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Fridays Final Thoughts 4-1-11 Aint no foolin in this April post

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Fridays Final Thoughts

I want to thank my awesome wife T. We have come to the decision that I will undergo the BIG V reversal in a month or so. Wish us luck.

2 birthdays are over and now it is just the party that is left. C2 will be having his party Saturday and then since Nanny and PawPaw are in town you know what that means

We are going to
No not really Tokyo
Its a place the kids (and us) love to eat
We only eat here when they come into town
The C's love it (we do too)

Yes Nanny and PawPaw are coming into town for the weekend. They will also get to see C2 and C3's first soccer game.  They had the final practice last night before game one on Saturday.  There is that part of me that hopes both C2 and C3 have a great time and then there is that part of me that hopes they kick ass and play like superstars.  Either way honestly I am proud that they like playing.

We will miss T's Mom and Uncle E being there. They are taking a trip up to Wisconsin, to see T's sister and her husband and the kids. Hope she has a safe trip and enjoys seeing everyone. I wonder if she is looking forward to the pat downs.

So I am in the market for some protein and I am having a hard time bringing myself to spend the $30 at Sams for the 5lb bag. The trainer at the gym is telling me its a good deal and 4 or 5 shakes a day will help shed some fat since I have been hitting it hard. He also told me this morning that if I want to meet him and the other guy there at 5 am, I can work out with them. Its a tempting offer but I don't know if I can hang with those guys.  If T decides that the protein at Sams is a good deal then I will get it.

Yesterday and today marks the beginning of the 2011 baseball season.  It is offically called "Opening Day"  You can kind of use that as a springboard to change your life in a way as a spouse or a parent. Almost like New Years Resolutions but not to that extent.  A reminder, refresher course.  Hey its "Opening Day" ! Am I being as good a husband as I could be?  Am I being a patient father?  I always need reminders. Trust me. I really need them.  Everyone needs reminders.

Now for some random thoughts, some will make you shake your head and some maybe will make you laugh.

Dominique Wilkins (ex Atl. Hawks player) - still has the Tomahawk in him. No the dunk, rather the punch. He beat the tar out of some guy at a game after the guy was trying to steal his clothes. I guess Dominique owed the guys money.

While the "Breastfeeding Doll" is deemed inappropriate imagine how bad it would be if they started putting a penis and balls on boy dolls? Yeah..Ok, dont imagine that..Sicko's

Brad Womack has already quit twitter. Guess he does have commitment issues.

Why on Earth does the largest and most unhealthy guy in my office feel the need to give me diet and fitness tips? Are you for F-ing real?  Dude loses his breath from dialing the phone!

True or False - Men learn to actually piss IN the toilet as they get older from the age of being boys?
Answer is FALSE - Am I the only dude that thinks it is NASTY to see piss all over the toilet seat, floor?

And as of now, dealing with a woman named ANNA on the phone is about to drive me CRAZY. 1. I cant hear her! 2. They are so confused about the problem! 3. I called to give them a mailing confirm. # and by the end of the call, she still hadnt asked for it.  Oh my please let me get my new new glasses back in the mail with no problems.

Ok, so if you are in the area of the Castle Playground and want to come by on Saturday afternoon and wish C2 a Happy Birthday and spend time with us then come on by.

Remember to enter the giveaway for a
nice item

And I will also be starting a giveaway for this
(its a hint)
(a tease)

Kidding on the reversal. Gotcha

Kiss the baby


 Go check out the UBP 2011. Its the 0-1-1 Son.
See if you belong. Of Course you do. If they let me in the party
I know they will let you


Donny April 1, 2011 at 1:51 PM   Reply to

Stopping by from the UPB11.

Jennifer Johnston April 1, 2011 at 2:11 PM   Reply to

The next thing you know, we'll be having a conversation about a "menstrual cycle babydoll".

Anonymous,  April 2, 2011 at 9:54 PM   Reply to

I was about to comment on the reversal, that's funny! Guess you don't ever need to sleep again!

Nice compliment to your wife about buying the protein if she thinks it's a good deal, yeah Bro, let the wisdom flow.

Mark L.

Tracy April 3, 2011 at 4:00 PM   Reply to

Don't see the big deal with a breastfeeding doll. I mean theres dolls with bottles. Theres dolls that poop & pee. Dolls that eat "baby food".

I have no clue why there would be a menstruating doll----babies don't have periods.

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