Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You must take Quality Swings in Life...Parenting and Baseball

When is parenting like sports?

Well for me it is almost an everyday thing.  I love sports, but I also love parenting.  In fact I love parenting so much that it is something I continue to try and work on. Well the truth is that I need to work on it, so I do.

Well today I am going to tell you how I think parenting and baseball have a lot in common.

Ever have those days when you feel like things just are not going your way?  The kids wont listen to you and they wont do what you ask?  Kids are acting crazy for whatever reason, you know just simply being kids.  Those days where no matter what you do you feel like you cant get a handle on it at all.  I have those days alot. I know it is all because of me and my patience issues. Patience issues...Hmm, kind of the same thing that a batter needs.

Picture a batter standing at the plate, waiting for his pitch, it comes and he swings...and misses.  He swings at everything, hacking away. Never getting a solid hit on the ball. That is the same thing that can happen as a parent to me, you, all of us.  We keep getting these different situations thrown at us by the kids and we keep doing the first thing that comes to mind..which for me is to usually get frustrated and not take the time to handle things like I should, meaning I strike out and everyone is upset.

Take now, the seasoned veteran up at the plate. The one who has learned that with patience comes hits, sometimes even home runs and game saving moments.  He stands at the plate, waiting for the pitch to come to him.  Some are high, some are low and go inside or outside of the swing zone.  What that batter does is use his past experience to let him know that he will get the perfect pitch for him to hit. As a parent we should use our lessons learned to help us have a home run moment with the kids as stuff happens.

Sometimes we will go days, weeks, months having awesome moments with our kids before we stumble and have a not so great moment. Maybe a yell here and a dirty look there. Just like a batter can go games and games with solid hits and performing at an all-star level.  When that hiccup happens and we have that bad day, we should just take a step back and think about what we want to happen. Like a batter stepping out of the batters box to re adjust himself.

So next time the kids throw something at you and you feel like you have just been hit by a pitch and you want to rush the mound and blow it all up....Get up, brush yourself off, take a step back and then after you collect your thoughts, get back into the batters box of parental life and get ready to have the huge hit you have been waiting for.

Who knows, it could be the hit that you and your kids have been waiting for. It might make for a great memory.

Parenting and Baseball.

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Unknown April 6, 2011 at 4:32 PM   Reply to

This is great! Definitely a "stand back and count to 10" kind of thing for sports nuts! Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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