Friday, April 29, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-29-11..Come and Get ya some......

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I am so glad that it is Friday, so happy that I am secretly humming the Rebecca Black Friday song and dreaming of making my own hit.

So the C's are in freak panic mode over some money that is burning a hole in their pockets.  The Easter cash they collected is sitting gathering dust and they are about to explode. Asking T everyday and night when can they go buy something. Toys R Us and Legos are waiting.  C1 has these dollars in his pants and they must have ants on them because he is on fire about spending this money.

I guess I am the same way, that is what T tells me anyways.

Soccer is almost over. Practice tomorrow and one more game left next Thursday.  T is ready for the season to be over so she doesn't have to run around three days a week. I am ready for it to be over so I can get C2 on a real team, with a real coach.

C1 wants to take some tennis lesson and I am going to get him up to the courts and have some fun with him to make sure he is really wanting to do that.

So, you know my sweet little C3 does some things that really gets under my skin. You know like all daughters do to their daddys...But yesterday, ohhhh boy....she pulled one on T and crossed the line.  C3 took a marker and......wait for it......ready......C3 had a marker and colored on her BODEN SHORTS. Yes, the Boden Shorts. T is Boden Clothing and Boden Clothing is T. T takes great pleasure in dressing the C's in awesome clothes. But good news, it all came out. T gave me the nod last night as if to say...oohhh that little girl is lucky.

C4. Eats. and Eats. and Eats. He is probably eating right now. Now matter what time you are reading this, he is probably eating.  Or being a terror to his sister. Or trying to shove himself back up his mommy's ass.  He did fall asleep on me two nights this week. My little head butting, nail scratching, loud screaming buddy.

Tomorrow is da da da...
And one of my favorite bloggers from up in Minneysoda was nice enough to hook me up with tickets to this and we are going and looking forward to it. I have given so many tickets out to friends and family.  I really appreciate her doing this. She will get more of a thank you after the weekend and I will post about it.

And then we all know what Sunday is.....
Nudie Magazine Day....Nudie Magazine Day
(kidding that is from Billy Madison)

Its New Phone Day.
(stay tuned)

Have a great weekend and

Kiss the Baby




Thursday, April 28, 2011

Once again we are lucky as the storms roll through

Man, how long does that luck stay with us?

Over the past month or two, my family has been in the path of some pretty strong storms.  Weather people say "GET READY" and we get ready. The rain comes, the lightening makes the sky look like its daytime and then the thunder beats like a drum more than Travis Barker. 

Every time we have been lucky to only be hit with wind, rain, and a bunch of noise and the fear of the sirens to head to the basement.

Well last night after our neighboring state of Alabama (which we are only 19 miles from) got hammered all of those storms they headed for our direction and north of us and south of us. So basically all over the line of NW Ga. and SW Ga.  Yesterday Alabama was getting leveled by these storms which had tornadoes, many of them destroying parts of the state. A very good friend of ours had damage to their house.

The local news and weather was saying that it was coming right at us. I mean US. Our house, our little city.  We got the basement ready, watch the news and when the sirens went off and the sky was bright and the wind was either blasting or calm..we thought it was time.  The radar and the tv showed that the purple globs and rotation was coming our way. North of the interstate an open pipeline for destruction.  For some most awesomely great wonderful reason the storm cells would spilt and go around us. Noth and South. Like the letter V. <- Like that. We are the - and the < is the storm going around us.

People I know and work with live in areas where some tornadoes hit. Ringgold, Rome, Cartersville they got hit and did some major damage.  Everyone I know is alive and well and had some damage but they are all ok.

As of 11 am today there are reports of over 200 dead. That sucks. Weather is crazy, you never know what is going to happen.  I am a dunce when it come to weather. T is always "Lets go to the basement" and I am like "Nah, I dont feel like going downstairs"  Well it is because of her that we hopefully will always be more safe than not.

Our friend Gretta, David and their kids had damage to their home in Alabama and we finally heard from them today that while their city is like a war zone, they are all ok. T and I talked about them last night as the storms came and went.

