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Hey Moms....Fight for your right to Breastfeed your children in Forest Park, Ga.

Yesterday I posted about the new law that the City of Forest Park is putting into place and how it is just so wrong and the response I got from City Manager John Parker was even worse.

Here is the link to yesterdays post

I never thought I would get so many awesome comments on the post yesterday. I really appreciate everyone taking time to let their feelings be known.

So I never heard back from Forest Park Mayor Corine Deyton after leaving her a message yesterday so I called and left another message this morning.

I also printed the letter, and blog post and comments and faxed them to the different local news stations in Atlanta and also to Forest Park City Hall.

My wife T did a post yesterday about the different stats in the City of Forest Park in relation to crime and other stuff and Forest Park is worried about moms breastfeeding two year olds?

I cant begin to tell you that I am so impressed that this has gotten such a huge response by so many different moms, groups, forums, even dads and other male bloggers are leaving me comments and leaving comments at different places.

I am not a fan of facebook, in fact the only reason I go on facebook is to use a fake profile for work.
I did see that there are Nurse In's being formed and Petitions being set up all over the place.

Here is a Petition for people to sign

Facebook Page for Nurse In

I will add more as the day goes on and my wife gets me more info too.  If you have something you want me to add to the blog, like a link or post.

So many things just make me shake my head over this whole issue with the City of Forest Park.  The City Council looks to be made up of mostly women.  Don't women care about women's rights?  John Parker even told me his wife breastfed, I wonder what she thinks of all of this.

One of the readers who left a comment yesterday got this email back from an employee of the City of Forest Park, look at this
"I share your concerns as well as other things that was presented in this ordinance, that is why I decided to Abstain from voting on this amendment. I often ask questions, not just for myself, but to hopefully empower the citizens in our city to also begin to make a stand for their rights to inquire, hold their elected officials accountable and to demand that their local government are open, transparent and fair. Even though it is not always easy to make the right decisions on everything, it is easy to listen and consider the opinions and facts from the citizens.
I am tired of the political attacks on people, businesses, etc and I feel that the war should focus on that area and not to bring others into it who will suffer or get isolated involuntarily! Too much tax payers dollars are being spent on lawsuits, because our government do not know how to communicate, rationalize, reason and mediate on issues, but they want to attack. This should not be!
This is what I have always tried to stand up against, but in voting, I am only one vote and 3 is the majority to pass anything in this city that the city manager John Parker and others in his 'political' network, want to happen.
Keep our city government in your prayers!"

This right here shows that the City of Forest Park has NO idea of what is best for it citizens.  Why on earth would you add verbage to a law that says you cannot breastfeed a child over 24 months? I am curious on how many moms in that City actually breastfeed?  I am curious to find out the reason why someone would see this as such a problem that they would have to add to a law and vote on it.

It makes no sense.

So once again, I am going to hammer the City of Forest Park, the fax lines, the phone lines, the local new stations with the different posts, comments and links and whatever I can do to make a difference, a positive one.

I have many reasons for doing what I am doing.
I would like to think that I am doing it for reasons that will make it ok for a woman to breastfeed in public without getting nasty looks and disrespectful things being mumbled under someones breath.

Another is that I knew nothing about breastfeeding before getting married and having children. Since then I have come to find that not only is it what I believe the best thing for a child but also a great way for a mom to bond with the child.

Also for the people who like to use the excuse that breastfeeding is looked at as a sexual thing (Nudity), come on people. I am a man, 100% man. I joke alot on my blog and twitter about sex and other stuff along those lines and I have NEVER seen or thought of breastfeeding in a sexual way.

As a man, I also understand that the Womens Rights Issue comes into play here. Why would anyone try to limit and tell a woman, a mom, what she can and cant do when it comes to taking care of her child.

I also want my kids to know that their daddy stood up for something he believed in. That I wasn't all talk and no action. I want my wife T to know that no matter how much of a jerk I may be at times, no matter how impatient I am a lot of the time, I support her in her decision to be a strong woman and do what is best for our kids.

Kiss the Baby


Unknown May 18, 2011 at 1:46 PM   Reply to

How crazy this is to me! I blogged about this again... I hope you don't mind that I linked to your original post. Keep up the good fight and thank you!!!!

