Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Can Handle being this kind of unhappy

I guess I will just never be happy. No matter what happens or how anything goes I am not going to be happy.

Being that for some reason I finally stopped acting like an asshole on the weekends and started having more patience and having a better attitude at home, things have gotten better. We are having more fun, more laughs, more family time.  T and I are getting along better and it is really making a difference.

So why am I so unhappy?

Well before, when the weekends suck because of my bad attitude and assholishness behavior, I would hate coming to back to work because I would miss the kids and T and feel like a jerk from wasting the only time I have with them. I can remember sitting at my desk on Mondays stressing about other bullshit and how the kids probably thought Daddy was a mean person, and it just killed me.

Well now the past month or so that I have the kids say NICE and not naughty, when I come to work on Mondays guess what???

THEY STILL SUCK!  Man, now that the weekends are awesome I still come to work on Mondays sit at my desk and think about all the fun we had. The great things we did. The laughs. The stories.  I wish I was still at home. Chillin' on the couch in the mornings with my coffee and seeing asking the kids how they slept and getting the day started and it all going well. Having fun with T and not fighting.

This long weekend was so awesome. We had fun. We played outside, worked in the yard, watched movies, it was just fun. We even went swimming yesterday for a good long time.

So for me being unhappy on Monday (this week Tuesday) mornings is just something that I will look at as being a good thing.  It is a good thing that we had so much fun and that I am not acting like a jerk and the family is enjoying me being around.

Thank goodness it is a short week.

Kiss the Baby

And me spellchecz is knot wurking again so reed it and make the best cents of it u kan.◦


Friday, May 27, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-27-11...Ready for a long weekend

This Daddy's Blog


Ok, so after yesterdays post on my LOVE-HATE affair with co-sleeping I was determined to get me a good nights sleep..Well that didn't happen. With the storms that came through last night we had no power for several hours. We ALL sat in our bed, well C1 layered 6 pillows on the floor and found a spot down there. T and I played Words With Friends and messed on our phones until midnight, we were about to go to sleep. I took my place in C3 and C4's lower bunk and then the power came on. So I then said I would move the kids back to their beds and hit my own pillow....

So after all that..I slept like shit. So the co-sleeping problem I was talking about..yeah its all in my head. My sleep problems are my own.

T got home last night and confirmed that the rain we got which was alot filled up our rain barrel. So it makes me happy to know that I will not be returning it.

C2 who turned 6 in March lost his first tooth this morning. I bet he is excited to get his very first visit from the tooth fairy.
Now our family tooth fairy has done different things in the past.
What does your family tooth fairy do?

Well I am ready for a nice long weekend.

Not sure what the hell I am going to be doing, but I am ready to be at home with T and the C's.

So enjoy your weekend


Kiss the Baby



Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Love / Hate Relationship with C-Sleeping and Thank You Note Thursday

There are some things in my seven years of being a parent that I have learned to live with and accept and even grown to love.  Pee pee on the seat, poo left in the toilet, legos on the floor waiting to be stepped on, books with torn pages...these are just a few.  One of the things that I have had a LOVE/HATE relationship with as far as being a dad is

CO-SLEEPING!  Now I have had my ups and downs with Co-Sleeping.  I love the fact that when we had C1, he was with us and since T breastfed, no one had to get up and go get him and we, well I could sleep through the night.  Add more C's and it gets more crowded and add more C's and then some move on to their own rooms and then another C and one more exits and then the 4th and final C comes and we are still currently a Co-Sleeping family.

Before you all start your shit about the benefits and everything of Co-Sleeping, I KNOW I KNOW, I don't have a problem with it.  I am all for Co-Sleeping.  But recently here, I am turning into a messed up, bitter tired self proclaimed non good sleeping asshole. Let me start my own pitty party like this...

I get my fat ass up anywhere from 4am to 5am to head to the gym. (MY Choice) By doing that, it means that I am tired at night.  I usually try to make sure I can fall asleep by midnight.  T and I start with C4 in the middle of us. Head at the headboard and feet toward the footboard.  By the middle of the night the three of us look like the letter H. C4 digging his head under my ribs and feet on T (she doesn't give a shit).  Or I have his nails digging into my arm and giving me a new tattoo.

Then we have one child that makes his way into our bed. C2. He loves to lay with his head near the footboard which mean his feet are...guessed it yet...IN MY FACE!  And with him being our thickest, most full muscled heavy ass kid, he is not easy to move over in a dead sleep. And when he lays right on my legs he makes the covers all tight and then my thighs are squeezed together and my balls are all smashed.

So after all my beeeotching and moaning, I know what T is going to say....Go to the couch, go to the bottom bunk in C3 and C4's room, go to the basement, sleep outside with Laila for all I care...I know how she is. I cry about something so small and all I have to do is solve the problem.  And he is the other thing too before my better half chimes in and talks about how I fall asleep so fast and snore till the blinds rattle, takes me time to fall back asleep after I wake, so when I am head butted or having skin ripped off my ribs by C4 like I am a Thanksgiving turkey, it takes me time to fall back asleep.

Now I am left with a decision to make. Do I move to another room and try and get some good sleep since I am making my own self sacrifice to get up early for the gym or do I take the beating by C4, and continue to have my balls smashed by C2 who turns my legs into vice grips every night that he comes to our bed?

I guess stay tuned....But understand, I am just having one of my man periods and I will get over it soon. I really do love the co-sleeping (most of the time).

Now get ready for some 
Thank You Note Thursday

John Parker...Thank You, for allowing me to show your own city of Forest Park, Ga. just how much of an asshole you are. (in my opinion)

Arnold...Thank You, for showing us all that no matter how small your balls are (from steroids) you can still stick and move..(on) that is.

Kris Humphries...Thank You, for getting engaged to Kimmy Kardashian. You have now given every tall ugly dude across the world hope that they too can score a hot chick like you

Kris Humphries...Thank You, you get two TYN's..You have scored more with Kimmy K, than you have in your whole NBA career.

That's all for today, enjoy and see you tomorrow.

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Dont Kiss and Tell....But T does! Tells me I suck at it!!!

12 years and I was never told this before!  We have been together for this long and you just tell me this NOW? 

The other night, I was told that I am not a...ok..Are you ready for this...