Always be safe and prepare for times like this...well the best you can really but always try.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. Lots and Lots of Words


But I add words...and sentences....and stories...

Shhh....Don't tell anyone.

Lets see if I can sneak it in there past the Wordless Wednesday Police.

This morning after a month of being asked and bugged and tormented and teased about doing a Spin Class at the gym, I finally gave in to peer pressure and showed my ass up at 5 am and took the class.  Now I was told that it would not be easy. I was told I will have jello legs. I was told on twitter I will feel like I was made love to by a football and guess what....

It was all true.  That was the hardest workout I have had. Riding a bike for an hour. Sitting on that seat, then standing and sitting again...faster, faster, faster...slower...faster again, more tension, more tension.

I even got called out in the class. I sat my bike in the back row. A woman kept moving her bike and looked at me and said "I was moving my bike so you could see yourself in the mirror" I responded by saying that "Trust me, I don't want to look at myself in that mirror"

The trainer called me out. 
"Hey new guy....You going to fast, tighten your tension up"
"Hey Scott, new guy..You gonna make it"
Then to make me even look like a bigger jackass I got this at the end of the class
"Alright, new guy Scott made it, give him a hand...(clap...clap..clap)
This bike kicked my ass this morning. Well the instructor played a part in it too.
But I will be doing it again next Wednesday.


For T and I's Anniversary my parents are footing the bill on the extra charges we will have after we use our upgrade to get our new phones. We are excited and we will be the proud new parents owners of the


I am so stoked about getting this phone this weekend.
My very first smart phone.  I hope they have the dummies version.
Maybe the smart phone will make me smarter?

T who is never excited about techno stuff, is even a little excited.
(I think)

I'm sure that I will take every opportunity to go into the bathroom to play with myself the phone.

That's it. I wonder if I am breaking any records for Wordless Wednesday Post with words in it?




Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You asked for it and You Got it!

I change the screen picture on my laptop every week or so.  Well this weekend C2 was sitting next to me and looked at the screen and looked at me and said "Daddy, that is C4" I said, yeah it is. Next was "Why don't you have a picture of me on your computer?"  I told him I change it up every now and then. Sometimes C1, you, C3, C4 and sometime all of you.  "Daddy, I think you need to put a picture of me on your laptop!"

Well son, ask and you shall receive.  Not only will you be the the featured picture on my laptop, you are going to be the featured person in my post today.  You and your Euro-style soccer self. Mommy can explain it to you.


Catching a break

Listening to Coach Dad?????

Better be chasing the ball and not the girl..look at the elbow

In action

More action


The Attacker

Resting after a hard game

Smile for ESPN

#23 My soccer stud.

There you go C2. All about you.

Hope you enjoy.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, April 25, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Full of Diapers and Eggs.

Here's to hoping that many bunnies left many pellets in your house this past weekend.  And I also hope that you all had a great Easter Sunday.

Our weekend was fun. It started Friday when the kids were playing and I decided to try out the NEW Zumba dvd's we got in the mail.  Tried and failed.  Lets just say I have no dancing skills and I did the legs, abs and thighs and that was tough too. I will be practicing. Maybe after all this Zumba I can get on Dancing with the Stars Regular Folk.

Saturday was a busy day. We got up and headed to Lowes for the build a project for the kids. We were in a hurry so we just picked up our bird houses and they also gave out Earth Day reusable bags and free baby pine trees to plant. Then we headed East to Decatur for the

(a Guiness World Record event)

I didnt get alot of good video, the women wouldnt let me in the door or it would have messed up the numbers for the record.  So I played with the three older C's. The event was at a jumpy place and oh my mother of a frozen elephant.....That place smelled like ass and urine. Not from the diapers but just from probably ass and urine. But the kids had a blast and I had fun chasing them.

Yesterday was Easter and since T and I were up till 2 am we tried to sleep in a little but the sounds of screaming children woke us up as they found the baskets. Well woke one of us up, the other needed HER rest.  Had some breakfast and then headed out to T's moms house the kids Nana's house for a Easter Party and some Egg hunting.

Then we came home and I finished the soccer goal and we all played some soccer and took a walk.

