue plate is mine.
Squash, Cauliflower, Talapia, Crab Cakes
That was a great

First Dinner

If you are interested in having fun and filling out a bracket
go to the link and the password is

Games start tomorrow around noon.

Kiss the Baby 



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some of this and Some of that...Plus a Soccer Video of C2 and C3

Well I skipped the gym and slept in this morning.  It was dark and rainy and it seemed like a good day to sleep in an extra hour or so.  I didnt wake up to the sound of my alarm on my phone or the smell of coffee but I woke to the feel of feet of a five year old and the head of a 21 month old.  After I woke up and went to heat up some coffee, I heard some strange sounds coming out of C1 and C2's room....I went in and sawC1 watching a Super Mario video.  He said he wasnt tired.  I told him it was very early and he should go lay in Daddys spot in the bed. He got up and went and by the time I got out of the shower he was asleep.

So C2 and C3 had soccer practice yesterday and it was the very first one.  Although T found out last night that they had practice's the other day and we never got a call or anything?????  Well the team has NO coaches, NO structure, NO idea of what the hell they are doing.  T told me one coach had the other team playing freeze tag.???? What?  T was told that there will be NO goalies, NO score keeping....I mean what in the world.  What kind of soccer is this.  C2 played soccer when he was 4 and they kept score and had goalies.  Come on.....Now C2 is really good and C3 is good for her age, so I am wanting them to at least be on a team where they can learn to improve. I know having fun is an important key to playing a sport as a youth but if you are not learning anything, then what is the point?

So I am going to coach the team on Saturdays and I guess the other dads or moms or whoever will take over on the weekdays and whenever the games are.  We dont even know that. This local rec league has been put together very poorly.  But I will at least do what I can on Saturday to teach the kids some skills, while still having fun.

Another season of THE BACHELOR is over and I was pissed, then happy, then pissed again while the show was going on.  I wanted him to pick Chantel O, but I was fine with him picking Emily.  Then on the After the Final Rose, they state they are not together, but they are together, but not, but are....WTF.

Here are some pics from the weekend at the Lowes Build A Project.. If you dont do this with your kids, you should. Home Depot and Lowes both do these projects.  You can build, take the stuff home, wait for your kids to leave it laying around and then throw it away as it will pile up with a lot of the other junk.

C4 and his basketball hoop
C2 working on his hoop
C1 hammering away
C4..that is not a ball
"Dad, are you finished yet with the pic's"
Mommy helping C4
I think she raised the eyebrows and said
"If you take another picture of me
Im gonna hammer your balls"

Notice that this is the last picture.  I tend to believe her when she says stuff like that.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

A-Hole sighting this weekend...Very Close to Home

So Saturday I had an eye exam. I didn't want to go in the first place, I hate place like that.  They overcharge for everything and I never know what to expect and basically just let them walk all over me. You need this and that, buy this and that.  Well I had it done and they didn't give me what I needed at first and i got pissed and i acted like an asshole to T and her a jerk in front of her mom too.  S basically T was taking care of another child's business on Saturday at the damn eye doctor.  She got what we needed and that was that.  Well then last night she is doing me a favor and trying to order me some glasses off her website thing and I was aggravated and we got into our first argument in a long time. Nothing make you more of an asshole than to act like a dick to your wife and mother in law when they are doing you a favor.

So I will be begging for mercy and forgiveness and trying to get out of the doghouse and back in here good graces.  Saying sorry for being a jerk kind of stops working after about the 1 Hundred Million times that it has happened in the past. So guess I wont be pushing my luck and joking about sex, or her how much I love her ass and stuff like that.  So today is damage control day and I am in the "Sorry Honey" mode.

So to T, I am sorry for being an asshole to you and not being thankful for all the work you put into getting me fixed up and getting me some glasses. 

To my Mother in Law, Sorry be acting like a juvenile ass and embarrassing you and T. 

The rest of the weekend was ok.  We had a great dinner that T cooked for us Saturday night and we had our first family meal at our new table. 

Then Saturday night, we watched maybe one of the WORST movies I have ever rented. And it was with a free Redbox Code and it still wasn't worth it.  Paranormal Activity 2. Sucked.  Fake. No where even close to being real. I thought it was going to be better than that.

