Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...The Mercials that contain Info..

Thank You Note Thursday

I noticed a while back when we called DirecTv and slimmed down the programming to save some money, that we as customers really get screwed over. When they tell you that you can still get over 100's of channels..umm yeah, you can.

They didn't tell you that most of them are F-ing InfoMercial Channels.

So this weekend I was relaxing for a bit and flipping the channels on my over priced DirecTv and I thought I would check out some InfoMercials. Who has not flipped channels and stopped on a InfoMercial and thought about getting the phone? Be honest. Or for the least, sat and watched the whole thing in a trance? I know I have and I did this weekend.
So today these InfoMercials are getting Thank You Notes. (ps. if any of them send free products, i will review and endorse..maybe)

So in no special order here are my favorites that I came across.

Must Have Hair Styling Tool...Thank You, if not for you so many women would not know how to style their hair.

Jewelry TV...Thank You, You put ugly jewelry on the most beautiful fingers, hands, necks and ears, yet your jewelry is still ugly.

Zumba...Thank You, I couldn't dance when I drank and was single to have fun, what makes you think I can dance now that i am married and fat.

Susan Lucci Malibu Pilates...Thank You, BUT no Thank You. You couldn't win a Daytime Emmy forever and you want me to think you can teach me Pilates.

Ahhhh Bra...Thank You, for making a bra for women that make them say "Ahhhhh". Finally a bra for women that is like boxer briefs for me. Keeps em nice and compact.

10 Minute Meals...Thank You, for proving that Rachel Ray got screwed over and she then screwed us all..30 minute meals my ass.

Pajama Jeans...Thank You, for making those who go to Wal Mart in pajama's look good.

Relieve Foot Pain...Thank You. I have no idea why, when I am the one rubbing T's feet every night, where the hell are you.

Carve Abs in Bed...Thank You, I no longer have to wake up a 5am to go to the gym. I can get a sexy six pack by staying in bed.

Ninja Kitchen System...Thank You, Im sure everyone has always wanted a kitchen system that will kick the users ass.

What InfoMercials do you think are awesome or just off the wall?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. What is you summer love?


Ok, for some reason this song popped in my head this morning, but
I like to change the lyrics when i sing along

Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a T crazy for me
She met me cute as can be
Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights

Well it just so happens that our C's summer love is the pool.
They love the pool. C1, C2, C3 swim like fish
and now C4 has the no fear attitude of the pool.

C4, Im ready
I have no idea

C4 is usually the best one to take pics of
because the other C's are in the pool and
under the water.

But after they get out and dry off and pack things up
they know that the summer love will be

The 4 C's

 What is your or your kids summer love?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sports. Do you watch based on how the athletes look?

I talked to T about something the other day in the van, something that just came up out of the blue. Nothing serious. Sports. Men's and women's sports.  T probably doesn't remember cause she doesn't care about sports and I don't even remember why it came up, but I believe it was something to the effect of what womens sports could I watch and cheer or root for, I mean openly cheer for, like yelling at the tv style. The two that came to me right off the top were Women's Tennis, and Women's Soccer. Probably because both of those sports are kind of front and center right now in the sports world.
Well this morning while I was at the gym, ESPN was on and showing highlights of Wimbledon Tennis and the Women's World Cup in which the US Women's team plays today.  And it hit me, the question of why do I or any men for that matter watch women's sports?  I guess cause I love sports? I guess cause I like the particular sports that are being played? Is it because of the gotta watch the USA and cheer for my country? But deep down it never occurred to me that it may be because the Women are hot? Yeah, shocker I know.  But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. I have watched a handful of WNBA (women's) basketball games..some of those women are ok looking. Sue Bird isn't bad, Sherly Swoopes was nice back in the day. But think about it more

Tennis. The women wear skirts or skorts..whatever and tank tops. They make loud grunting noises, thats a plus.  Lets not forget that a shit load of the women playing tennis are hot. Go back in my youth, Chris Everett. Then Monica Seles, now you have Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, this Wozniacki chick, i kind of makes sense. I do love watching tennis but if two women that looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I probably wouldn't make it a point to sit and watch.

