Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I cant get the 80's out of my head

Since watching Jack Wagner on an 80's music cd infomercial and singing the songs to T and C4 this past weekend, I have not been able to get the songs out of my head, now im singing Billy Oceans "there'll be sad songs, to make you cry, love songs often do" Yeah. I amaze myself too. Nothing to do with todays post, but...I hope you get that song in your head too.

I cant explain why I am so tired this morning.  I went to bed early. Got up to go to the gym, had a good workout. But, the drive to work was rough. Hard time keeping the eyes open. But it is Tuesday and it is going to be a busy night tonight, so I have to make it through the day.

Am I the only one that is cheering for Kirstie Alley? Probably not, but I hope she does well on DWTS. Her and the other two are Cheryl and Lacey for obvious reasons.

I am building a soccer goal for C2's birthday, and I had to get the last four pieces yesterday, so I will be building that tonight. C1 wants to help. He is excited to help build that for his brother.  C2 is excited about turning 6 tomorrow. I dont know if it is because of turning six or the gifts but as long as he is excited.

C4.  Look when you get older and can read this...You have become too hard to handle at night. I dont know how in the world your mother deals with you during the day.  The annoying your bro's and sister when they are trying to sleep, the screaming the in and out of bed, the screaming, did I mention the LOUD SCREAMING?

So my plans for T's birthday is on Thursday and gift ideas for her get harder every year.

I started thinking (smoke comes from ears) 

T stays super (ok, super is so 80's) very busy and finds it hard to get anything done with a certain C that is always wanting to attach himself to her hip or boob or ass or leg or whatever he can get a grip on.

Gift Idea. Stunt Double - This double of T will be the one that the kids climb on and rough house with.

Body Double - This will be the one that deals with me when T has no energy to deal with me.

Maid T - This is the one that will do all the cleaning and housework when T is short of time.

She may not realize this at first but I am doing this for her.  Problem is that I am having trouble tying up loose ends on this.  The bank will not give out loans for body doubles.  The work permits are not clearing.  This idea is going in the toilet faster than..well stop right there.

Back to square one.

Kids and I will be having arts and crafts time tonight when I get home to make cards for Mommy.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I do it every year so why change it up now.

I have so much stuff to do. Wish I was able to get days off.  I just never seem to have enough time at night to get anything done.  I try and give T 15 minutes a night, sometimes that doesnt even happen and that isnt even enough. I just know that tonight and tomorrow night I am gonna run out of time. Be up late. And then get up early for the gym. Oh well, whatever. Its worth it and I know that C2 will be so happy and surprised and T will be so....

I hope happy and surprised.  To be continued.

Birthdays. 2 in the next 3 day.




Jennifer Johnston March 29, 2011 at 10:35 AM   Reply to

Listen to "now that's what I call music-the 80's" its got a TON of songs on there! Ideas for your ipod.

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