We had a great weekend and the next few weekends are going to be fun as well.

We are going to the Metro Cooking Show in Atlanta next weekend. And yes you will get your thank you soon enough!!!

The weekend after that Gretta and her Family - The Johns Family are going to be in the Atlanta area, so we are going to meet them for the first time, and maybe the last after they witness how crazy we are.

We are also in the middle of trying to plan a vacation to the beach. We havent done the beach vacation in some time, so T is hunting deals in the Hilton Head Beach, SC. area. If you know any hook us up.

Make sure you go check out the GIVEAWAY page (link up top) for a chance to win something cool.

And my spell check isnt working AGAIN, so have fun reading through my poor english skills.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, April 22, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-22-11 Driving and Singing

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Hope everyone is having a great Good Friday and a green Earth Day.  Both are important days for very good reasons.  Some love the day for both, others for each separately and Im ok with that.
As long as people respect each other, then we are all on the same page.

Everyone watch WaLL-E today

Fridays Final Thoughts is what I do on, well...yeah Fridays, I just get some things off my chest and clear my brain out. Some good and some bad. But mostly fun.

Well we tried and we just couldn't do it.  We had to take Lucy back. We jumped the gun, and got in over our heads and it was just another ass to wipe and poo to clean up.  And honestly, I am never home and T was doing everything.  Just not the right time to take on another job and the kids were ok with her going back to her other friends. Its all good. Everyone is happy.

The kids are enjoying the first week of the new bunk beds. C2 has slept better in his new bed and so has C3. C1 always sleeps, and C4 is still co sleeping.

I missed 3 days at the gym and feel like I missed 3 months. I felt like I was gaining and now I feel like I have to start over.  I have to get after it. I don't want to be a massive huge being
fake photo
I just want to get in shape and look like Maks. Not too much to ask for.

So I guess it is time to shave my back again when C1 is giving me a hug and says "daddy your back is prickly"

And look I have never dated Mother Nature, but woman, bring the sun out on the weekends so I can get tan and looking good. Being tan always makes my shaved body look better.

With just a week left until the big day of William and Kate's Wedding, I can only say this
Sorry, I just don't.

Charlie Sheen was in the ATL last night at the Fox after spending the afternoon down at Tech. And I missed all of this. #Losing #duh

So many of you probably know about my many Man-Crushes. 
One of them is Justin Timberlake. Who will be hosting the season finale of SNL on May 21st.
Another is Tim Mcgraw a long time favorite of mine, who now has his own music channel on XM Radio. (which i have been lucky enough to borrow)
Here is a little bit of my drive to work this morning after a good workout.

Don't judge me. I drive and hour to work every morning. I need to pump myself up.

Well that is just some of the pieces to the puzzle.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and enjoy the rest of your Good Friday and Earth Day.

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Kiss The Baby



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Sending out some love today

Im a placing a call today to the National Guard. Im calling in a favor to my parents and getting the number to the top General of the Army and I am getting ground troops sent to the house.  I am calling Hells Angels. I am calling anyone and everyone.  Actually if I had not deleted Super Nanny's number from my phone I might even call her.

T and I now have a terror on our hands. Yes an official terror.
C4. This boy, is driving me nuts. And I am only home for 2 hours a night before the kids go to sleep. He is driving T nuts. He is driving the other C's nuts. Hell even Lucy is going nuts because of C4.

Fact of the matter is that he was just so tired. He was over tired. He almost went to sleep on me, while everyone else was having Lucy time. He gets like that when he is too tired. But after long days of being busy with the kids all, T deserves a break from crazy tired kids and I need to do more at night.

Next. Last night or early am hours rather, C3 comes flying into our bedroom crazy crying. It took a few minutes of calming her down to realize that she was telling us that Lucy was in her bed and she did not want Lucy to pee or poo in her bed. (Never mind the fact that C3 is now sleeping on the top bunk) So I did what any good father would do at 2 am when it is thundering and lightening and C3 is freaking out....I stayed in bed, calmed C3 down while T went to see if Lucy got out of her cage and climbed up to the top bunk.


Desk...Thank You, for giving me a place to set my things on and pretend like I am working.

