Monday, March 7, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Wet, Clean, No junk in my trunk.

Spell check is not working so try and make your way through my mistakes.

So if I were to tell you that it rained this weekend a lot would you believe me?  Doesn't matter. Cause let me tell you, It started Friday night and rained all day Saturday.  ALL DAY.  That's OK though, it gave us a chance to get stuff done in the house.

I FINALLY cleaned out 2 junk drawers. Just so happened that both of those drawers were in my clothing area. #1.  The underwear drawer, which had more junk than boxer briefs, was cleaned. The little drawer above the boxer brief drawer which is a useful junk holder was overwhelmed by junk.  By the time both were cleaned out, a small laundry basket was filled with garbage.

Didnt take pictures, but here are some things that were piling up in the drawers....Condoms (lots of them), camcorder cd's, legos, money, reciepts, check stubs, old cell phones which the kids fought over. And just other junk.  I am happy to say there was no milk, meat, bread or any kind of leftovers in there.

So my oldest son C1 has become so wrapped up in his newest things.  Well it involves his legos and he loves them, but he has started building and acting out new stuff.  Indiana Jones.  This is awesome. I loved Indiana Jones when I was younger. I had the figures and watched the movies.  He walks around with his little lego guy and hums the theme song. I know he cant watch them anytime soon but I know he would love the movies. C1 is so into adventure stuff. He even builds places for his lego guy to go like South America and Africa.  Wonder if he will get into Star Wars anytime soon. Not that he can watch those either but I think it is cool that my son, like the same things I liked when I was a kid.

I finished something in the basement that I have been trying to finish for 6+ years now.  I put a faceplate cover over a plug outlet. Yeah, why it took me that long, I have no idea.

T cooked her ass off this weekend and I ate so much, i think I could've exploded.  First Saturday night it was Taco Soup in the crock pot.  SOOOOOOO Good.  Last night it was crab and shrimp and veggie, and that was SOOOOO Good too.

I must be getting lax in my old days, cause I think I changed about 4 poo poo diapers this weekend. 

Watched a couple decent movies. The best being "Unstoppable" with Denzel Washington. It was very good.

I am always the first to admit that I get very mad and frustrated so easily with the kids at night. Most of all C3. For some reason, I dont know why I cant handle her but she drives me *(#$&% Crazy.  But every night I do the same thing and I notice how damn sweet she is and remember how much I love her and what a dick I am when I take her to sleep pee.  She is sleeping in bed with some stuffed animal and covered in her blankets and looking so peaceful.. My daughter. My only daughter.  She gives me fits. But I love her so.

See these shoes. Well not this exact pair. The Reebok Zigs. I love these shoes. Well I have never even tried on a pair, so I dont know how they feel, but they look sweet.  T doesnt like them. But I am going to go try on a pair to see how they feel and what size I need to I can get me a pair off ebay. 

They are kick ass.

Well the weekend was a good one. It was nice to be home and not have to worry about going anywhere.  The rain kept us in the house and we didnt kill each other.  I will fight my way through the work week until the weekend gets here again.

I also learned a very important rebutal line to use with T in the future from Grey's Anatomy.  Ohhh Yeah


Kiss the Baby



Muliebrity March 7, 2011 at 6:36 PM   Reply to

IDK, those shoes are not as fugly as I expected them to be, but Tracy does have a point.

Q March 7, 2011 at 11:21 PM   Reply to

I bought a pair (black/charcoal gray) of those Zigs a month or two ago and they did not disappoint. I'm not to buy shoes that stylish and I didn't need a pair at the time. But, I tried them on and they feel like heaven. Each person's foot is different though, so be sure to try before you buy. Also, Indy Jones is one of my favorite movie series next to James Bond. The newest Indy flick has been in my Netflix queue for a while, but it's in my Top 10 now. Hopefully, I can get to it shortly after March Madness. Go Blue!

~Rachel March 8, 2011 at 6:31 AM   Reply to

Oh Ziggs!! My oldest son came home from kindergarden last week, asking for these shoes. Evidently, they are the newest craze at his school. AHHH! {For the record, he hasn't received them as of yet. I am sure his daddy will cave and buy them.}

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