Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T and I had Twins on Sunday....We have been expecting them for a while

Have you heard the Rumor?

Evo though you may know what it is, you may be shocked and surprised to learn that

T and I are


That's right, we are expecting.

Well actually we WERE expecting and the arrival of our two new babies came on Sunday.  That is correct again BABIES...We had twins.  They were delivered to us on Sunday afternoon and we love them so much.
The Sprint Evo
We both got our new phones.

We upgraded from the Rumor

To our new Evo 4G.

Now it would have been so easy to sit around Sunday and play with our new twins but we still had actual work to do. T was doing stuff inside, schoolwork and cleaning and I was outside trying my hardest to dig up land and turn dirt over so we could get our garden started.  Didn't realize till I was done that I could have rented a tiller and finished it for good in hours less. It is hard work getting a garden ready and digging up all that land by nothing but hand tools.

So as Sunday night came around and the kids were in bed, T and I got the twins out and began to play with them.  Apps here and Apps there and Here an App....There an App...Everywhere an App App.  You really don't know all that these Smart Phones have to offer until you actually have one. So that night I am messing with it and I was getting a little frustrated by a Smart Phone. What better to make you feel like a dumb ass...A Smart Phone.  Ok, so after spending over an hour trying to figure how to even set the alarm, I then added some Apps.

I am a NON reader of directions usually, but I see that having a Smart Phone means you have to be smart and read the directions.

So in my spare time (in the bathroom) you will find me searching for Apps, games, music and other things to make my Sprint Evo more awesome than it already is.

Now be a good reader and send me some App ideas that I may be interested in.
Workout stuff
Lifetime Movies
Romance Books
Nail Polish colors
dress sizes'
hot mens club magazine




Helene May 3, 2011 at 12:44 PM   Reply to

Wow, those look high-tech!!! Have your kids discovered the I-Fart app yet? My kids love that app and never fail to embarrass me at the grocery store or any public place.

Q May 4, 2011 at 11:46 PM   Reply to

Congrats on the new additions to the family! I've heard good things about the Evos, but I'never tried playing with one.

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