A good kisser.  Boooo Boooo...the crowd Booo's me. Well T Booo'd me and that was enough.

She told me that I am a sloppy kisser. Slobbering all over her and licking her whole face and basically drowning her like I was a washcloth.

And then she tells me something that actually wasn't a surprise...She told me she was not a kisser. She doesn't like kisses....Well from me that is.  Maybe that is because I am using my tongue on her face like windshield wipers on a car?  Could that be it.?????

Well after this statement of telling me I get F grade in the kissing dept. she tries to show me how I should kiss her....then it happens...

I start to....

Laugh.  More Booooo's

She kept trying to show me how she wanted me to kiss her and I kept laughing as I closed in on the deal.

So, I better start practicing...Umm, no wait. That doesn't sound right.  Well whatever, so I don't kiss good. I guess I do something good, she is still married to me...she still loves me...she even likes me.

Plus now I have a great excuse to kiss her more often, like that was ever a problem.

Guess what honey....kisses coming your way, all day every day and I wont even ask for one in return.

And that leaves me with this thought, I am wondering what she is going to tell me next?

She doesn't like my.....  She doesn't like the way I.......  Hmmmmmm. Better get my game in check.

Does your significant other tell you that you are not good at something? What?

Kiss the T
Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting up top and ending down below. Whats it gonna be..Surfer dude or Mr. Speedo?

As yesterday came to an end, and by an end I mean me getting ready to go to sleep, I had a feeling of satisfaction and yet a feeling of needing or wanting to do something more with myself. And not like that you sicko's I am talking about the Forest Park Breastfeeding battle.

I was thinking that for me personally, it all started with a call to the jolly ol litte fat man John Parker the City Manager of Forest Park. A man who gives true meaning to Good Ol Boy Redneck.  I kept my cool with him even as he laughed at me over the phone numerous times about why I was making a big deal out of this breastfeeding issue.

Then a few blog post later and a bunch of other men and women getting involved and a Nurse In being set up, John Parker had no chance. All he could do is buckle and SAY that the City will change the law.  That remains to be seen and I know plenty will have their eyes on it to make sure it happens.

It feels good to think that all the pressure made a difference.  It is also a good feeling that T and the 4 C's went down yesterday and took part in something that brought together people from all over.  Mothers, daughters, sons, fathers and just anyone who KNEW that what Forest Park was doing was wrong.

The kids, they had a good time playing with other kids. T met some great people. It is always good to meet new people. You never know who you will come across. You may meet someone or a family that will put a smile on your face.  Good things can happen and you can learn from others.

Back to normal now,

Other than that, I have taken (gulp) four un-excused days off from the gym. I usually go every Monday thru Friday from 5:30am to 7am. I have skipped last Thurs, Fri and yesterday and today. But that all ends tomorrow morning. I will, yes I say I WILL be back for the 5am Wednesday Spin Class and then hit the weights for the workout. I am going to hit it with a new mindset....hard, hard, hard!!!!

So T doesn't like my current swimming attire. She says that they are too bug and that they fall off and show my butt crack. To that I say, 1) I have NO butt  2) They fit fine 3) We swim by ourselves.  So I am either going to buy a new one that fits that she likes or I am going to go old school and just wear a pair of boxer briefs under them. OR, I am will go all Michael Phelps on her. Ohhhh Yeah.

So I can either go like this and look hot for T

I can go all old school BayWatch and rock
the shorty shorts

Or I can sport the Speedo. Show off the bod a little

Stay tuned



Kiss the Baby



Monday, May 23, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Spending it all outside...and Frying too.

What a HOT HOT weekend it was.

We worked in the yard all weekend long. The kids played in the sprinkler and T and I worked in the yard. We busted our ass all weekend long. Outside pretty much all day and then at night being so tired. And oh yeah. I am so burnt. Oh well.

Saturday night after working in the yard we made another night trip to the Home Depot and got more stuff for the back yard. We are working hard to make our back yard more family friendly. Garden with veggies and some other plants around, going to hang some lights move the fire pit back, that way we can sit back there at night and get tore up by bugs.

Saturday night, I got my man crush on as T and I watched Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake so so funny. And Lady Ga Ga, although I am not a fan of her, she was funny in her skits too.

Sunday was more of the same. Working in the yard, kids playing. Me trying my best not to throw a major meltdown temper tantrum as I torn down our gutter while trying to add a rain barrel to the side of the house. That thing better work or it is going back to Home Depot!!!

T's Mom came over and T cooked a great batch of Lasanga. I was suppose to cook it for us, that is the one meal T loves for me to cook, but busy working in the backyard and taking C1 and C2 to play tennis, ran me over the time and I had to bail on dinner plans. She made it so good and cheesy.

T made a poster last night and got stuff ready for the Nurse In Breastfeeding Ban Rally today in Forest Park, Ga.  She and the C's went down along with what is suppose to be hundreds of women and their children and some husbands to show support against the Crazy Law Ordinance say women cant breastfeed in public if the child is over the age of 2.  I am glad that this is happening today and I hope that it makes a difference.  I really do.  A funny side note, when T was making her sign last night I kept telling her she spelled OBSCENE wrong, it was suppose to be OBSEEN. I was trying to sell her so hard that she spelled it wrong, she didn't buy it, but did tell me that on the FIRST sign, she misspelled Breast by putting Brest. We laughed so hard.

Another thing about the Nurse In, it would be so easy for T to say, umm, its far, the pool, too much to do, but she woke up early and got the C's up and out the door and went there to support something that she believes in. Awesome honey and she is getting to meet great people at the same time.

And to finish it off, I was not a jerk this weekend for the 2nd weekend in a row. May not seem like a big deal, but I have a huge problem with patience and I work on that all the time, so to not be an ass or jerk to the C's or T is a success for me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

Kiss the Baby



Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-20-2010 Getting back to my old goofy self

This Daddy's Blog

(If you are new here, F-F-T is where I empty my brain and make room for new thoughts to move in)

Well well well. What a week it has been. I started the week on a roll by not being such a jerk at home for the whole weekend last weekend and I rolled myself right into a Primetime battle between the Shitty City of Forest Park (John Parker) and Breastfeeding Moms across the state and country and even the WORLD.
I feel like I have done a great job helping to spread the news about what is happening in Forest Park. T last night told me I should be proud of myself...but you know, its hard to be proud when you are just fighting against something that is so wrong in the first place.  You know, I will be proud when my C's are older and they understand what I went to bat for and my daughter is breastfeeding and knows I support her 100%!!

