Friday, April 29, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-29-11..Come and Get ya some......

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I am so glad that it is Friday, so happy that I am secretly humming the Rebecca Black Friday song and dreaming of making my own hit.

So the C's are in freak panic mode over some money that is burning a hole in their pockets.  The Easter cash they collected is sitting gathering dust and they are about to explode. Asking T everyday and night when can they go buy something. Toys R Us and Legos are waiting.  C1 has these dollars in his pants and they must have ants on them because he is on fire about spending this money.

I guess I am the same way, that is what T tells me anyways.

Soccer is almost over. Practice tomorrow and one more game left next Thursday.  T is ready for the season to be over so she doesn't have to run around three days a week. I am ready for it to be over so I can get C2 on a real team, with a real coach.

C1 wants to take some tennis lesson and I am going to get him up to the courts and have some fun with him to make sure he is really wanting to do that.

So, you know my sweet little C3 does some things that really gets under my skin. You know like all daughters do to their daddys...But yesterday, ohhhh boy....she pulled one on T and crossed the line.  C3 took a marker and......wait for it......ready......C3 had a marker and colored on her BODEN SHORTS. Yes, the Boden Shorts. T is Boden Clothing and Boden Clothing is T. T takes great pleasure in dressing the C's in awesome clothes. But good news, it all came out. T gave me the nod last night as if to say...oohhh that little girl is lucky.

C4. Eats. and Eats. and Eats. He is probably eating right now. Now matter what time you are reading this, he is probably eating.  Or being a terror to his sister. Or trying to shove himself back up his mommy's ass.  He did fall asleep on me two nights this week. My little head butting, nail scratching, loud screaming buddy.

Tomorrow is da da da...
And one of my favorite bloggers from up in Minneysoda was nice enough to hook me up with tickets to this and we are going and looking forward to it. I have given so many tickets out to friends and family.  I really appreciate her doing this. She will get more of a thank you after the weekend and I will post about it.

And then we all know what Sunday is.....
Nudie Magazine Day....Nudie Magazine Day
(kidding that is from Billy Madison)

Its New Phone Day.
(stay tuned)

Have a great weekend and

Kiss the Baby



Lori April 29, 2011 at 11:46 AM   Reply to

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy the cooking show and your new phones.

Chrissy May 1, 2011 at 9:18 PM   Reply to I'm gone for a while and you go and change your blog! ;)

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