PETA...Thank You, for putting a stop to Goldfish racing at a Washington State bar. That can get so out of control.

Local Mother and Son...Thank You, for reminding me last night that I do live in the sticks. As your son entered Ingles last night with boxers, no shirt, no shoes, no socks, and a MickeyD's bag.

News Report on Heavier Models....Thank You, for pointing out that Heavier Model may encourage obesity.  Yeah..Never mind McDonald's and other fatty shit.

Gas Prices...Thank You, for allowing me to spend more money. Like I have nothing better to use it on.

Snooki...Thank You, because your short little self is making it possible for trolls to make a comeback.

People Magazine...Thank You, for screwing up another issue of Most Beautiful Person or whatever. J-LO, really..she is the most beautiful woman, blind bastards. I don't think so

People dressed as Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty...Thank You, for standing on street corners and dancing. I knew I wasn't the worst dancer in the state of Ga.

Who would you like to thank?

Kiss the baby




Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. Sprinkler of Youth

When Ponce De' Leon (had to look that up) found the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Fl. in 1513(had to look all of this up) little did he know that what he actually found was just a fountain.

The reason I know this to be true is because
in our very own backyard we found the actual water source of youth


Not only did C1 find the Sprinkler of Youth
He also found the tall and skinny sprinkler

C2 found the faster than fast sprinkler right
next to the Sprinkler of Youth

C3 along with the Sprinkler of Youth
found the Everlasting Smile Sprinkler

C4 Well he wanted no part of the Sprinkler of Youth
He decided to stay on the slide and watch from the distance

That was fun, watching the kids enjoy simple things like running through a water sprinkler bring a smile to my face. i don't even care about the mud spots in the yard.

Another Wordless Wednesday...but with words.

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Kiss the baby



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are Mommy and Daddy being replaced????

LUCY.....Immmm Home!

So I can remember the days when the kids would fuss and fight over Mommy and Daddy time.

Pushing and shoving over who was gonna sit next to us and have the quality time before bed.  C2 would get mad and stomp off and C3 would run off and cry and C4 would try and head butt everyone, while C1 was laying on the floor doing nothing at all.

Well, just like the humans that are being replaced at the factories T and I and the Mommy and Daddy time is being replaced by....

Thats right


Last night when I got home, the kids were in the bath and as they were getting out, I kept hearing...."Can we have LUCY time, I want LUCY time"

Ummm Daddy is home, hello!!

I then get tackled by C4. I mean swung around and thrown to the floor by a 22 month old and then jumped on. I think it was a plan. Tackle Daddy and bypass him to get to LUCY.

So we all went into C1 and C2's room where we fed LUCY snacks and let her roam around on the blanket and play with the kids.  The kids are in love with LUCY.  She even started making her noises last night during LUCY time.

So as the kids run to the rooms for night night time they have to make a pass by the cage to tell LUCY night night.

I did get my hugs and kisses too.

Kiss the baby

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Handy Manny and Lucy.

What a busy weekend.

It seemed like this was nothing but a weekend of building things and taking things apart and rebuilding things. Man it was tough. I felt like Handy Manny all weekend. Talking to my tools and waiting for them to do the job.  Lots of coffee, a little cursing, a little more fussing, a little more frustration, but in the end it was a lot of fun seeing the kids happy.

Friday night while another storm of the century was rolling through, T and I started taking apart the bunk beds that were in C1 and C2's room. It is not easy taking apart Ikea bunk beds while 4 C's are playing around you. After taking this thing apart and moving it, it wasnt any easier putting it together in C3 and C4's room. But C3 and C4 loved having the bunk beds.
Both C3 and C4 love their new beds

Ahhhh. Now Saturday morning is here.  Time to put C1 and C2's new beds together. What a story this is. Bunk beds that can also be twin beds is what we thought we were getting, NOPE. Not even close. After calling and trying to get it right, it just didnt happen. So we went back to plan 1 and got the beds from Sams which is what T wanted in the first place.  So went to Sams to pick up the beds which almost didnt fit in the van but they did.  Now for the fun part. Putting the beds together for two twins, that was not that bad, finding out that they would take up over 3/4 of the room, yeah that sucked.  So T and I had to make them into bunk beds.
These beds are huge, even as bunk beds
but it leaves space in the room.
C1 loves his new bed, with removable ladder

So the beds were done. Wasnt easy, T would have liked to kill me, but I live to be an ass another day.