Now to try and get back to my normal way of being crazy and goofy and blogging about things that will make you laugh, cry, wonder what I am talking about and for sure make you say hmmmm.

Ok, so on Monday in Forest Park there will be a Nurse In, well John Parker, you will have your chance to see hundreds of boobs. Ok, so not really but im sure that is what he is thinking. So with this going down on Monday, I thought of a movie that seems to go along with the moment.

Cloudy with a chance of Boobs - Boobs falling out of the sky sending John Parker and the rest of the crooked City Council screaming and running for cover as the world is coming to an end. (Movie was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

I have gotten the chance to email, comment and tweet with some great people over this breastfeeding thing and I am excited that T will be able to meet some of them on Monday.

We are a cloth diapering family. Well T is a cloth diapering mom, i should say. I mess with them if they need to be stuffed or have pee in them. But I do not change shitty diapers. Best believe it.  But for some sick reason I do take them outside and clean them and last night I had to clean one that smelled like DEATH.

Once again, I am going to be sitting in the tub shaving and mangrooming myself. Getting T to shave my back and get me looking all good. Like Maks from Dancing with the Stars. That is who I really look like to be honest with you. Why does body hair have to grow so flippin fast? I really need to hire my own personal waxer.

I need help with something. In our bathroom we have the double sinks. I have one and T has one. Which means T has both really. But why for the love of god does my sink have to be the one that hold the nasty, shitty, filthy, deathsmelling cloth diapers until I get home and clean them. Not to mention the other thing that gets put in there, which I wont name...honey!

This Words With Firends game is driving me nuts. I cant beat anyone. I hereby change the name of the game to Words With People I Cant Beat!

Lego's..Still the hit in our house. Still the pain in my foot when I step on them. At least I dont wake up with any in my ass from being left in the bed. That would suck.

I took yesterday and today off from the gym, to let my body recover a little and most of all to try and stay up a little later at night with T. My body is recovered but damn, I still found it hard to stay up with the wife. But we have the weekend and I will be staying up with her then.

I am so ready to spend some time with the family this weekend. Play with the kids. Get on the wifes nerves. And so much more.

So to all of you out there

Kiss the Baby


Everything said about John Parker are opinions of my own


Thursday, May 19, 2011

My email conversation with City Council Woman Karen-Brandee Williams..from #Forest Park, Ga.

Man, so the City of Forest Park City Council against Breastfeeding children over 2 just got a bit more interesting.  I know I am not the only one sending out emails and calling news stations and faxing letters so I know this is all making a difference and I hope I am helping with what I am doing.  And let me say again I have read some comments from others about breastfeeding that have really pissed me off, but since I am a male, I feel like I can only go so hard back at people, now if I was a woman, ohh boy. Watch out. 
So one of the Forest Park City Council memebers has been so kind to email alot of us back. Before I had no idea of who this woman was by name.  So let me break this down for you. She is in full support of the issue for letting moms breastfeed.  Here is the email she sent me a little while ago.

Hi Scott,
In regards to the Breastfeeding/Nudity Ordinance, here's my feedback:
I share your concerns [this was very heart felt] as well as other things that was presented in this ordinance, that is why I decided to Abstain from voting on this amendment. There are some laws that talks modestly about breast feeding rules, per se; nevertheless, Balance is essential! I often ask questions, not just for myself, but to hopefully empower the citizens in our city to also begin to make a stand for their rights to inquire, hold their elected officials accountable and to demand that their local government are open, transparent and fair. Eventhough it is not always easy to make the right decisions on everything, it is easy to listen and consider the opinions and facts from the citizens. I have often asked the council members to not be so quick to vote on every issue, but to take some time and get together and discuss future decision, but to no avail.
This is what I have always tried to stand up against, but in voting, I am only one vote and 3 is the majority to pass anything in this city that the city manager John Parker and others in his 'political' network, want to happen.
I am tired of the political attacks on people, businesses, etc and I feel that the war should focus on that area and not to bring others into it who will suffer or get isolated involuntarily! Too much tax payers dollars are being spent on lawsuits, because our government do not know how to communicate, rationalize, reason and mediate on issues, but they want to attack. This should not be!
I know first hand of how our city government treat people with discrimination [being partially disable myself and having undergone so many attacks from them] and fight against those who are not in their "network." I will continue to make a stand for what is right, vote against or abstain on issues I feel is not all inclusive and I will continue trying to build open and transparency in our local government. They want me out, but I will maintain my standards until my term is over!
I pray that the governing body will revised their decision on this amendment
Keep our city government in your prayers!
Your comments are very valuable...
Council Karen-Brandee Williams
Ward 2

Sorry I know this was alot to read but I wanted everyone to have the info.

 Kiss the Baby



The Great Breastfeeding Battle of 2011 against The City of Forest Park..Day 3

Day 1New Law in Forest Park says it will limit Breastfeeding
Day 2Continue the Fight against Forest Park

Day Number 3 of trying to get the Mayor of Forest Park, Ga. Corine Deyton on the phone. (404-366-4720) The first day I was told by her secretary "Oh she will for sure call you back" and he I am calling this morning on my third day and she of course wasnt in the office.  Right, not in the office for 3 days straight. The Mayor?  Im not calling the Mayor of New York, where big things happen everyday, Im calling Forest Park, Ga.

Maybe the Mayor is at a ground breaking ceremony for the opening of a new Waffle House or something..who knows?

I am so happy to announce that there is going to be a NURSE IN in the City of Forest Park on Monday the 23rd from 10am to 12pm. (I believe the time is correct).  This is going to be a mass group of mothers all whipping out boobs (rolling my eyes) and getting nude (more eye rolls) and feeding their children.  This is going to be awesome.

Now I am married to T the woman that is over at the woman who is @_Mycrazy4 on Twitter and she is on many other Natural Parenting sites and things like that.  For those of you that dont know her or have had the pleasure to speak with her, blog with her, tweet with her or whatever....She is hmmmm..lets see...A strong, independant woman and she is very opinionated and never bites her tongue....

