Monday, April 25, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Full of Diapers and Eggs.

Here's to hoping that many bunnies left many pellets in your house this past weekend.  And I also hope that you all had a great Easter Sunday.

Our weekend was fun. It started Friday when the kids were playing and I decided to try out the NEW Zumba dvd's we got in the mail.  Tried and failed.  Lets just say I have no dancing skills and I did the legs, abs and thighs and that was tough too. I will be practicing. Maybe after all this Zumba I can get on Dancing with the Stars Regular Folk.

Saturday was a busy day. We got up and headed to Lowes for the build a project for the kids. We were in a hurry so we just picked up our bird houses and they also gave out Earth Day reusable bags and free baby pine trees to plant. Then we headed East to Decatur for the

(a Guiness World Record event)

I didnt get alot of good video, the women wouldnt let me in the door or it would have messed up the numbers for the record.  So I played with the three older C's. The event was at a jumpy place and oh my mother of a frozen elephant.....That place smelled like ass and urine. Not from the diapers but just from probably ass and urine. But the kids had a blast and I had fun chasing them.

Yesterday was Easter and since T and I were up till 2 am we tried to sleep in a little but the sounds of screaming children woke us up as they found the baskets. Well woke one of us up, the other needed HER rest.  Had some breakfast and then headed out to T's moms house the kids Nana's house for a Easter Party and some Egg hunting.

Then we came home and I finished the soccer goal and we all played some soccer and took a walk.

We had a great weekend and the next few weekends are going to be fun as well.

We are going to the Metro Cooking Show in Atlanta next weekend. And yes you will get your thank you soon enough!!!

The weekend after that Gretta and her Family - The Johns Family are going to be in the Atlanta area, so we are going to meet them for the first time, and maybe the last after they witness how crazy we are.

We are also in the middle of trying to plan a vacation to the beach. We havent done the beach vacation in some time, so T is hunting deals in the Hilton Head Beach, SC. area. If you know any hook us up.

Make sure you go check out the GIVEAWAY page (link up top) for a chance to win something cool.

And my spell check isnt working AGAIN, so have fun reading through my poor english skills.

Kiss the Baby



Gretta April 25, 2011 at 12:50 PM   Reply to

Aww, I love the egg hunt video! C1 & C2 are so stinking fast, little C3 is daintily gathering eggs and poor C4 is just happy to find one! Precious!!

Congrats to T on being part of a Guiness World Record. I read about that on your blog last week & thought it was really cool. However, I bet she was glad to see it end since it was stinky up in there! LOL

We will be finalizing plans for Mother's Day weekend trip this week and will email you when we know more details so we can figure out how to meet during that weekend. We are SO excited!!

Glad you guys had a good Easter weekend!

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