Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Love / Hate Relationship with C-Sleeping and Thank You Note Thursday

There are some things in my seven years of being a parent that I have learned to live with and accept and even grown to love.  Pee pee on the seat, poo left in the toilet, legos on the floor waiting to be stepped on, books with torn pages...these are just a few.  One of the things that I have had a LOVE/HATE relationship with as far as being a dad is

CO-SLEEPING!  Now I have had my ups and downs with Co-Sleeping.  I love the fact that when we had C1, he was with us and since T breastfed, no one had to get up and go get him and we, well I could sleep through the night.  Add more C's and it gets more crowded and add more C's and then some move on to their own rooms and then another C and one more exits and then the 4th and final C comes and we are still currently a Co-Sleeping family.

Before you all start your shit about the benefits and everything of Co-Sleeping, I KNOW I KNOW, I don't have a problem with it.  I am all for Co-Sleeping.  But recently here, I am turning into a messed up, bitter tired self proclaimed non good sleeping asshole. Let me start my own pitty party like this...

I get my fat ass up anywhere from 4am to 5am to head to the gym. (MY Choice) By doing that, it means that I am tired at night.  I usually try to make sure I can fall asleep by midnight.  T and I start with C4 in the middle of us. Head at the headboard and feet toward the footboard.  By the middle of the night the three of us look like the letter H. C4 digging his head under my ribs and feet on T (she doesn't give a shit).  Or I have his nails digging into my arm and giving me a new tattoo.

Then we have one child that makes his way into our bed. C2. He loves to lay with his head near the footboard which mean his feet are...guessed it yet...IN MY FACE!  And with him being our thickest, most full muscled heavy ass kid, he is not easy to move over in a dead sleep. And when he lays right on my legs he makes the covers all tight and then my thighs are squeezed together and my balls are all smashed.

So after all my beeeotching and moaning, I know what T is going to say....Go to the couch, go to the bottom bunk in C3 and C4's room, go to the basement, sleep outside with Laila for all I care...I know how she is. I cry about something so small and all I have to do is solve the problem.  And he is the other thing too before my better half chimes in and talks about how I fall asleep so fast and snore till the blinds rattle, takes me time to fall back asleep after I wake, so when I am head butted or having skin ripped off my ribs by C4 like I am a Thanksgiving turkey, it takes me time to fall back asleep.

Now I am left with a decision to make. Do I move to another room and try and get some good sleep since I am making my own self sacrifice to get up early for the gym or do I take the beating by C4, and continue to have my balls smashed by C2 who turns my legs into vice grips every night that he comes to our bed?

I guess stay tuned....But understand, I am just having one of my man periods and I will get over it soon. I really do love the co-sleeping (most of the time).

Now get ready for some 
Thank You Note Thursday

John Parker...Thank You, for allowing me to show your own city of Forest Park, Ga. just how much of an asshole you are. (in my opinion)

Arnold...Thank You, for showing us all that no matter how small your balls are (from steroids) you can still stick and move..(on) that is.

Kris Humphries...Thank You, for getting engaged to Kimmy Kardashian. You have now given every tall ugly dude across the world hope that they too can score a hot chick like you

Kris Humphries...Thank You, you get two TYN's..You have scored more with Kimmy K, than you have in your whole NBA career.

That's all for today, enjoy and see you tomorrow.

Kiss the Baby



Lindsey @ The Hill House May 26, 2011 at 11:35 AM   Reply to

Your last post about T telling you you suck at kissing cracks me up! :)
We fight this co-sleeping battle every night...And we aren't even a co-sleeping family! I never entertained the idea of having the kids (even as babies) in our room, much less our bed, but my youngest is bound and determined that he will sleep right in the middle Every. Single. Night. He starts in his own bed, but by midnight he is in our bed, sprawled like the letter H you described. But unlike T, I can't stand the feet in my belly/back. Makes for a long night at our house...I understand your pain.

Anonymous,  May 31, 2011 at 5:55 PM   Reply to

Oh my gosh. I am crying. From laughing.

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