Time to start the Guinea Pig cage.  Started this Sunday morning and it was not easy either. I must not be smart enough to figure stuff out cause this just didnt seem to go well. I mean it started good, but I just had a hard time.  But with Metal cubes (we already had), some rubber mating (we already had) and zip ties ($5) we now had a cage that would be a great starter home for the new Guinea Pig.
Big, each side has a second story, great hiding places.
The kids really love the new pet and are so excited about
learning and taking care of her.  Yes her, we have a female Guinea Pig and let me introduce you to

Say hi to Lucy

So another weekend flew by so fast. 

The most important thing, everything we did was for the kids and they loved all we did.

The beds and Lucy.

kiss the baby



Friday, April 15, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-15-11 Anniversary Week Day 5 - Today is the Day

This Daddy's Blog


Anniversary Week - Day 5  Today is the Day

Today is our 11 year Wedding Anniversary and I dedicated this entire week to T.
You can recap the previous four days if you need to.


Day 5 - Today is the Day

So while almost getting into a fist fight over Altoids in the car drive over to the The Sullivan House where we got married, I knew it would be a great day.  I had found the best possible match for me and she actually WANTED to marry me.

T and I have had our ups and downs.  And to be honest she has put up with ALOT of shit that I have done. I mean alot. 

Throughout the 11 years there have been fights, tears, words of anger, nasty looks

but there has been much more of

hugs, kisses, laughs, sweet moments and love.

I know I wrote about T all week and I know she really doesn't like it when I put her up on that pedestal but I only speak, write and try to show how much I really do love her.  People that really know me, they see through my crazy, childish, angry bad tempered self, goofy, jackassness, sometimes to dirty, loudmouth exterior and they know that above all else

I love my wife like nothing else.

So honey as we celebrate our 11 year Wedding Anniversary today, all I can do is say

Thank You.  Thank You for loving me and working with me to build a strong happy marriage that allowed four wonderful little ones in our lives.

Till next year.
Enjoy our Wedding Song

Kiss the Baby


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anniversary Week - Day 4 Thank You Note Thursday...Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Week is almost over. But you still have time to bask in the glow of my love for my wife T.  She is probably just as tired as you all are reading about herself everyday but there are two more days. If you havent gotten enough go back and check out the previous days.


Day 4 - Thank You Notes

Thank You Note Thursday
Anniversary Edition

Thank You, for whispering those sweet words to me as we listened to the music in the gazeebo after we said "I Do"  "Im not wearing any panties!"

Thank You, for being kind enough to let me wear a shirt when we do PO DO if I am hairy at that moment.

Thank You, for not being too grossed out to shave my back for me.

Thank You, for not being at the hospital when I had my emergency appendectomy, only cause my surgeon was a Greys Anatomy type doctor and I didnt want you meeting him.

Thank You, you always go out in public with me even when I dont match or my clothes are wrinkled.

Thank You, seriously for not punching me in the face or kicking me in the balls when I say Kim Kardashians name.

Thank You, for being shorter than me and not being able to see my bald spot all the time.

Thank You, for having a short name. This tattoo on my chest would have hurt more if your name was longer.

Thank You, for being crazy enough to take a chance and marry a skinny little dork, that turned into a beer belly dork. Im glad you like dorks.

Thank You, for the 10 years 364 days. This has been an awesome, wonderful fun filled marriage so far and I am looking forward to many many more years of being married to you. Unless you decide to run off with Tom Brady or Jimmy Fallon and in that case I would be ok with that. Just so you know.

Love Ya.

