Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Great Breastfeeding Battle of 2011 against The City of Forest Park..Day 3

Day 1New Law in Forest Park says it will limit Breastfeeding
Day 2Continue the Fight against Forest Park

Day Number 3 of trying to get the Mayor of Forest Park, Ga. Corine Deyton on the phone. (404-366-4720) The first day I was told by her secretary "Oh she will for sure call you back" and he I am calling this morning on my third day and she of course wasnt in the office.  Right, not in the office for 3 days straight. The Mayor?  Im not calling the Mayor of New York, where big things happen everyday, Im calling Forest Park, Ga.

Maybe the Mayor is at a ground breaking ceremony for the opening of a new Waffle House or something..who knows?

I am so happy to announce that there is going to be a NURSE IN in the City of Forest Park on Monday the 23rd from 10am to 12pm. (I believe the time is correct).  This is going to be a mass group of mothers all whipping out boobs (rolling my eyes) and getting nude (more eye rolls) and feeding their children.  This is going to be awesome.

Now I am married to T the woman that is over at the woman who is @_Mycrazy4 on Twitter and she is on many other Natural Parenting sites and things like that.  For those of you that dont know her or have had the pleasure to speak with her, blog with her, tweet with her or whatever....She is hmmmm..lets see...A strong, independant woman and she is very opinionated and never bites her tongue....

City of Forest Park, let me say this to you...You have no idea what is coming your way on Monday.  I am 100% sure that my wife T is not going to be the only woman there that has the qualities I listed above.  John Parker, were you ever in an arguement with a girl when you were in high school and then all of a sudden all of her friends got involved and you had a group of girls mad at you?  Multiply that by Mega Millions. I know you are not the only one that voted on this or even made it into an issue...but guess what?  Your the City Manager, your the one that laughed in my face over the phone and you got it coming.

Women are passionate about their kids Forest Park, just ask around. Ask your employees, ask your citizens, ask YOUR families. Woman care about their kids, that is why they are given the ability to birth them and nurture them. They care more than anything. I never knew how crazy some of these women are that are involved in the Natural Parenting Circle. And when I say Crazy, I mean Passionate, like Crazy Passionate, very involved, stick up strongly for what they believe is the best NAUTRAL way to raise children. Not Crazy like, Lady Gag Gag or anything. A good Crazy.

Last thing..Mothers, do this. Next time you see another mom nursing her child in public, tell her how proud you are of her and thank her for being part of a huge of mothers that care about providing the best for their kids no matter where and when.  Guys cant do that, it would be weird.

You still have four days to make your plans to get to the City of Forest Park for the Nurse In.
Nurse In Page and Information

Kiss the Baby



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