Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting up top and ending down below. Whats it gonna be..Surfer dude or Mr. Speedo?

As yesterday came to an end, and by an end I mean me getting ready to go to sleep, I had a feeling of satisfaction and yet a feeling of needing or wanting to do something more with myself. And not like that you sicko's I am talking about the Forest Park Breastfeeding battle.

I was thinking that for me personally, it all started with a call to the jolly ol litte fat man John Parker the City Manager of Forest Park. A man who gives true meaning to Good Ol Boy Redneck.  I kept my cool with him even as he laughed at me over the phone numerous times about why I was making a big deal out of this breastfeeding issue.

Then a few blog post later and a bunch of other men and women getting involved and a Nurse In being set up, John Parker had no chance. All he could do is buckle and SAY that the City will change the law.  That remains to be seen and I know plenty will have their eyes on it to make sure it happens.

It feels good to think that all the pressure made a difference.  It is also a good feeling that T and the 4 C's went down yesterday and took part in something that brought together people from all over.  Mothers, daughters, sons, fathers and just anyone who KNEW that what Forest Park was doing was wrong.

The kids, they had a good time playing with other kids. T met some great people. It is always good to meet new people. You never know who you will come across. You may meet someone or a family that will put a smile on your face.  Good things can happen and you can learn from others.

Back to normal now,

Other than that, I have taken (gulp) four un-excused days off from the gym. I usually go every Monday thru Friday from 5:30am to 7am. I have skipped last Thurs, Fri and yesterday and today. But that all ends tomorrow morning. I will, yes I say I WILL be back for the 5am Wednesday Spin Class and then hit the weights for the workout. I am going to hit it with a new mindset....hard, hard, hard!!!!

So T doesn't like my current swimming attire. She says that they are too bug and that they fall off and show my butt crack. To that I say, 1) I have NO butt  2) They fit fine 3) We swim by ourselves.  So I am either going to buy a new one that fits that she likes or I am going to go old school and just wear a pair of boxer briefs under them. OR, I am will go all Michael Phelps on her. Ohhhh Yeah.

So I can either go like this and look hot for T

I can go all old school BayWatch and rock
the shorty shorts

Or I can sport the Speedo. Show off the bod a little

Stay tuned



Kiss the Baby



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