Yesterday we played outside almost all day, coming in for a bit and then back out.  It is almost funny that we bought and I built this huge wooden playhouse and the kids want to fight over the swings on the little kids playground.  Then they fight over lego's.  Then they fight over the Wii time and who is gonna be Mario, Luigi and what world they are gonna do.  It stays active in the house that is for sure.

Well I guess that is about it. The weekend went by faster than normal. Probably since I was an asshole T asked the clock gods to get me out of the house faster and out of her sight.  I never realize how sorry I am until I am at the place I hate the most and missing my wife and kids.  I would much rather be home with them and instead of enjoying the time and doing whatever I can to make it the best weekend every weekend, I act like a jerk.  Haven't done that in a long time and need to get back to being a good husband that is thankful for everything his wife does and be happy so the kids are happy and have a great time too.

I am so lucky to have her even for the little things she does like redoing my blog.  Notice how much nicer it looks and how fresh it is.  Everything from the lettering to the boxes up top...She spent a lot of time on this and made it look great.  Thank You honey.

Kiss the Baby.



Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-11-11

This Daddy's Blog


First lets send out thoughts to Japan, Hawaii and people on the Western coasts of the United States.  Hope things will not get worse in Japan and lets hope that Hawaii and the Western U.S. will stay safe.

So it is Friday and we spin the clocks ahead this weekend losing an hour but that's ok. Maybe we will get more done in a shorter period of time.

So I cleaned out the fish tank last night and thought that well since warmer water means faster growth for algae then cooler water means slower growth.  Enter the cold cold water in the tank. Turn on the water heater and hope the frozen ROscar lives.  Tank is cleaner but water is colder and ROscar is trying to stay warm.

I cant wait to sit as a family at our new table and have dinner this weekend.

There is something I am debating in my mind. I just started thinking about this yesterday.  Since I have been going to the gym, I have been getting up early, which means I have not been staying up as late. That means the extra time I spend with T at night has gone away.  I was thinking about taking a week off or rotating days, something so I can stay up with her and have that time.
Watta Ya Think Honey?
I do love going to the gym. And when I asked her last night if she noticed if I was getting any bigger (not in the stomach or crotch), she said yes!  I said back to her...I love it when you tell me what I want to hear.

I have to get T to shave my back tonight.  Then maybe we can get around to a little PO DO.  See I am a hairy person and I hate it. I cant stand it myself to let the hair get out of control so it is a weekly thing to mascape the body.  Gotta get ready for mankini.

So against my will, T has set me up a eye exam for tomorrow. I know I need it, but don't want it and do not like things like this. Its a test and I am not good at test.  I know I am gonna fail cause my eyes are so bad.  I guess the only good thing is that T will pick me out some frames from the place where they are cheap and buy one get one free.  Yeah for me.

So even with that happening I am so ready for the weekend.  Time with T and the 4 C's and I'm sure plenty to do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.




Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...A real one and another Video

A Real Thank You...

I have a wife who most of the time never buys anything for herself.  When she does, it is nothing big. A $5 pair of shoes (that smell), a hair straightener (that makes her look hot), cheap make up (that she doesn't need), a sexy nightie (hell yeah, that doesn't stay on) point is that T is a do'er.  But she does for us.  Not her, not me, not the kids, US. Our 6 pack.  Anything she does, it reflects our whole family.

See we have a dining room that she was using as the home school area.  The table in there replaced the table in the kitchen that was too small.  We couldn't all eat at the same time. We squeezed in there.  Now that we moved the small kitchen table to the basement NEW schoolroom area and the dining room table into the kitchen, we have room to eat together in the kitchen.  But now that we have this

Now on the weekends, we can all eat together in the dining room. We have eight chairs, we can even have guests.  Maybe.

So Thanks to T for once again thinking of us!

And for what you have been waiting for.....It is time for
Thank You Note Thursday

Brandon the Duncan ... Thank You, for risking your blogging and facebook life by putting a link to my video of me singing the Bee Gee's

DirecTV...Thank You, for nothing.  I don't need 50 of my 100 channels to be Infomercials. But I tried.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes...Thank You, for letting Suri still use a paci at the age of 5.

Miami Heat...Thank You, Lebron, DWade, Bosh and company for crying after Sundays loss.  It is nice to know that you big millionaires can still shed a tear after losing again.

Ashy Elbows and Knees...Thank You, for giving me and T something to laugh about every night as I rub Burts Bees all over my sandpaper like skin.

Who would you like to thank?  I know there has to be someone

Kiss The Baby



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