City of Forest Park, let me say this to you...You have no idea what is coming your way on Monday.  I am 100% sure that my wife T is not going to be the only woman there that has the qualities I listed above.  John Parker, were you ever in an arguement with a girl when you were in high school and then all of a sudden all of her friends got involved and you had a group of girls mad at you?  Multiply that by Mega Millions. I know you are not the only one that voted on this or even made it into an issue...but guess what?  Your the City Manager, your the one that laughed in my face over the phone and you got it coming.

Women are passionate about their kids Forest Park, just ask around. Ask your employees, ask your citizens, ask YOUR families. Woman care about their kids, that is why they are given the ability to birth them and nurture them. They care more than anything. I never knew how crazy some of these women are that are involved in the Natural Parenting Circle. And when I say Crazy, I mean Passionate, like Crazy Passionate, very involved, stick up strongly for what they believe is the best NAUTRAL way to raise children. Not Crazy like, Lady Gag Gag or anything. A good Crazy.

Last thing..Mothers, do this. Next time you see another mom nursing her child in public, tell her how proud you are of her and thank her for being part of a huge of mothers that care about providing the best for their kids no matter where and when.  Guys cant do that, it would be weird.

You still have four days to make your plans to get to the City of Forest Park for the Nurse In.
Nurse In Page and Information

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey Moms....Fight for your right to Breastfeed your children in Forest Park, Ga.

Yesterday I posted about the new law that the City of Forest Park is putting into place and how it is just so wrong and the response I got from City Manager John Parker was even worse.

Here is the link to yesterdays post

I never thought I would get so many awesome comments on the post yesterday. I really appreciate everyone taking time to let their feelings be known.

So I never heard back from Forest Park Mayor Corine Deyton after leaving her a message yesterday so I called and left another message this morning.

I also printed the letter, and blog post and comments and faxed them to the different local news stations in Atlanta and also to Forest Park City Hall.

My wife T did a post yesterday about the different stats in the City of Forest Park in relation to crime and other stuff and Forest Park is worried about moms breastfeeding two year olds?

I cant begin to tell you that I am so impressed that this has gotten such a huge response by so many different moms, groups, forums, even dads and other male bloggers are leaving me comments and leaving comments at different places.

I am not a fan of facebook, in fact the only reason I go on facebook is to use a fake profile for work.
I did see that there are Nurse In's being formed and Petitions being set up all over the place.

Here is a Petition for people to sign

Facebook Page for Nurse In

I will add more as the day goes on and my wife gets me more info too.  If you have something you want me to add to the blog, like a link or post.

So many things just make me shake my head over this whole issue with the City of Forest Park.  The City Council looks to be made up of mostly women.  Don't women care about women's rights?  John Parker even told me his wife breastfed, I wonder what she thinks of all of this.

One of the readers who left a comment yesterday got this email back from an employee of the City of Forest Park, look at this
"I share your concerns as well as other things that was presented in this ordinance, that is why I decided to Abstain from voting on this amendment. I often ask questions, not just for myself, but to hopefully empower the citizens in our city to also begin to make a stand for their rights to inquire, hold their elected officials accountable and to demand that their local government are open, transparent and fair. Even though it is not always easy to make the right decisions on everything, it is easy to listen and consider the opinions and facts from the citizens.
I am tired of the political attacks on people, businesses, etc and I feel that the war should focus on that area and not to bring others into it who will suffer or get isolated involuntarily! Too much tax payers dollars are being spent on lawsuits, because our government do not know how to communicate, rationalize, reason and mediate on issues, but they want to attack. This should not be!
This is what I have always tried to stand up against, but in voting, I am only one vote and 3 is the majority to pass anything in this city that the city manager John Parker and others in his 'political' network, want to happen.
Keep our city government in your prayers!"

This right here shows that the City of Forest Park has NO idea of what is best for it citizens.  Why on earth would you add verbage to a law that says you cannot breastfeed a child over 24 months? I am curious on how many moms in that City actually breastfeed?  I am curious to find out the reason why someone would see this as such a problem that they would have to add to a law and vote on it.

It makes no sense.

So once again, I am going to hammer the City of Forest Park, the fax lines, the phone lines, the local new stations with the different posts, comments and links and whatever I can do to make a difference, a positive one.

I have many reasons for doing what I am doing.
I would like to think that I am doing it for reasons that will make it ok for a woman to breastfeed in public without getting nasty looks and disrespectful things being mumbled under someones breath.

Another is that I knew nothing about breastfeeding before getting married and having children. Since then I have come to find that not only is it what I believe the best thing for a child but also a great way for a mom to bond with the child.

Also for the people who like to use the excuse that breastfeeding is looked at as a sexual thing (Nudity), come on people. I am a man, 100% man. I joke alot on my blog and twitter about sex and other stuff along those lines and I have NEVER seen or thought of breastfeeding in a sexual way.

As a man, I also understand that the Womens Rights Issue comes into play here. Why would anyone try to limit and tell a woman, a mom, what she can and cant do when it comes to taking care of her child.

I also want my kids to know that their daddy stood up for something he believed in. That I wasn't all talk and no action. I want my wife T to know that no matter how much of a jerk I may be at times, no matter how impatient I am a lot of the time, I support her in her decision to be a strong woman and do what is best for our kids.

Kiss the Baby


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Law says Breastfeeding in Public is Nudity..

I never claim to know anything or everything about Breastfeeding.  I am just a well informed man, husband and father that supports his wife and children.  My wife T is the well studied and knowledgeable one about breastfeeding and the positive effects it has on a mother and a child.  She actually is the one that reads and learns about all of this.

Last night the local news, WSBtv and FOX5 ran stories about the City of Forest Park, Ga. passing a NEW LAW that will limit breastfeeding.

On Monday night, Forest Park passed a public indecency ordinance to prevent public nudity. Previously, the city only had a public indecency ordinance that covered adult entertainment businesses.

According to the law, no woman can breast feed anyone older than 2 years old in public. City manager John Parker called the law a proactive step.

“It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city," Parker said.

T and I were so shocked and pissed lat night when we saw this. We couldn't believe it. So lets look at this statement and break it down.