Kiss that baby



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anniversary Week - Day 3 Talking Shit about my Wife

Lets continue Anniversary Week

If you need to catch up
you can do so below

Now on to


Day 3 - Talking Shit about my wife

So the story behind today's post is that T always give me hell about when I am posting about her and stuff she does, it is only the good. Never the bad, never the ugly. So the other day, there were a few of us joking about it and I said "Oh, Ok! I got this now, you wanted a post with me telling how you are this and that and what I don't like about you, you got it"  So I started making a list of things that bother me about T and some of the things she does that piss me off.

Besides leaving huge globs of toothpaste in the sink.
Leaving a hair straightener and dryer and plugged in by the sink.
Wearing the nasty smelling shoes i don't like.
Never rips my clothes off and attacks me.
Leaving strands of hair everywhere in the bathroom.
Having the kids clothes color, size and style organized in the closet.

You know silly stuff like that. Yeah that is stuff that makes me shake my head. But really would I rather be without that? No!

So then while I was making my list yesterday, I noticed a trend.  Every time I would write something down about her, it came back to me.

Then I got to thinking last night.

1. Am I really that stupid to blog and post about things I don't like about my wife or things she does that make me mad?

2. When my kids get older and read this, do I want them seeing that their dad talked shit about their mom all over the Internet?

3. Do I really want to be disrespectful to T and put our nasty business out there for others to either laugh at or make comments on?

ANSWERS - No! to all of the above.

While I may joke and talk about our sex life and that is probably disrespectful enough towards her, I am not going to air our dirty laundry on the blog or twitter or anything.  T does things that really piss me off. She makes me want to yell and scream and curse her out.  She makes me want to break shit.  But you know what?  She also makes me want to hug her, kiss her, have PO DO with her, and laugh with her and most importantly grow old with her.

So for T, guess you will have to wait for me to talk shit about you on the blog. For the others that were also waiting....Guess you will have to ask her or just keep wondering.

As for all the things that you do T, i just have one request....

Keep doing them.

And I will keep loving you.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anniversary Week - Day 2 Shes Funny and She can Cook!

Hello there.

Remember its Anniversary Week. And this week is all about my wonderful wife T, and our soon to be 11 years of marriage. Good ~ Bad ~ Ugly !

If you missed yesterdays post
Check it out.

So here we go



From the day we met in Florida (drunk) we were laughing and carrying on. She agreed to go call my buddy a "BITCH" per a joke, and she screwed it all up. Not to mention she thought I was gay. See she's funny, me gay? Lesbian maybe? Never mind.

We had fun laughing and walking and talking and almost losing her expensive flip flop or sandals. 

While living in Texas, we went to this awesome seafood restaurant and we had some drinks and T who was not the big drinker, had a few too many.  Well as we are living, she takes her hand and grabs the fake deserts that are up front as you walk in.....yeah, they were not fake. T had a handful of chocolate cake.

Fast forward many years and we are laying in bed and we are talking about being Vulnerable.  But as we were laying in the dark in a silent room, all of a sudden, T spits out the word.....
Va-nary-able. I about choked and she laughed and to this day, it is something we laugh over. From Vulnerable to Va-Nary-Able.

She is funny
She can cook!

Well it didnt start out like that.  "I can cook, I just never do" were the words that she used to say.  When we were first married and I worked regular hours I used to cook all the time. As years went by, we cooked together. As more years have gone by, she has taken over all the cooking duties. And let me just say, that from making homemade baby food to awesome dishes in the crock pot to her fruit smoothies, T has become a f-ing fantastic cook.

So there it is.  When I met my wife, I never knew I would be married to a beautiful woman that is funny as hell (at times)

kiss the baby




Monday, April 11, 2011

Anniversary Week - Day 1 My Hard Working Wife

On Friday I said that this weeks the post would be dedicated to my wife T, since this Friday is our 11 year wedding anniversary. Now she is going to hate me talking nothing but nice all week about her, so I will have to mix in some bad in all this good. So here we go with


Day 1 - My Hard Worker

Never has a woman made me feel this special inside and out.  She is the reason I try to be a better person, husband, father and friend. And when I feel like I am failing at any of those, I feel bad,  like I am letting her down. 

