Monday, April 18, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Handy Manny and Lucy.

What a busy weekend.

It seemed like this was nothing but a weekend of building things and taking things apart and rebuilding things. Man it was tough. I felt like Handy Manny all weekend. Talking to my tools and waiting for them to do the job.  Lots of coffee, a little cursing, a little more fussing, a little more frustration, but in the end it was a lot of fun seeing the kids happy.

Friday night while another storm of the century was rolling through, T and I started taking apart the bunk beds that were in C1 and C2's room. It is not easy taking apart Ikea bunk beds while 4 C's are playing around you. After taking this thing apart and moving it, it wasnt any easier putting it together in C3 and C4's room. But C3 and C4 loved having the bunk beds.
Both C3 and C4 love their new beds

Ahhhh. Now Saturday morning is here.  Time to put C1 and C2's new beds together. What a story this is. Bunk beds that can also be twin beds is what we thought we were getting, NOPE. Not even close. After calling and trying to get it right, it just didnt happen. So we went back to plan 1 and got the beds from Sams which is what T wanted in the first place.  So went to Sams to pick up the beds which almost didnt fit in the van but they did.  Now for the fun part. Putting the beds together for two twins, that was not that bad, finding out that they would take up over 3/4 of the room, yeah that sucked.  So T and I had to make them into bunk beds.
These beds are huge, even as bunk beds
but it leaves space in the room.
C1 loves his new bed, with removable ladder

So the beds were done. Wasnt easy, T would have liked to kill me, but I live to be an ass another day.

Time to start the Guinea Pig cage.  Started this Sunday morning and it was not easy either. I must not be smart enough to figure stuff out cause this just didnt seem to go well. I mean it started good, but I just had a hard time.  But with Metal cubes (we already had), some rubber mating (we already had) and zip ties ($5) we now had a cage that would be a great starter home for the new Guinea Pig.
Big, each side has a second story, great hiding places.
The kids really love the new pet and are so excited about
learning and taking care of her.  Yes her, we have a female Guinea Pig and let me introduce you to

Say hi to Lucy

So another weekend flew by so fast. 

The most important thing, everything we did was for the kids and they loved all we did.

The beds and Lucy.

kiss the baby



Gretta April 18, 2011 at 2:10 PM   Reply to

Aww, I love the new bunk beds!! That is awesome. And Lucy is so stinking cute....has she bit yet? Hopefully she will realize the kids are not chew toys...LOL! Way to go Handy Manny on a very successful weekend of building at your survived, T didn't kill you and all C4's are happy...that's a good weekend!

CM April 22, 2011 at 9:16 AM   Reply to

Too funny, we first had that SAME IKEA loft bed! We sold it and bought the bunk beds we now have.

Good job on putting them together. And yes, my DH was a bit grumpy putting them together too :-)

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