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Fridays Final Thoughts 3-25-2011....Friends! A friendly post.

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Another Friday is here and I cant even begin to say how happy I am for it to be Friday. Maybe not as happy as that girl who sang that awesomely hideous song "Friday" but still I am happy.

I am a very emotional person. I let things bother me way too much. Things that don't even have anything to do with me piss me off. Why? I don't know, just the way I am and I have always been like that.  So last night I was invited to read something and it really pissed me off. Now my wife can and does handle her own battles, but that doesn't mean things that go on with her don't piss me off. I was very pissed last night to where I tweeted some things to get off my chest and said some things. Don't care, still don't. It didn't hurt my feeling like it would say if it were two other friends.  I just thought it was very rude and uncalled for. So It led me to think about this at the gym this morning.....

Friends.....What is a friend? There are different levels of friendship. I know that. But I guess SOME people don't realize that. See and what is hard for me, is to not make it personal and name call, I guess that is where I still need to grow up. I try and teach the kids that, but for me, I just get so emotional. So I decided my theme for the F-F-T would be FRIENDS. And this song popped in my head at the gym.

Friends. I have two male friends that I have basically know since we moved back here. Brandon and Michael.  Two great guys and their wives are just as awesome. I honestly believe that if I needed something, anything they would be there for me. And i would be there for them. Those are what friends are. I don't think friends have to talk to each other everyday. Everyone has kids and lives and schedules.  I have someone I would consider a friend that I met from this blogging thing. Robins husband Triple 0007.  On the phone, emails, texts, this guy and I have talked about a lot of stuff.  I have other people that I have come to know from the blogging world that are awesome people and that I would love to meet in person someday.  I would call those people friends, not because of the being there for you reason, but for the fact that, these people share personal stuff with you. More than what you read on a blog.
I mean for this person to send an email, not even a personal phonecall or something like that, to talk about this. An F-ING email to say some rude shit, really pisses me off. It may not have meant to been rude, but guess what IT WAS. See and T is the person who doesn't get mad about stuff like this. She has 4 things on her mind that she cares about. Our 4 C's. They come first. She isn't pissed by this like I am, I think her feelings were hurt more than anything. And I am not sad by this, don't get me wrong and I am not mad or pissed because I feel like I lost something, I am pissed in the nature it was done. In the nicest least rude way I say PISS OFF.

Sorry this was so long winded, but trust me, I actually kept it short.

So first to Laura and Brandon, Angie and Michael, McKenzie and Gary. Thanks for being close to us and being our family. That is how good of friends they are, they are like family. To the people we have gotten to know and talk to over the blogging world, thanks for investing time to get to know our family and sharing your family with us.

Think about how you treat your friends. And who are your friends? Why are they your friends?

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Helene March 25, 2011 at 11:06 AM   Reply to

Love that song by Whodini!!

You know, as I've gotten older, quality is so much more important than quantity. Meaning that I'd rather have 2 really close friends than 10 friends who don't know the true meaning of friendship. And I think it's good, as parents, to surround ourselves with only good people who demonstrate the meaning of a true friendship so our children will know how to pick and choose the people they call friends.

Gretta March 25, 2011 at 11:59 AM   Reply to

I think the age of technology has made it too easy for us to communicate problems through email & text rather than in person. A few years ago, this person would have had to directly confront her feelings by calling T personally. Now it is easy to just type our feelings & be done with it. There are just some things in life that don't need to be handled over an email or text message. I hate you guys had to experience one of those times last night.

And you're gotta stick with a few TRUE friends rather than a bunch of "acquaintances". We love your family & are so thankful to have you guys as bloggie friends and hope to meet you all sometime this summer when we're headed to "Hotlanta"!

Anonymous,  March 25, 2011 at 4:49 PM   Reply to

It seems like the older we get, the quantity of friends may go down but, the quality goes up. I'm less concerned these days by the number of friends I have than by the quality of the friendships I do have.

To me, real friends are more than friends...they are family. And if you can count on one hand the number of friends you have who would be there for you in a heartbeat when your chips are down, you should consider yourself a lucky person.

You can bet your ass that if you ever moved it to TX, you could add 2 more to that list of those who'd do anything for ya!

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