Mummies Nummies

heather dawn May 18, 2011 at 3:22 PM   Reply to

You are an incredible person! Your kids will be massively proud. And me even as a stranger, I'm touched and honored that you would stand up for Breastfeeding Rights/Women's Rights! Thank You So MUCH!!!! :)

Cindy Hetzer May 18, 2011 at 5:07 PM   Reply to

Can you post the name of the member of the city council who abstained? I think this is important information for those of us in the area to know. Thanks!

Scott S. May 18, 2011 at 5:11 PM   Reply to

Cindy it was given in the comment on yesterdays blog post but I will check

KittyKat May 18, 2011 at 8:54 PM   Reply to

"I also want my kids to know that their daddy stood up for something he believed in. That I wasn't all talk and no action. I want my wife T to know that no matter how much of a jerk I may be at times, no matter how impatient I am a lot of the time, I support her in her decision to be a strong woman and do what is best for our kids."

Right here, I just teared up. That's beautiful.

Or maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones.

Either way, you rock, keep it up!

Unknown May 20, 2011 at 4:31 PM   Reply to

What a shame so much attention is placed on the Councilwoman's email. Karen-Brandee Williams is the embattled elected official who has spent all of her time since her election (presummably engineered)seeking personal gain in this position. She is cleverly taking issues to the public with just enough twist to touch the sympathatic nerve only to shed a negative light on the City of Forest Park and it's trusted leaders. Breast-feeding is not the issue here, but Councilwoman Williams chose this one statement in the law to start a public outcry. She fails to also emphasis a greater threat to the community in which breast-feeding mothers must raise their breast-fed children. That is the growing concern with nude dancing clubs in Forest Park. Tell me, is there any thought to what nude dancing may do to to negate any good a mother may give to her breast-fed child? Think about it. I would not mind feeding my older than 2 year old child in private if it means eliminating nude dancing in my community!

Unknown May 20, 2011 at 4:49 PM   Reply to

Um, wow. That seems like quite a stretch from one topic to another.

I am in support of public breastfeeding, but against drug dealers! I would gladly give up breastfeeding in public if we can get rid of the drug dealers!

Or maybe baptists? Donald Trump? The letter Q? What else should we randomly vilify?

Unknown May 20, 2011 at 5:29 PM   Reply to

Lu Lu, you didn't really think that comment out, did you? After reading your comment I just sat in amazement. Completely stunned. Comparing breastfeeding your toddler to nude dancing? Really?!! Nude dancing does not have anything to do with my decision to breastfeed my daughter who is now 31 months old and still nursing Nude dancing may affect my decision on where to spend an evening with my husband or friends, but not how I raise my children. I am not surprised, however by the ignorance spewing from a politician's piehole (assuming you are a member of the city council as well especially since you just outed the council member who is against the ordinance). If you want to get rid of or regulate nude dancing businesses, then focus on that. Don't mess with mothers and their children. In fact, if a stripper wants to sit in the middle of the town square and breastfeed her toddler, then more power to her!

T.D.: What you guys are doing is awesome! T must be so proud of you! I have always anticipated comments or stares while nursing my daughter and have yet to be confronted (besides family members and I just put in their place and tell them that I don't tell them how to raise their kids and don't expect to be told how to raise mine). The only thing I have ever encountered was while we were in the waiting area of a restaurant and an older gentleman asked his wife what I was doing as I was using a nursing cover. She told him and he said "oh". No biggie. I would LOVE to see more women comfortable with nursing in public. It's natural. It's our God-given right. Ugh!! I could go on and on.

And KittyKat, it can't just be the hormones because I teared up too! In my view, it's all about the kiddos and their best interests. They are the future.

Unknown May 21, 2011 at 8:37 PM   Reply to

I'm back. I felt it necessary to bring some clarity to my earlier comment. First I am not a member of the Forest Park city council. I, too, am a concerned citizen. I have nothing against breast-feeding. I find it unfortunate that breast-feeding in public has been made the "linch-pin" of this issue by Councilwoman Williams. The real problem is political! FYI- despite what Ms. Williams wrote which garnered so much passion from proponents of breast-feeding, she did NOT vote against the ordinance! She abstained!

Unknown May 21, 2011 at 8:44 PM   Reply to

The issue is Nude Dancing in Forest Park and throughout Georgia. Nude Dancing is supported by wealthy and powerful businessmen who have had great influence over some of the council leaders. They love having the emphasis placed on breast-feeding as it deflects the attention away from their nude clubs.

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