Friday, March 4, 2011

Fridays Final THoughts 3-4-11 X-tra Large Sucka's

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I am so glad that it is Friday. 

The weather people say that it is going to rain all weekend but, I don't care. I will be at home with the wife and kids.

I have stuff to do.  The storage room has to be cleaned up and I have to get all the Spring and Summer clothes ready to be pulled out.  Easter stuff too.  I think I mentioned this last week but since my chest was hurting I couldn't do it, but I will hammer it out. 

I have to clean out my drawers. No, not the ones I'm wearing, the one that hold my underwear and sock and t-shirts and shorts.  T made comments that they are too stuffed.  So maybe some holy and I don't mean HOLY (like Pope type HOLY) boxer briefs can get re-used as car wash cloths.  Socks, maybe time to match them up instead of having singles in there.  And I am finally going to do something with the packs of condoms that are and have been stored.  I'm clipped, why do I need condoms?  Anybody want some?  X-tra Large sucka's you know how I roll, well you don't know, but take my word for it.

T will probably find some stuff for me to do.

And you know, I owe T a back and foot rub.  She says I only want to cuddle with her and stuff like that when I want PO DO, well that is not entirely true.  Probably 95% true, the other 5% I really do just want to cuddle with her.  So honey, back and foot rub coming up.

I am going to try and read some of the kids book on video this weekend too and maybe see if I can get them to do one. C2 will do it, I know. C1, not so sure.  But I will give it a shot.

I am hitting the gym this weekend too. I have got to stick to eating good and try to lose some weight.  I am at 215 lbs. and I want to get to an even 200 lbs. or a little less.  Since I messed up my chest muscle last week, I started doing more cardio.  I need to do that and keep doing and try not to eat any junk food.  Time to get it in gear. Speedo season is almost here.

If you haven't today or ever, you need to go over to T's blog My Crazy 4 and check out the 2 great picture post's she put up.  See T's blog is filled with awesome pictures of our family and my blog is just filled with a bunch of crazy stuff and a few good pic's every now and then.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and what are the plans?  And please everyone don't take any Charlie Sheen, he says he is the only one that can take it.




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