Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Judging a Book by it's cover at our "Way Too Early" Soccer Party

How many time to do we tell ourselves and our children and even other friends that looks can be deceiving and not to judge a book by its cover. I'm sure there are a million more but I am going to stick with those.

So at our way to early soccer trophy party (10:30am...kidding about the way too early) T and I found ourselves learning this lesson. Not that we thought this family was a bad family or anything, we just didn't know that they were like the are, meaning ummm like us, you know the weird family.

By us being the weird family, let me clear that up, not the weird family like the family from "Honey I shrunk the kids" but the weird family that just does stuff that is not in the norm. The conversation with this mom of one of the kids on C2 and C3's soccer team started when she was mentioning that her older son wanted a new cell phone since his was taken and I laughed and asked how old he was and then the flood gates opened. Good flood gates.

She started telling me about wanting to home school and how they don't let their kids play up and down the street and they are only allowed in the backyard, and cant spend the night at friends house's.  There was so much more.  But what was funny was the political conversation we all had and how we agreed on things. In our area of where we live it is so hard core the opposite of what T and I think and we usually in the minority of what we believe in. It was funny, I have never thought that they were Obama supporters like we are.

She was telling us how protective they are of the kids and she doesnt care what anyone else says about it she wants her kids to stay as young and innocent as long as they can. They dont see it as "sheltering your children" when others might. Kind of the same way T and I are.  A Disney movie, even though it may be a cartoon movie, if it is PG, the C's are not watching it.  Guns, we dont allow the C's to play with guns, even one that come with legos. Just not happening. Doesnt matter that I did, or whoever or whatever. They are not doing it.

My point to all of this is that at first glance, T and I thought this family was so different than what they actually are. The husband looks like a rocker, yet the wife tells us he is the most laid back person and cleanest cut guy you will find. He is more protective of the kids than she is. She looks like she might be stuck up but she isn't, she is very nice. She and T got along well during the soccer season. 

So where T and I might have thought that the girl on C2 and C3's soccer team had these rockin parents, well they turned out to be quite nice. The two sons are very nice, and the daughter who was on the team is nice also. They all played together at the soccer party that was way too early.

Along with C2 and C3 having a good fun year of soccer and getting nice trophies out of it, I feel like T and I were able to meet some nice parents for us to hang with and some nice kids for the C's to play with in the future.  Remember, you may not be getting the whole story by just looking at someone and judging them by what they look like or how they act or come off as at first.  T and I laughed about it all weekend, that we couldnt believe that this family was so different than what we first thought, they are the weird family, but wait so are we!

A good lesson to remember as a adult and to teach your kids.

Kiss the Baby



Siera May 10, 2011 at 2:32 PM   Reply to

I judged a co-worker before I ever met her. Stupid, Stupid. I thought she was a stuck up snob based on her appearance. Turned out she was the opposite of that and I got a good friend out of it.

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