Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are Mommy and Daddy being replaced????

LUCY.....Immmm Home!

So I can remember the days when the kids would fuss and fight over Mommy and Daddy time.

Pushing and shoving over who was gonna sit next to us and have the quality time before bed.  C2 would get mad and stomp off and C3 would run off and cry and C4 would try and head butt everyone, while C1 was laying on the floor doing nothing at all.

Well, just like the humans that are being replaced at the factories T and I and the Mommy and Daddy time is being replaced by....

Thats right


Last night when I got home, the kids were in the bath and as they were getting out, I kept hearing...."Can we have LUCY time, I want LUCY time"

Ummm Daddy is home, hello!!

I then get tackled by C4. I mean swung around and thrown to the floor by a 22 month old and then jumped on. I think it was a plan. Tackle Daddy and bypass him to get to LUCY.

So we all went into C1 and C2's room where we fed LUCY snacks and let her roam around on the blanket and play with the kids.  The kids are in love with LUCY.  She even started making her noises last night during LUCY time.

So as the kids run to the rooms for night night time they have to make a pass by the cage to tell LUCY night night.

I did get my hugs and kisses too.

Kiss the baby

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Unknown April 19, 2011 at 9:53 AM   Reply to

Poor daddy, replaced by something shiny and new.

Give them a few weeks. Like all kids, the pet will get ignored faster than expected.

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