Monday, May 9, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Mothers Day....Can I get a little help please???!!!

Ahhhh, in my house you can always tell it is the day after Mothers Day.

As she woke and put on her glasses and walked into the kitchen and grabbed her coffee, I head the words that I knew would doom my day...

"Daddy is playing Mommy today"

I wet my shorts, the C's got a look of concern, and even Roscar the Oscar, swam in his tank trying to avoid what would for sure be a doom and gloom day.

I am not close to T's level of some of the duties of running the house.  But when I heard those words  Igot to work.

Breakfast it was.  Eggs, bacon, biscuits and milk for the kids and T finished off her bowl of potato salad that she made homemade the night before.

I started some laundry. Made the bed, folded and hung some clothes that were done and put a 23 month old back in timeout about 20 times before he stopped laughing at me and sat there.  Ahhhh, it was Mothers Day and I was in control......hardly.

I would love to be awesome enough to be able to handle everything to where T could do what she wanted, coupons, internet, hairbows, sleep, do whatever. I know she loves being around the kids, so I dont mean doing anything that takes that part of the day away but let me invite you into our house as it was yesterday.....

After breakfast it was going so smooth, we were outside playing frisbee and playing in the water. The All American Sunday Mothers Day being spent outside.

My great neighbor who has the garden from the heavens came over to help show tell DO my garden for me. I asked him a few questions the next thing I know he is in my backyard laughing at me and basically tilling my land by hand and pitchfork for us. I looked like the biggest dumbass. But he is awesome and Danny is a great neighbor.

Yeah, me finding rocks. That was my job

As Danny and I were outside playing Garden, T who was suppose to be enjoying a carefree day (yeah right) had to go rescue our kids bathroom as one of the C's flooded the toilet and the bathroom and had water leak downstairs. 

She also did some laundry herself. She cleaned up C's and then we finally got to relax and sit on the couch for a bit to finish watching the "Little Fockers" which we both thought was funny.

I was making dinner last night which was gonna be Beer Butt Chicken and salad a nice light dinner and while we were finishing the movie, the chicken decided to try and fly away and got drunk off the beer and got just a litte lot fried burnt crisp black on the outside. But after peeling the blackened skin away from the bird, it actually tasted very good. I got a lesson in what kind of salad the C's liked. It was the opposite of what I made.  And then we (Me and the C's) made brownies and waited for Mommy to get back from the spa grocery store and we sang to her and let her blow a candle out in her brownie.

We ended Mothers Day by watching the Amazing Race finale while the two younger C's acted like crazed monkeys.

So as I got thrust into the starting lineup on Sunday, it didnt take long for me to wave my hand and get the regular starter back in the game...

At least she didnt curse me out to my face yesterday for being so clueless on how to do stuff....And she didnt even make me change a shitty diaper.  How cool is she!!!!

Kiss the Baby



Debbie May 9, 2011 at 12:10 PM   Reply to

Happy mothers day to your wife!! Good for you for trying...:-)..thats all most moms want,...the effort! and the spa...just sayin..;)

Lori May 12, 2011 at 12:59 PM   Reply to

Sorry, but I'm laughing so hard! A typical day for an American family. I love it!
You did good! :)

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