Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with words...Lots of words. And more words

Wordless Wednesday. I am still missing the Wordless part of the idea but whatever......

As you all know I am always the first to say how bad I am at handling certain situations, well a close second behind T.  I just don't do some of the things as good as I probably could or should.  Take for example.......calming down a crazy, crying, whiny, angry, tired 21 month old C4.

Ok, so time for a little self pat on the back.  Last night I get home and T has to go to the store.  She is breastfeeding C4 and he is falling asleep.

C4 is asleep and T is off to the store.  I am getting the other C's snack and we are having some quiet time and then C4 wakes up.  Yikes. Ok, I hear him from the kitchen and I leave him alone for a minute.  He continues to cry so I go get him and he is still half asleep. I carry him, hold him, rock him. He starts to calm down and wants down.  He then realizes that his Mommy is not home. Oh hell, it all starts again. I offer to pick him up...NO WAY! He freaks out and gets louder.

I leave him alone, let him have his minute and then he comes to me and wants me to hold him. I'm such a stud.  He is sleeping on my shoulder and then something gives him a jolt, he wakes up and wants down again. Crying and looking for Mommy again, he lets the tears roll and the sirens are going off. Man he is loud.

Ok, he finally calms down ONCE again and he is resting on my shoulder and now he goes to sleep. I continue to walk around and rock him to make sure he stays asleep. The other C's were awesome in brushing their teeth and getting books to read in bed while waiting for Mommy to come home from the store.

Ahhhhh. C4 is finally asleep for good and I get him on our bed and he stays asleep there.  T comes home and goes and tucks the remaining kids in bed.  We trade a few smart ass comments back and forth about all of our cups. We laugh and then we head to bed.

Well there it is.  On a night where all the stars were set in the correct order for me to have a mental meltdown over C4 waking and crying and having his own tired half sleep fit, I kept my cool, left him alone and let him come to me and it all worked out in the end.  Patting myself on the back still.

Don't hate the playa...hate the game. I'm a Daddy Stud.  Oh but apparently not enough of a Stud to make the list of Top Sexy Daddy Bloggers.  I may have a belly, but I got growing guns, nice legs, I have jeans that make my ass look good, the neatly shaved beard of a movie star.  I AM A SEXY DADDY BLOGGER.  Bes belee dat!!!!

Now Go Vote for my SEXY DADDY BLOGGER ASS at any of the following places. And by that I mean GO VOTE at BOTH. (I got told by Erin that I was demanding on twitter about these votes)  Well now I am being demanding on my blog too.

Thank Q's Blogger Challenge Q is gonna tell me who voted for me. So you better go and do it.

Top 25 Daddy Blogs I have 4 votes. Can I get a little love please?

Kiss the Baby



Erin March 23, 2011 at 12:41 PM   Reply to

Wow....and now i have been publically outed on the blog :)

Q March 23, 2011 at 9:08 PM   Reply to

I'm e-mailing the list of name to you now! LOL! Get 'em! :)

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