Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ABC Cuts the Fat from its schedule in the form of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

ABC....Always Be Canceling....

Can a 208 lb. me make a difference in what shows are on tv and what shows are cancelled?  No, but I am going to use my blog to voice my opinion on something that I found out last.

 Jamie Oliver has, well had a show on ABC called "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution". A show that focuses on making school lunches better for children.  Schools feed children shitty food. He proves it and tries to get them to change that. Last season in West Virginia he had good ratings and even won a Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show. This season trying it in California, the show has not gotten good ratings so ABC decided to pull the plug on the show and new episodes will reportedly return to screens June 9, in the Friday night at 9PM ET Death Slot time slot. 

Lets see, Friday night at 9 p.m.  Wonder how many people will watch it then?  I know T and I will.  We are supporters of Jamie Oliver and think what he is doing is a great thing. Some people don't.

Reality shows are pretty big on tv, wouldn't you say? Yeah, they are.  Why would ABC pull the plug on a show that is promoting a healthy eating lifestyle for our children?  I know it is big and one of the biggest and best shows on tv all the time, but do we really need two hours of Dancing With the Stars on a Tuesday night. They do the dances on Monday, vote them off on Tuesday. Why cant ABC use an hour to lead up to the show that draws viewers?

8 p.m. on Tuesday night.  You can watch NCIS, Biggest Loser, Glee or One Tree Hill. Or you can do the satellite and cable thing and watch HouseSkanks of whatever County and a variety of other shows.  NCIS, a show that has been on for a while and it followed by another NCIS show.  Glee, I cant stand that show whatever.  One Tree Hill?????? No idea.  The Biggest Loser!  A reality show about losing weight, eating good and being healthier than the person WAS.  A lot of people watch that show.

I am a sucker for mindless entertainment on tv. Stupid shows, sports and other funny sitcoms and stuff like that. But I also am a parent that believes in teaching my kids different lessons whether it is from T and I, our K12 homeschooling stuff, and even YES some tv. The kids, Ours and Yours can learn some good from tv shows. They actually watched Jamie Oliver's show with us and watched as he showed how much sugar is in the flavored milks and how much junk is in the fast food items. They watch and learn as we explain and discuss the show.

I am going on the offensive today and yes, I am going to attack, hammer, launch twitter bombs, blogs post and anything I can to try and get people to show disgust at ABC for canceling the show and pushing it back to June, when schools are out and kids are out doing things and (some) parents could care less about what is on tv.

I would bet that ABC wont find out about this post or read it and neither will Jamie Oliver but I am going to push it and push it till I feel like maybe someone high on the ladder is. I know I am only one person but I am boycotting ABC until the show comes back on or ABC chickenshit's out and says it is not going to be back on at all. I love ABC, there are a lot of shows I like and my basketball is on there but guess what?  No more basketball either if it is on ABC. 

So go ahead and watch your extra hour of Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday and while you do that, think about the shit food that your children are eating, and what you may be feeding them.

As parents, look at what you feed your kids. Learn about what you feed your kids.

You can agree or disagree with me. No haterade here in my cup except for what I am drinking for ABC.

Sorry Jamie, hope to see you in June!

Kiss the Baby



Marisa May 5, 2011 at 9:50 PM   Reply to

Food Revolution was the only network show I watched.

Bullshit that they basically canceled the show.

I have chef-crush on Jamie Oliver also.

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