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Fridays Final Thoughts 5-20-2010 Getting back to my old goofy self

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(If you are new here, F-F-T is where I empty my brain and make room for new thoughts to move in)

Well well well. What a week it has been. I started the week on a roll by not being such a jerk at home for the whole weekend last weekend and I rolled myself right into a Primetime battle between the Shitty City of Forest Park (John Parker) and Breastfeeding Moms across the state and country and even the WORLD.
I feel like I have done a great job helping to spread the news about what is happening in Forest Park. T last night told me I should be proud of myself...but you know, its hard to be proud when you are just fighting against something that is so wrong in the first place.  You know, I will be proud when my C's are older and they understand what I went to bat for and my daughter is breastfeeding and knows I support her 100%!!

Now to try and get back to my normal way of being crazy and goofy and blogging about things that will make you laugh, cry, wonder what I am talking about and for sure make you say hmmmm.

Ok, so on Monday in Forest Park there will be a Nurse In, well John Parker, you will have your chance to see hundreds of boobs. Ok, so not really but im sure that is what he is thinking. So with this going down on Monday, I thought of a movie that seems to go along with the moment.

Cloudy with a chance of Boobs - Boobs falling out of the sky sending John Parker and the rest of the crooked City Council screaming and running for cover as the world is coming to an end. (Movie was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

I have gotten the chance to email, comment and tweet with some great people over this breastfeeding thing and I am excited that T will be able to meet some of them on Monday.

We are a cloth diapering family. Well T is a cloth diapering mom, i should say. I mess with them if they need to be stuffed or have pee in them. But I do not change shitty diapers. Best believe it.  But for some sick reason I do take them outside and clean them and last night I had to clean one that smelled like DEATH.

Once again, I am going to be sitting in the tub shaving and mangrooming myself. Getting T to shave my back and get me looking all good. Like Maks from Dancing with the Stars. That is who I really look like to be honest with you. Why does body hair have to grow so flippin fast? I really need to hire my own personal waxer.

I need help with something. In our bathroom we have the double sinks. I have one and T has one. Which means T has both really. But why for the love of god does my sink have to be the one that hold the nasty, shitty, filthy, deathsmelling cloth diapers until I get home and clean them. Not to mention the other thing that gets put in there, which I wont name...honey!

This Words With Firends game is driving me nuts. I cant beat anyone. I hereby change the name of the game to Words With People I Cant Beat!

Lego's..Still the hit in our house. Still the pain in my foot when I step on them. At least I dont wake up with any in my ass from being left in the bed. That would suck.

I took yesterday and today off from the gym, to let my body recover a little and most of all to try and stay up a little later at night with T. My body is recovered but damn, I still found it hard to stay up with the wife. But we have the weekend and I will be staying up with her then.

I am so ready to spend some time with the family this weekend. Play with the kids. Get on the wifes nerves. And so much more.

So to all of you out there

Kiss the Baby


Everything said about John Parker are opinions of my own


Unknown May 20, 2011 at 1:39 PM   Reply to

If you want a lousy opponent for WWF, look up Idahomie. I haven't won a single game.

And to continue the boob-themed movies, can we change "There Will Be Blood" to "There Will Be Boobs?" Seems a little blunt, but it fits with the theme...

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