If you look up the definition of "Hard Worker" in the dictionary you are going to see a picture of T. Well maybe not a picture, she hats having her picture taken. You will see many things describing her and why she is a "Hard Worker"  It can go back to her working 3 jobs while we were engaged to make sure she had the Wedding she wanted. It could be her working till 3 am as a waitress after we were married to help us get more money for a down payment on our first house together.

She worked hard at getting pregnant, or is that played hard to get pregnant? I'm not sure. Either way, that was awesome and not so hard. Each of the four times, it all got better. Why? Simply because she worked hard to make sure she knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it to go..From Birth Plans to breastfeeding she had it all down.

She works hard at keeping her schedule. Yeah that can be tough sometimes, but as everyone knows when you have kids, schedules are hard to stay on. She is a master planner. Writes it all down, lists here, lists there. Sticky notes on cabinets. She hardly forgets things, unless its her purse at a shop that is closed until 2 pm the next day. But she did remember where it was the hook.

When it comes to money, she hates to spend it on herself and when she wants to spend it on the kids or groceries or stuff for the house, she will make sure she has a coupon for it and if she doesn't, she will find one. I don't know how many times I have bought something and had to take it back since I didn't have a coupon.

She works hard at studying things that will make us a happier, healthier and more successful family and home. She reads books and online stuff about organic living, green living. She reads and studies about vaccines and whats good and whats not. She does a lot of hard work to make sure that we all are living the best possible life we can and that we are happy.

The one thing that T doesn't have to work hard at...

Being a great wife.

Love ya honey.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-8-11 Scrambled Brains

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On Friday I just go over some things that have been on my mind. Just to get the thoughts out there that jumble up my brain. Like scrambled eggs, all mixed up.

Friday is here and I am thrilled. So thrilled. How thrilled? I'm so thrilled that I cant move my arms or legs kind of thrilled! Whatever that was from my workout this morning with Josh the trainer. Day 1 of Hell Training. Got up at 4:20 am and headed to the gym. I actually made it there by 4:45 (before Josh). Let me say this..I had a grueling 2 hour workout and it kicked my ass but it was awesome. Back to it on Monday.

We have so much to do this weekend that I also ready to be at home so I can be a helping (annoying) hand.  I cant wait to spend some time with T (annoy her) after the kids go to sleep. Watch some shows, movies, watch her coupon, tag stuff for a sale. Yeah we both have stuff to do. He stuff just happens to be more important than mine.

One of the things that I have to do this weekend is catch up on my
Yeah, you probably thought I was talking about something important but I have let myself go and I am looking like a bear that escaped the zoo!

C3 with her room being painted orange (with no odor paint) has been saying that her room smells like oranges and she shouldn't sleep in there yet. So she has been having her own mini sleepover and crashing on the couch. She is cute, she has enjoyed sleeping on the couch.

With the Gov't (maybe) shutting down, I had to make that tough call this morning to my mother and let her know that I understand if she needs to stop sending us coupons for awhile. (Not too long though) 

My parents are also in the middle of a retirement phase and they are either selling or getting rid of a ton of stuff shit.  If you are in the area, just stop by, knock and ask for the Colonel or the Ms. and they will let you look around.

We are taking the kids to the Easter breakfast tomorrow. They will enjoy that and it also means we (well T) doesn't have to cook breakfast.

I'm sick of getting gas every few days. This is such BS. I may have to get me a motorcycle just to try and save money on gas. Of course with my non balanced self I will have to get one of those 3 wheelers.

I am so upset that Pia got voted off last night on American Idol. Ok I am not, I don't even know who the hell that is, but I felt like being in the AI Gang.

Look, get your ass over to the GIVEAWAY PAGE and enter for a chance to win a Little Looster a $29.99 value That's right I said WIN!

Last but not least.

You will for sure want to come back next week, because starting Monday I am going to be doing a week long special dedication to my most awesome, beautiful, smart, sexy, great in the sack, supermom wife T, in celebration of our

11 year Wedding Anniversary

No shit. 11 years. Can you believe that she has stayed married to me for that long?

So each day next week I will be talking sweet about T.
(throw up if you like now)

She gets tired of me talking about how awesome she is but this next week, tough shit. Deal with it honey, love ya.

With that have a great weekend and



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