Public indecency refers to conduct undertaken in a non-private or (in some jurisdictions) publicly-viewable location, which are deemed indecent in nature, such as indecent exposure and intercourse or m-word in public view. Such activity is often illegal. The legal definition in a given location may not specify all activities that would be covered.

They passed this new law to prevent public nudity.  Since when did breastfeeding become nudity?  A woman when breastfeeding is not showing anything more than a woman or a young adult might show when wearing a tank top, a low cut business shirt, blouse or whatever you want to call the tops that women wear.  Young women and older women show more chest when dressing to go to a club than women breastfeeding do.  I have seen plenty of women breastfeeding before and never have I once thought "WOW look at that boob!" So to the nudity point...Shot down!

Previously the City of Forest Park, Ga. only had a Indecency Ordinance that covered Adult Entertainment businesses. So lets just throw breastfeeding in the same category as Adult Entertainment.  Really, cause being entertained is the first thing that comes to mind when my wife or someone else is breastfeeding a child.  Right!

Lets skip to number 3 sentence and talk about City Manager John Parker says its a means of "Trying to control nudity throughout the entire city of Forest Park, Ga.". So by making a law that says you cant breastfeed in public you are controlling nudity?  Really Mr. Parker. What about the Hookers that walk your streets. What about the women that dress so skimpy that you can see panties and boobs hanging out of shirts?  Are they OK to walk around your city?

I did something that I have never done before this morning and I honestly am not sure if I stepped out of my boundaries or not, but I believe in this because of the great positive effects that I have seen on my children and how awesome my wife feels by doing this wonderful thing for our kids.

I called the Mayors office in Forest Park, Ga.  I got City Manager John Parker on the phone. Yes, I did. I told him I was outraged that this is being done and how could they and then he just started....Laughing at me. I promise he laughed at me.  Wondered why I was making a big deal about this and that it was the media making this a story when there are other things in the law.  No woman can breastfeed any child over the age of 2 in public. My son is almost 2 and still breastfeeds. So if we wanted to go to Forest Park, Ga. T wouldn't let him eat that way if he wanted. John Parkers words to me this morning were "We don't want children that can walk around to be breastfeeding in public." WOW. What a crazy thing to say.

I asked him what would I need to do to turn this thing around. He told me to do whatever I wanted to do, I was going to anyways.  In order to overturn the vote before the 30 days is up, letters need to be written to him so he can present them to the City Council. He just seemed to not care. I even asked him about what his wife thought and if she still breastfed would he see it differently and he told me "Its her decision and it doesn't matter to me."  I asked him if he would rather every woman just give the kids formula and he laughed and said "Whatever they decide".  Bet your wife is so proud of you today John Parker. Bet you wouldn't say this stuff to her that you are saying to me!

I also asked him about other problems like schools and drugs and crime and he just kept laughing at me wondering why people make such a big deal about this and they can go feed their babies or kids somewhere just not in public. My response to him was, why don't you make the other people go eat elsewhere.

These are just a bunch of IGNORANT people that are thinking that breastfeeding is nudity. I am going to do what I can to turn this into a positive thing instead of a negative.  Women breastfeeding is natural, it soothes the child. Not to mention all of the helpful things a mother is doing for the baby. I could go on and on and on, but I am going to leave it at this and I will continue to inform on twitter and I am sending letters to him and here is the address if you want to do the same....

City of Forest Park
c/o City Manager John Parker
745 Forest Parkway
Forest Park, Ga. 30297

If there is one thing I do know, I love the fact that my children are breastfed and I am happy that T made that choice. We are better off as a family for that reason. I will support breastfeeding in any way, shape or form that I have to or can. 
Breast is Best when done in Public 

Kiss the Baby after they eat in public




Monday, May 16, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Was Daddy Naughty or Nice?

Why is it the weekends that I don't act like an ass go by so fast?  It seems like this weekend went by so much faster than any other.

I cant decide what is more sad.  The fact that the kids have to answer this question when T goes somewhere..."Was Daddy Naughty or Nice?"  or  That T actually ask the C's that question in the first place?

At least the answer was NICE!  I was NICE all weekend long. To the C's, to T, even to Laila and Leo and Roscar.

Saturday we just hung around the house and played outside.  C1 and C2 beat me in a game of basketball. Then later that night we all went to The Home Depot and bought some stuff for our veggie garden. Then the kids got to have a little piece of cookie cake and watch a movie while T and I watch "No Strings Attached" which I thought was funny and T, well she didn't.

Yesterday, the day started out with what I thought was going to be a for sure problem.  Lets see, first I started my yard work early to get it done, and I had the worst time trying to get the damn weed eater to work. I have the worst luck with weed eaters and it is practically new.  Then after doing that it was time to mow.  Well T likes to cut the grass on the riding mower, and doesn't like to see if it has gas or not first.  So I did was any good smart dumb ass husband would do....I hid the key.

Problem was come Sunday morning, I couldn't find it. Looked high and low and such a good job of hiding it, I couldn't even find it myself.  Well I finally found it and got the yard done and then went went out to get the rest of the stuff for the veggie garden.

So the garden is almost done. I planted all the veggies and all that is left are the Marigolds or Marry or whatever kinds of Golds they are.

The funniest part of buying all the garden stuff was when T picked up some Moo Poo Neur or whatever, the kids didn't like smelling that. Then they kept asking if we had poo poo. Then yesterday asking if I was in the poo poo.  So kids when you read this later in life, just know you ate veggie grown in poo poo.

So that is it.

Kiss the Baby


Friday, May 13, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-13-11...ohhh the 13th. Short and Sweet

This Daddy's Blog


Well blogger is back and probably not better than ever, but just the same.  My Thank You Note Thursday is gone but I did do it yesterday.....I promise.

So the whole blogger thing being broken and down really messed up alot of people and the blogs. It actually made mine better...cant you tell.

That was a joke!

Its Friday the 13th.  Umm. yeah so what. I dont believe in the mess about this being a bad luck day or whatever.  Bring it on!

I need to make me a list of "Honey Do's" and "Honey Dont's" for the weekend.
I know there will be stuff on it. Lots of stuff, but for some reason if I have a list I work harder,

So. I had a mini meltdown the other night.
Over what you ask?
I need socks!

I got over my man-period this morning and made it back to the gym.
I had a great workout.