Soccer. Now I love soccer and the kids play it. I will watch soccer no matter what. But truth be told, I may not sit and cheer for a women's soccer match unless they have that certain appeal. Ummm. Yeah Sex appeal. Im being honest. Now, I wasn't the one who thought it was hot or sexy when Brandy Chastain ripped her jersey off down to her sports bra after scoring the game winning kick years and years ago, but I did think that Mia Hamm was hot. Hope Solo the goalie is bad looking when she has her hair in the ponytail. But the US Women's team is not filled with a bunch of butchy dude look a likes.

T mentioned Volleyball. Now I am not one to sit and watch volleyball on tv, but those women are good looking and in the sand..I mean, getting dirty in the sand. Gabriel Reese, Misty May, for the love of god they are wearing sports bra's and bikini bottoms. Hello...

And I know some of you may not think so after this post, but I also watch alot of the women's sports due to the fact that they are the USA against everyone else. The Olympics is the ONLY time I will watch skating or swimming. The women that ski and snowboard and skateboard are dressed from head to toe and I watch that. So believe it or not again, I do watch some women's sports for the ACTUAL sport.

Guys, whats the deal? Am I the only one. Be honest.

Ladies, what about you. Football players, looking at them and thinking they are good looking. Tennis players? Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer. What about Agassi or Sampras? Do women do the same thing as men. I know T has mentioned before that a guy is good looking but would she watch the sport just because of that? Not sure.

Lets hear it, Let me have it, call me a pig or whatever. Agree or disagree! Let me know if I have left anyone out. Give me your hot or not sports athletes.

Take the poll below. Lets find out.

Do you watch sports based on how athletes look?

Kiss the Baby

This Daddy


Monday, June 27, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.......A few lessons and a couple beatdowns from my boys

Mondays are always the same.

I always spend Monday thinking back over the weekend and wondering if I could have done more or was there something that I started and didn't finish. 

I just don't know sometimes. I have gotten better. I used to be the biggest jerk on the weekends and then when Monday came, I would sit here and be so upset that I missed out on the chance to have quality time with the kids and T.

Now that I only act like a jerk 20% of the time, the weekends are that much more fun but I still have that empty feeling on Monday.

But you know what, damn...It was a good weekend.

Saturday we hung out until we drove down to our cousins for a bday party. The kids love going to this house, they always play good and have fun.  The kids wanted to swim in the pool so bad, so T and I finally gave in and let them swim.  I got in too and played with the kids.  C1 loved the slide. He hasn't gone down a pool slide before, and he thought it was fun.

Yesterday was the highlight. I got the kids outside to play before the rain came and C2 and I got into a little basketball shooting contest. First to 10 wins. Well, the little man got me. Came from behind to beat me 10-9.  So then it was time for me to take on C1. Well I got up on him and he came back and tied it up. Then I thought I had him and he came back too and beat me 10-8. So both of the boys beat me at my game. Guess it is good that I didn't play C3 and C4, I could have lost to them too.  But that was fun.

You know what else is funny. Get three kids together. Put a Mario Wii game in and sit back and listen and watch. I am going to video this next time..These kids go at it. It is so funny to listen to but we usually have interrupt and calm them down. Never knew that brothers and a sister could get so into a game to where anything could happen.

So another weekend gone, another month almost over. I did learn one very valuable lesson yesterday...If you know there is a chance for sever storms in your area.....get the food on the grill early and maybe then just reheat it later for dinner..It is no fun trying to grill in sideways rain and having to RE-start the gas when the wind and rain blow it out. Chicken doesn't finish and then you (well I) leave it in the oven overnight...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-24-11.......Suckers Quit and Quitters Suck

This Daddy's Blog


Today's post is about quitting and how you suck if you quit.
Suckers quit and quitters suck.

I am a sports guy. I love sports. I love T and the C's.  I compare the world of sports to the world of marriage and parenting most of the time and find ways that they link together.

I am so against divorce. I see divorce as quitting. T and I agreed when we decided to say "I do" that there would never be an "I quit".

Well on my way to work this morning I heard about how baseballs Washington Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman quit last night after the game. Now I'm sure he has his reasons and they were related to how the organization wouldn't up his contract yet. The problem I have is with the way he did it.  Middle of the season right after the game, didn't talk to his players first. 

