Monday, May 2, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....A Cooking Show in the ATL.....Can I have a larger sample please?


Saturday afternoon T and I and the C's took advantage of a persons thoughtfulness and we headed down to the Metro Atlanta Cooking Show.  She works for what I am finding out MANY companies and and does just about everything for these companies.  She sent me tickets to this event and jeez it was $25 to get in, so........Thanks.

This place was loaded with people, which made it kind of hard to get around the place with the stroller but we navigated up and down the aisles and tasted food samples, spices, salsas, dips, sauces, teas, coffee, chocolate, I mean you name it they had a sample of it.

T got some fudge and some mixes to make some dips and sauces.  I tried so many good things, I could have bought so many, but when do you stop? I just couldnt bring myself to buy anything.  Oh well.

WPRawl was the company that sent us the tickets. That was one of the first booths we stopped by and tried a sample salad. It was a veggie salad and if I tell you whats in it, I am lying. I dont even know, but it was good. I had more than a couple bowls.  They also had little potatoes that are a product of Paula Deen's that they are trying to push for Publix to sell.

Check out some pics
Thanks to WPRawl for the tickets
Salad was gooooood!
They had a nice little set up
We walked around trying everything
C4 liked it...See. He even showed us.
Cooking demo
Another demo
Rooibee Iced Tea, they gave me a t-shirt
The guys there were very nice and we had some laughs with them
C1 and C2 spun the wheel
C2 was very excited about winning a box of rice
C3 had a fun time taste testing food

The Geico guy was awesome and gave our C's
Pez Candy
This guy asked me if I was media. I said no, but
wondered if I would have gotten a lot of
free peanut butter if I said yes???

Thats it. We had a good time. Other people who got tickets had a good time and I am sure everyone left hungry and wondering why they just didn't bumrush the booths and start taking huge portions of food.

Dont forget to come back tomorrow and read about the new Sprint Evo phones we got on Sunday.

Kiss the Baby



Gretta May 2, 2011 at 1:52 PM   Reply to

Looks like a great time! I would love to go to a cooking show. Hope you used the "I'm a blogger" card to get lots of freebies to review about!

Glad you guys had a wonderful weekend & I love all the pics of the kids having fun at the show.

Tam and John May 3, 2011 at 5:21 PM   Reply to

How awesome! Every time we go to Costco if the Blender Demo guy is there, my kid will sit there for two hours and not move a muscle. He would have LOVED this!!!

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