Wanna hear some great news.  We had something happen that has not happened in maybe a year or so.
We got streetlights in our subdivision!
Yes, we did.

I am aready to have some fun this weekend with the C's.

Thats it for today.

Have a great weekend

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...A little love to the Apps.

We are at that time of the year again.

The C's are back at the pool, and a few of them are doing swimming lessons.  The C's love the water.  All of the C's tan very easy and get dark, very quickly...Which mean I by the weekend am going to look like I was adopted. Well at least C1, who has lighter skin will look like he belongs to me. I swear to you T, C2(by a long shot) C3 and C4 all get so very very dark. I mean so dark it is crazy. Just means, I need to get myself outside and do some yardwork and get some sun.

I have skipped my second day of the gym this week, and I get so mad at myself for it. I am having my man-period I guess. I just feel like all this work I am doing at the gym is not paying off.  I am not losing as much as I wanted to and I am not getting bigger in certain areas like I wanted to.  I know I cant rush it, but it still sucks to get up at 5 am and (4 am for spin class on Wednesday) go workout everyday and not see that much of a difference. T is probably shaking her head at me right now but, she knows how I am and that is just the way it is.  I will be back in the gym tomorrow and finish up the week with a good workout, it is hard for me to miss two days in a row. Just need to get back at it and quit my crying.

And after that man-period soul searching sob story, I now give you....

Thank You Note Thursday

Words With Friends Game...Thank You, I never knew I could get so pissed at a game when someone spells a word that is 2 letters long.

LA Lakers...Thank You, well actually T thanks you for getting swept by the Mavs. Now she wont have to hear me oooo and ahhhh over Kobe.

Certain person moving into my office...Thank You, for ruining my everyday as of this moment.

Calorie Counter App...Thank You, for making it clear just how much shit I actually eat.

Danny my neighbor...Thank You, for making me look like I had no idea of how to do a garden.  In which I really had no idea of what I was doing.  Seriously..Thanks.

Kiss the Baby 




Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...with words.....Trophy Kids

(with words)

I love kids sports.

I think it is great that kids get trophies when they are young, it helps motivate the kids, and lets them know they did all that hard work for something along with having fun at the same time.

C2 who has played two previous seasons of soccer so he is no stranger to getting trophies

The kids got very nice trophies

C3 who played her first season of soccer did great and she loved it.
She was so excited to get her
She was so tired from swimming all day
but she still let me take her
mugshot picture
She got a trophy that even had a girl wit a ponytail.

Until Next Season

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Judging a Book by it's cover at our "Way Too Early" Soccer Party

How many time to do we tell ourselves and our children and even other friends that looks can be deceiving and not to judge a book by its cover. I'm sure there are a million more but I am going to stick with those.

So at our way to early soccer trophy party (10:30am...kidding about the way too early) T and I found ourselves learning this lesson. Not that we thought this family was a bad family or anything, we just didn't know that they were like the are, meaning ummm like us, you know the weird family.

By us being the weird family, let me clear that up, not the weird family like the family from "Honey I shrunk the kids" but the weird family that just does stuff that is not in the norm. The conversation with this mom of one of the kids on C2 and C3's soccer team started when she was mentioning that her older son wanted a new cell phone since his was taken and I laughed and asked how old he was and then the flood gates opened. Good flood gates.

She started telling me about wanting to home school and how they don't let their kids play up and down the street and they are only allowed in the backyard, and cant spend the night at friends house's.  There was so much more.  But what was funny was the political conversation we all had and how we agreed on things. In our area of where we live it is so hard core the opposite of what T and I think and we usually in the minority of what we believe in. It was funny, I have never thought that they were Obama supporters like we are.

She was telling us how protective they are of the kids and she doesnt care what anyone else says about it she wants her kids to stay as young and innocent as long as they can. They dont see it as "sheltering your children" when others might. Kind of the same way T and I are.  A Disney movie, even though it may be a cartoon movie, if it is PG, the C's are not watching it.  Guns, we dont allow the C's to play with guns, even one that come with legos. Just not happening. Doesnt matter that I did, or whoever or whatever. They are not doing it.

My point to all of this is that at first glance, T and I thought this family was so different than what they actually are. The husband looks like a rocker, yet the wife tells us he is the most laid back person and cleanest cut guy you will find. He is more protective of the kids than she is. She looks like she might be stuck up but she isn't, she is very nice. She and T got along well during the soccer season. 

So where T and I might have thought that the girl on C2 and C3's soccer team had these rockin parents, well they turned out to be quite nice. The two sons are very nice, and the daughter who was on the team is nice also. They all played together at the soccer party that was way too early.

Along with C2 and C3 having a good fun year of soccer and getting nice trophies out of it, I feel like T and I were able to meet some nice parents for us to hang with and some nice kids for the C's to play with in the future.  Remember, you may not be getting the whole story by just looking at someone and judging them by what they look like or how they act or come off as at first.  T and I laughed about it all weekend, that we couldnt believe that this family was so different than what we first thought, they are the weird family, but wait so are we!

A good lesson to remember as a adult and to teach your kids.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, May 9, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Mothers Day....Can I get a little help please???!!!

Ahhhh, in my house you can always tell it is the day after Mothers Day.

As she woke and put on her glasses and walked into the kitchen and grabbed her coffee, I head the words that I knew would doom my day...

"Daddy is playing Mommy today"

I wet my shorts, the C's got a look of concern, and even Roscar the Oscar, swam in his tank trying to avoid what would for sure be a doom and gloom day.

I am not close to T's level of some of the duties of running the house.  But when I heard those words  Igot to work.

Breakfast it was.  Eggs, bacon, biscuits and milk for the kids and T finished off her bowl of potato salad that she made homemade the night before.

I started some laundry. Made the bed, folded and hung some clothes that were done and put a 23 month old back in timeout about 20 times before he stopped laughing at me and sat there.  Ahhhh, it was Mothers Day and I was in control......hardly.

I would love to be awesome enough to be able to handle everything to where T could do what she wanted, coupons, internet, hairbows, sleep, do whatever. I know she loves being around the kids, so I dont mean doing anything that takes that part of the day away but let me invite you into our house as it was yesterday.....

After breakfast it was going so smooth, we were outside playing frisbee and playing in the water. The All American Sunday Mothers Day being spent outside.

