Friday, May 13, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-13-11...ohhh the 13th. Short and Sweet

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Well blogger is back and probably not better than ever, but just the same.  My Thank You Note Thursday is gone but I did do it yesterday.....I promise.

So the whole blogger thing being broken and down really messed up alot of people and the blogs. It actually made mine better...cant you tell.

That was a joke!

Its Friday the 13th.  Umm. yeah so what. I dont believe in the mess about this being a bad luck day or whatever.  Bring it on!

I need to make me a list of "Honey Do's" and "Honey Dont's" for the weekend.
I know there will be stuff on it. Lots of stuff, but for some reason if I have a list I work harder,

So. I had a mini meltdown the other night.
Over what you ask?
I need socks!

I got over my man-period this morning and made it back to the gym.
I had a great workout.

Wanna hear some great news.  We had something happen that has not happened in maybe a year or so.
We got streetlights in our subdivision!
Yes, we did.

I am aready to have some fun this weekend with the C's.

Thats it for today.

Have a great weekend

Kiss the Baby



Unknown May 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM   Reply to

Congrats on surviving not only the week, but the blogging blackout. Hundreds of bloggers in the twitterverse were hyperventilating, due to the 24 hour shutdown.

And sorry about the man-period. Of all things to blow up about, socks isn't so bad. At least it wasn't cheese.

As for Friday the 13th, I had a job interview this morning for an awesome career, and they loved me. Luck be damned! We're the assholes in charge of our own destiny!

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