Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday The Irish Edition and NCAA Tournament Edition

Today is Thank You Note Thursday
and on this
St. Patricks Day
NCAA Tourney Day
we will be giving thanks to those that make this day what it is.

Colin Ferrel...Thank You, for being a bad ass drunk dude. You make being drunk look cool when it actually isnt.

Boston Celtics...Thank You, for being the one Irish thing I dont have to like, even on this day.

Fingers...Thank You, for pinching me. I am not Irish and I dont wear green, but you still find ways to pinch me and it doesnt feel good. Why am I thanking you again?

Leprechaun's...Thanks You, for being scary looking little bastards, with red beards.

NCAA Tournament...Thank You, now I have a good reason to use the quad screen feature on my computer on Thursday and Friday.

Green...Thank You, for being everywhere. Our Beer, RIvers, Lakes, toilets, I mean all we will see today is Green. Except in our banks and wallets. Stupid color green.

The 3 bigger C's...Thank You, for not coming into our bed last night. No I didnt get any, but I was able to sleep without my balls being stuck to my thighs.

Irish Spring Soap...Thank You, for at least making us smell Irish.

NCAA Bracket Sheet...Thank You, for giving me the power to decide a teams fate. Even if I am not correct in my picks, I still have power.

Alrighty o'folks.  This has been another edition of Thank You Note Thursday by This O'Daddy.  Who do you want or feel the need to thank today.

Since it is St. Patricks Day (even though im not Irish and I dont drink anymore) celebrate by putting an O before everyones last name.

Kiss the Baby



Anonymous,  March 18, 2011 at 8:35 AM   Reply to

Hey Bro,

Nice tip 'o the hat to the Irish, and to not drinking.

I really like the new format, look smooth!

Mark L.

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