Friday, May 27, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 5-27-11...Ready for a long weekend

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Ok, so after yesterdays post on my LOVE-HATE affair with co-sleeping I was determined to get me a good nights sleep..Well that didn't happen. With the storms that came through last night we had no power for several hours. We ALL sat in our bed, well C1 layered 6 pillows on the floor and found a spot down there. T and I played Words With Friends and messed on our phones until midnight, we were about to go to sleep. I took my place in C3 and C4's lower bunk and then the power came on. So I then said I would move the kids back to their beds and hit my own pillow....

So after all that..I slept like shit. So the co-sleeping problem I was talking about..yeah its all in my head. My sleep problems are my own.

T got home last night and confirmed that the rain we got which was alot filled up our rain barrel. So it makes me happy to know that I will not be returning it.

C2 who turned 6 in March lost his first tooth this morning. I bet he is excited to get his very first visit from the tooth fairy.
Now our family tooth fairy has done different things in the past.
What does your family tooth fairy do?

Well I am ready for a nice long weekend.

Not sure what the hell I am going to be doing, but I am ready to be at home with T and the C's.

So enjoy your weekend


Kiss the Baby



Erin May 27, 2011 at 2:18 PM   Reply to

Glad to hear that you are safe after the storms. I don't know how you co-sleep. I can hardly sleep in my king sized bed with only Dru...Ambien is my lifesaver :) have a great long weekend!

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