Monday, May 16, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Was Daddy Naughty or Nice?

Why is it the weekends that I don't act like an ass go by so fast?  It seems like this weekend went by so much faster than any other.

I cant decide what is more sad.  The fact that the kids have to answer this question when T goes somewhere..."Was Daddy Naughty or Nice?"  or  That T actually ask the C's that question in the first place?

At least the answer was NICE!  I was NICE all weekend long. To the C's, to T, even to Laila and Leo and Roscar.

Saturday we just hung around the house and played outside.  C1 and C2 beat me in a game of basketball. Then later that night we all went to The Home Depot and bought some stuff for our veggie garden. Then the kids got to have a little piece of cookie cake and watch a movie while T and I watch "No Strings Attached" which I thought was funny and T, well she didn't.

Yesterday, the day started out with what I thought was going to be a for sure problem.  Lets see, first I started my yard work early to get it done, and I had the worst time trying to get the damn weed eater to work. I have the worst luck with weed eaters and it is practically new.  Then after doing that it was time to mow.  Well T likes to cut the grass on the riding mower, and doesn't like to see if it has gas or not first.  So I did was any good smart dumb ass husband would do....I hid the key.

Problem was come Sunday morning, I couldn't find it. Looked high and low and such a good job of hiding it, I couldn't even find it myself.  Well I finally found it and got the yard done and then went went out to get the rest of the stuff for the veggie garden.

So the garden is almost done. I planted all the veggies and all that is left are the Marigolds or Marry or whatever kinds of Golds they are.

The funniest part of buying all the garden stuff was when T picked up some Moo Poo Neur or whatever, the kids didn't like smelling that. Then they kept asking if we had poo poo. Then yesterday asking if I was in the poo poo.  So kids when you read this later in life, just know you ate veggie grown in poo poo.

So that is it.

Kiss the Baby


Unknown May 16, 2011 at 3:45 PM   Reply to

Better moo poo than chicken. I handled about 25lb of that this weekend, planting my veggie garden.


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