My great neighbor who has the garden from the heavens came over to help show tell DO my garden for me. I asked him a few questions the next thing I know he is in my backyard laughing at me and basically tilling my land by hand and pitchfork for us. I looked like the biggest dumbass. But he is awesome and Danny is a great neighbor.

Yeah, me finding rocks. That was my job

As Danny and I were outside playing Garden, T who was suppose to be enjoying a carefree day (yeah right) had to go rescue our kids bathroom as one of the C's flooded the toilet and the bathroom and had water leak downstairs. 

She also did some laundry herself. She cleaned up C's and then we finally got to relax and sit on the couch for a bit to finish watching the "Little Fockers" which we both thought was funny.

I was making dinner last night which was gonna be Beer Butt Chicken and salad a nice light dinner and while we were finishing the movie, the chicken decided to try and fly away and got drunk off the beer and got just a litte lot fried burnt crisp black on the outside. But after peeling the blackened skin away from the bird, it actually tasted very good. I got a lesson in what kind of salad the C's liked. It was the opposite of what I made.  And then we (Me and the C's) made brownies and waited for Mommy to get back from the spa grocery store and we sang to her and let her blow a candle out in her brownie.

We ended Mothers Day by watching the Amazing Race finale while the two younger C's acted like crazed monkeys.

So as I got thrust into the starting lineup on Sunday, it didnt take long for me to wave my hand and get the regular starter back in the game...

At least she didnt curse me out to my face yesterday for being so clueless on how to do stuff....And she didnt even make me change a shitty diaper.  How cool is she!!!!

Kiss the Baby




Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to the Three Mothers in my Life

I would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day
to a woman who I believe is the best of the best of the best
and I could never ask for a more awesome
person to be the Mommy of our 4 C's.
You have always made sure that the kids are put first no matter what.  You are the true definition of what a Mommy should be.  You are often copied but you can never be duplicated. You cant be stopped and hardly contained.
When it comes to Mom's, well..all I can say is that you are one of a kind.
I Love You
Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
to my Mom.
You are wonderful and you gave so much of yourself to make sure that I was taken care of.  I appreciate everything you have ever done for me.
You have been a great mom for 38 years
I am glad that I was an only child so I didn't have to share you.
Happy Mothers Day Mom
I love You.

Happy Mothers Day
to my Mother in Law
You are more than just a In Law.
Alot of men dont like their Mother in Laws
but I could have not married a woman who came from a better Mother.
Thank You for raising T right and turning her into a Mommie that others
look up to.

Kiss the Baby
and the Moms



Friday, May 6, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-6-11....Enjoy every moment

This Daddy's Blog


For those of you that don't know or those of you that need to be reminded, Fridays Final Thoughts (F-F-T) is something I came up with when I first started my blog as a way to recap my thoughts for the week, get some things off my chest or just let you all know what is bouncing off the walls of my brain.

Being the moron that I am, I often forget how lucky I am to have kids and that I get to see them at all.  I think I have gone away from the full-time asshole dad that I used to be but I still have moments where I don't appreciate what I have.

I left work early yesterday in order to go coach C2 and C3's last soccer game.  I left a little after 4 and the game was at 6pm.  This is a normal time for a dad to be home with his wife and kids. The 9 to 5 job is almost gone, but being home around 6pm is still great.  I usually don't get home till 9pm. That gives me a hour or so with the kids and in that time we have snack, story time, we brush teeth and just talk about the day.

Being home during daylight hours and then after the game getting to go home and actually sit down and eat dinner with the kids was

I loved it. At that point I remembered how much of a jerk I am at times and how sometimes I am so tired at the end of a long day, that I just want to sit and rest and veg out. For one that never happens in a house of 4 kids and two that cheats the kids.

All you dads who get to spend a ton of time at home and get to work regular hours, cherish that time you have with the wife and kids and for dads like me that have to work mega hours and only get weekends to have that quality time, love every minute of it.

Its hard, I know. I am doing what I need to do to pay the bills and while I wish I could be at home more, I know they will understand later in life what I am doing.

No matter what, love your kids and enjoy the time you have with them.

Last night I re-learned that it is important to enjoy every waking moment I have with my C's. I dont get to have nights like I had last night all the time so I loved it and will use that as fuel to make these other times great.

Have a great Friday and get ready for Mothers Day on Sunday.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Spreading the Thank You's to some Bloggers

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Everyone have a drink on me.

As long as its free.

Today is C2 and C3's last soccer game.
It is a bittersweet feeling...Them having their last game.
I am ready for C2 to move up to the U8 team and play for a coach that
has had nothing but good things said about him,
I will miss being a part time coach.
I guess with the way things are for us I will never
get to be the kids coach and that sucks but I will always be the biggest fan
of my kids.

Now time for a little

Erin...Thank You, for all  you did and for being your cats litter box. Its not bad that your cat shits on you, its just bad that you have not killed that cat yet.

Metro Atlanta Cooking Show...Thank You, for giving me little specs of food that taste so good. All it did was piss my stomach off.

Rick Springfield...Thank You, for getting arrested for DUI. Now we know you are not dead. And you can now sing "I wish I wasn't Jesse's Bitch"

Sprint Evo Smartphone...Thank You, for making me feel a little bit smarter

Christpher at Twisted Christian ...Thank You, for rubbing it in our face daily that you get to be a stay at home dad for months and get paid

Mama M @ 5 Crooked Halos ...Thank You, for keeping up with my "life Changing Moments announcements" on twitter. I still haven't cut my hair yet. But you will know when I do.

TweetingMama @ Live and Love Outloud ...Thank You, for being a passionate Cardinals fan, but you still get no invite to dinner, no matter what the wife says. Go Braves!

If you didn't get one, trust me that is probably a good thing!

Who would you like to thank this week.

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ABC Cuts the Fat from its schedule in the form of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

ABC....Always Be Canceling....

Can a 208 lb. me make a difference in what shows are on tv and what shows are cancelled?  No, but I am going to use my blog to voice my opinion on something that I found out last.

 Jamie Oliver has, well had a show on ABC called "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution". A show that focuses on making school lunches better for children.  Schools feed children shitty food. He proves it and tries to get them to change that. Last season in West Virginia he had good ratings and even won a Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show. This season trying it in California, the show has not gotten good ratings so ABC decided to pull the plug on the show and new episodes will reportedly return to screens June 9, in the Friday night at 9PM ET Death Slot time slot. 

