Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anniversary Week - Day 2 Shes Funny and She can Cook!

Hello there.

Remember its Anniversary Week. And this week is all about my wonderful wife T, and our soon to be 11 years of marriage. Good ~ Bad ~ Ugly !

If you missed yesterdays post
Check it out.

So here we go



From the day we met in Florida (drunk) we were laughing and carrying on. She agreed to go call my buddy a "BITCH" per a joke, and she screwed it all up. Not to mention she thought I was gay. See she's funny, me gay? Lesbian maybe? Never mind.

We had fun laughing and walking and talking and almost losing her expensive flip flop or sandals. 

While living in Texas, we went to this awesome seafood restaurant and we had some drinks and T who was not the big drinker, had a few too many.  Well as we are living, she takes her hand and grabs the fake deserts that are up front as you walk in.....yeah, they were not fake. T had a handful of chocolate cake.

Fast forward many years and we are laying in bed and we are talking about being Vulnerable.  But as we were laying in the dark in a silent room, all of a sudden, T spits out the word.....
Va-nary-able. I about choked and she laughed and to this day, it is something we laugh over. From Vulnerable to Va-Nary-Able.

She is funny
She can cook!

Well it didnt start out like that.  "I can cook, I just never do" were the words that she used to say.  When we were first married and I worked regular hours I used to cook all the time. As years went by, we cooked together. As more years have gone by, she has taken over all the cooking duties. And let me just say, that from making homemade baby food to awesome dishes in the crock pot to her fruit smoothies, T has become a f-ing fantastic cook.

So there it is.  When I met my wife, I never knew I would be married to a beautiful woman that is funny as hell (at times)

kiss the baby



Unknown April 12, 2011 at 9:13 PM   Reply to

Too awesome! The Hubble used to do all the cooking too...but now I do it all and I love it.

Also, The Hubble says vunerable instead of vulnerable. I tease him about it of course. Oh! He also says fustrated instead of frustrated. I love teasing spouses.

You sound like you have one Hell of a woman there. I'm liking this anniversary week so far! ;-)

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