Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Sending out some love today

Im a placing a call today to the National Guard. Im calling in a favor to my parents and getting the number to the top General of the Army and I am getting ground troops sent to the house.  I am calling Hells Angels. I am calling anyone and everyone.  Actually if I had not deleted Super Nanny's number from my phone I might even call her.

T and I now have a terror on our hands. Yes an official terror.
C4. This boy, is driving me nuts. And I am only home for 2 hours a night before the kids go to sleep. He is driving T nuts. He is driving the other C's nuts. Hell even Lucy is going nuts because of C4.

Fact of the matter is that he was just so tired. He was over tired. He almost went to sleep on me, while everyone else was having Lucy time. He gets like that when he is too tired. But after long days of being busy with the kids all, T deserves a break from crazy tired kids and I need to do more at night.

Next. Last night or early am hours rather, C3 comes flying into our bedroom crazy crying. It took a few minutes of calming her down to realize that she was telling us that Lucy was in her bed and she did not want Lucy to pee or poo in her bed. (Never mind the fact that C3 is now sleeping on the top bunk) So I did what any good father would do at 2 am when it is thundering and lightening and C3 is freaking out....I stayed in bed, calmed C3 down while T went to see if Lucy got out of her cage and climbed up to the top bunk.


Desk...Thank You, for giving me a place to set my things on and pretend like I am working.

PETA...Thank You, for putting a stop to Goldfish racing at a Washington State bar. That can get so out of control.

Local Mother and Son...Thank You, for reminding me last night that I do live in the sticks. As your son entered Ingles last night with boxers, no shirt, no shoes, no socks, and a MickeyD's bag.

News Report on Heavier Models....Thank You, for pointing out that Heavier Model may encourage obesity.  Yeah..Never mind McDonald's and other fatty shit.

Gas Prices...Thank You, for allowing me to spend more money. Like I have nothing better to use it on.

Snooki...Thank You, because your short little self is making it possible for trolls to make a comeback.

People Magazine...Thank You, for screwing up another issue of Most Beautiful Person or whatever. J-LO, really..she is the most beautiful woman, blind bastards. I don't think so

People dressed as Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty...Thank You, for standing on street corners and dancing. I knew I wasn't the worst dancer in the state of Ga.

Who would you like to thank?

Kiss the baby



Unknown April 21, 2011 at 12:05 PM   Reply to

I'd like to tank each and every person in Idaho, for giving me something to write about. If you didn't have all the neuroses and quirks you have, I'd have nothing to write about.

Helene April 21, 2011 at 5:03 PM   Reply to

OMG, the one about Snooki almost made me pee in my pants!!! Trolls making a comeback...oh man, that's good!

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