Lets see, Friday night at 9 p.m.  Wonder how many people will watch it then?  I know T and I will.  We are supporters of Jamie Oliver and think what he is doing is a great thing. Some people don't.

Reality shows are pretty big on tv, wouldn't you say? Yeah, they are.  Why would ABC pull the plug on a show that is promoting a healthy eating lifestyle for our children?  I know it is big and one of the biggest and best shows on tv all the time, but do we really need two hours of Dancing With the Stars on a Tuesday night. They do the dances on Monday, vote them off on Tuesday. Why cant ABC use an hour to lead up to the show that draws viewers?

8 p.m. on Tuesday night.  You can watch NCIS, Biggest Loser, Glee or One Tree Hill. Or you can do the satellite and cable thing and watch HouseSkanks of whatever County and a variety of other shows.  NCIS, a show that has been on for a while and it followed by another NCIS show.  Glee, I cant stand that show whatever.  One Tree Hill?????? No idea.  The Biggest Loser!  A reality show about losing weight, eating good and being healthier than the person WAS.  A lot of people watch that show.

I am a sucker for mindless entertainment on tv. Stupid shows, sports and other funny sitcoms and stuff like that. But I also am a parent that believes in teaching my kids different lessons whether it is from T and I, our K12 homeschooling stuff, and even YES some tv. The kids, Ours and Yours can learn some good from tv shows. They actually watched Jamie Oliver's show with us and watched as he showed how much sugar is in the flavored milks and how much junk is in the fast food items. They watch and learn as we explain and discuss the show.

I am going on the offensive today and yes, I am going to attack, hammer, launch twitter bombs, blogs post and anything I can to try and get people to show disgust at ABC for canceling the show and pushing it back to June, when schools are out and kids are out doing things and (some) parents could care less about what is on tv.

I would bet that ABC wont find out about this post or read it and neither will Jamie Oliver but I am going to push it and push it till I feel like maybe someone high on the ladder is. I know I am only one person but I am boycotting ABC until the show comes back on or ABC chickenshit's out and says it is not going to be back on at all. I love ABC, there are a lot of shows I like and my basketball is on there but guess what?  No more basketball either if it is on ABC. 

So go ahead and watch your extra hour of Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday and while you do that, think about the shit food that your children are eating, and what you may be feeding them.

As parents, look at what you feed your kids. Learn about what you feed your kids.

You can agree or disagree with me. No haterade here in my cup except for what I am drinking for ABC.

Sorry Jamie, hope to see you in June!

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T and I had Twins on Sunday....We have been expecting them for a while

Have you heard the Rumor?

Evo though you may know what it is, you may be shocked and surprised to learn that

T and I are


That's right, we are expecting.

Well actually we WERE expecting and the arrival of our two new babies came on Sunday.  That is correct again BABIES...We had twins.  They were delivered to us on Sunday afternoon and we love them so much.
The Sprint Evo
We both got our new phones.

We upgraded from the Rumor

To our new Evo 4G.

Now it would have been so easy to sit around Sunday and play with our new twins but we still had actual work to do. T was doing stuff inside, schoolwork and cleaning and I was outside trying my hardest to dig up land and turn dirt over so we could get our garden started.  Didn't realize till I was done that I could have rented a tiller and finished it for good in hours less. It is hard work getting a garden ready and digging up all that land by nothing but hand tools.

So as Sunday night came around and the kids were in bed, T and I got the twins out and began to play with them.  Apps here and Apps there and Here an App....There an App...Everywhere an App App.  You really don't know all that these Smart Phones have to offer until you actually have one. So that night I am messing with it and I was getting a little frustrated by a Smart Phone. What better to make you feel like a dumb ass...A Smart Phone.  Ok, so after spending over an hour trying to figure how to even set the alarm, I then added some Apps.

I am a NON reader of directions usually, but I see that having a Smart Phone means you have to be smart and read the directions.

So in my spare time (in the bathroom) you will find me searching for Apps, games, music and other things to make my Sprint Evo more awesome than it already is.

Now be a good reader and send me some App ideas that I may be interested in.
Workout stuff
Lifetime Movies
Romance Books
Nail Polish colors
dress sizes'
hot mens club magazine




Monday, May 2, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....A Cooking Show in the ATL.....Can I have a larger sample please?


Saturday afternoon T and I and the C's took advantage of a persons thoughtfulness and we headed down to the Metro Atlanta Cooking Show.  She works for what I am finding out MANY companies and and does just about everything for these companies.  She sent me tickets to this event and jeez it was $25 to get in, so........Thanks.

This place was loaded with people, which made it kind of hard to get around the place with the stroller but we navigated up and down the aisles and tasted food samples, spices, salsas, dips, sauces, teas, coffee, chocolate, I mean you name it they had a sample of it.

T got some fudge and some mixes to make some dips and sauces.  I tried so many good things, I could have bought so many, but when do you stop? I just couldnt bring myself to buy anything.  Oh well.

WPRawl was the company that sent us the tickets. That was one of the first booths we stopped by and tried a sample salad. It was a veggie salad and if I tell you whats in it, I am lying. I dont even know, but it was good. I had more than a couple bowls.  They also had little potatoes that are a product of Paula Deen's that they are trying to push for Publix to sell.

Check out some pics
Thanks to WPRawl for the tickets
Salad was gooooood!
They had a nice little set up
We walked around trying everything
C4 liked it...See. He even showed us.
Cooking demo
Another demo
Rooibee Iced Tea, they gave me a t-shirt
The guys there were very nice and we had some laughs with them
C1 and C2 spun the wheel
C2 was very excited about winning a box of rice
C3 had a fun time taste testing food

The Geico guy was awesome and gave our C's
Pez Candy
This guy asked me if I was media. I said no, but
wondered if I would have gotten a lot of
free peanut butter if I said yes???

Thats it. We had a good time. Other people who got tickets had a good time and I am sure everyone left hungry and wondering why they just didn't bumrush the booths and start taking huge portions of food.

Dont forget to come back tomorrow and read about the new Sprint Evo phones we got on Sunday.

Kiss the Baby


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