Monday, March 21, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Under Attack

So while other countries are being attacked by planes, missiles and warships, we here are being attacked by.....Pollen.  After a crazy winter, and rainy start to the spring and warmer weather, the pollen has entered the picture now.  Yellow pollen is starting to cover everything.  Our cars, homes, windows, decks, anything that is NOT yellow, is now yellow.  Problem with this is that most of us, Me, T, and most of all C1 does not stand up well to the pollen.  Puffy eyes and runny noses, yeah...its that time again. Yay. Not. You can see it in the tree's waiting for you, your kids, your pets, your cars.  It is out there, everywhere.  No matter what you do, you cant escape it.  Get the hazmat suites and hoses.  This is going to be a long fight but we have to beat it...or take Benedryl, Zyrtec or whatever..

Friday night, T and I were in bed, watching tv and tweeting people. Its funny, she had the laptop and the cell phone and was tweeting from both. I was tweeting from the phone with people about the Jimmy Fallon show and then all of a sudden I woke up and T told me I was snoring. So sorry to all of you that may have been tweeting with me during the show.  All 2 of you.

Saturday's soccer practice went awesome. At least I thought so. All 6 kids showed up and all 6 kids are really good. The practiced hard and had fun. I had a good time coaching them and wished I could do it more. 

We then traveled down to our cousins house and spent the day down there.  The kids had fun and it was nice to see Gary and Mckenzie and the girls.  We rode the golf cart around which is my favorite and the kids played on the playground.  We even caught a lizard and put it in a cooler with grass and some water for their daughter Madison to see when she got home.  Ate the awesome chicken tacos and after dinner the kids watched Toy Story 3 down in the movie room on the xtra large screen.

The drive home didn't take as long as the one getting down there but we finally made it to the gas station where we came across the kind and friendly female smoker who was dropping her butts across the parking lot. Just what I wanted at 1 am on a Saturday/Sunday...a blowin up good time at the Chevron.

We kept C1 in the house yesterday and I did some yard work, and we had a relaxed day.  Checked my bracket and put more X's on it than a game of tic tac toe has and ended the night by laying in bed with T laughing at Gary Bussey and his dumb ass on Celebrity Apprentice.

Yeah, a great weekend and now its back to the grind.

Kiss the baby


Gretta March 21, 2011 at 1:06 PM   Reply to

Yeah for a fun weekend but BOO for that nasty pollen! It hasn't hit up here yet but I figure in a few weeks we will be in Yellow-ville too. Poor little C1 though...I hate that for him most of all.

Glad the soccer practice went great & I hope your team has an awesome season! Can't wait to see more soccer fun pictures.

And my bracket has more red lines than my high school English papers did! Ridiculous I tell you....but FUN.

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