Now put that into the world of marriage.  So many people do exactly what Riggleman did. Spur of the moment, no notice, no warning just up and quit. Quit on the spouse, the marriage, the kids, the family idea.  That is crazy to me. A man and a Woman put so much into meeting, dating, planning and finally getting married. Then they talk, plan and work on having a family. This all takes time. People work so hard to build a strong family foundation to rip it all apart in a matter of moments.  How about instead of quitting on your spouse and or kids, you go back to the planning stage. The working stage. The talking stage.  How about you work as hard to fix it, as you did to build it in the first place.

Marriage does not come with a contract per say. You agree to your vows and begin your life together. If you were in a signed agreement would you just quit on your spouse no matter what your agreement said?Would you want the other spouse to do that to you? Riggleman, had a contract till the end of the season, he should have stayed and tried to work it out and if it didn't then he did what he could and left after he tried. Like a marriage, maybe I would feel better about it if people would actually try and work out stuff instead of just walking away. This guy who was known as a long time managerial man has now made himself look like a quitter.  Another example of this that really got to me in the sports world was the old football coach of the Atlanta Falcons Bobby Petrino. He up and left middle of the season. Just quit and left.

******Cheating and Abuse. Does that make a difference? Are there times and reasons that divorce and quitting can be ok and actually end up making a better life for you and your kids? I am sure that there are so many reasons and examples of yes and no to that question.

I may give up on a project, a task, a job or a chore, but when I sit and try to think about how my wife and kids would feel if T and I were at odds and I was going to walk away..I start to cry. I will never, ever walk away from my wife or kids. Nothing out there could ever be bad enough for me to do that. I fell in love with that woman and we built a strong core and T and the 4 C's are MY team. There is no quitting on MY team. None of us.

I bet some of you look at sports players and coaches and managers and talk shit when they quit. I know I do. Think about that when you feel like giving up on YOUR team.  Also think about do you want to instill that mindset in your kids?

Think about this over the weekend. Quitters suck.  Winners never quit and Quitters never Win. That is true in life, sports, marriage and parenting.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...Why I Hand them Out to you.

I know that alot of you give thanks everyday for many things.  I know that some of you only give thanks on a certain day of the year in November. Me, well I give thanks one day a week and that day is Thursday and that is why this post is called....


See, some of you never get a "Thank You". Some of you do so much and no one takes the time to stop and just say the two simple words.

That is where I come in. I know your out there and I know you need
to feel special.

So lets see who the lucky ones are this week.

Lebron James...Thank You, as much as it pains me to give you another one. T told me about the date you guys had. You were in a yellow suit?

Yellow Sticky Notes...Thank You, for leaving yourself with loving words all over the house for T this morning. Way to hook me up.

Kiddos1138 ...Thank You, for always reminding me on twitter that I work so hard to let T stay at home and that is why I'm stressed out. Like Dionne, Stevie and Elton sang..That's what friends are for..

Ass Muscles...Thank You, I never knew that you hurting so much is a good thing? Damn spin class, why do I like you so much?

Gas Station Clerks...Thank You, for being the biggest bunch of rude witches that I come across two times a week. I pump gas and come into get coffee and you act like crabs.

Dari Nowkhah...Thank You,  for spoiling it for us when you fill in for BK on his show. Everyone else that hosts that show..umm. they suck.

Kari K...Thank You, for letting me bust your balls on twitter over T.O. Wait, you better not have balls. Is it right to say to women "Busting Ovaries"?

Our babysitter...Thank You for doing such a great job of getting C4 to stay asleep. And I don't even care that you have your fatty, nasty, hairy self on my couch with no shirt on.





Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. How can I not be dirty minded?

(but with lots of words)

I try to not add words and it doesn't work. I try to keep it short and I don't know how.
So I guess mine is more like WordFul Wednesday
3 little pictures and lots of words

So I guess that all of you know by know if you're regular readers that I am a dirty minded husband.  I am always trying to make the moves on T and sometimes in a sweet way and most of the time in a high school kind of way, but I love her and I love loving her.

She does not like that I am always acting like a sex crazed boy who has never had any....So she is usually reminding me that I need to grow up and stop acting like a dirty old man.

Well yesterday I look at her blog
and I notice she is promoting a super sale on some aprons

Now I am looking at these aprons

Irregular Apron Cocoa LimeIrregular Apron Sassy Red
Irregular Apron Cherry Blossom

Thinking how in the hell am I suppose to not

.not make moves on you
.not make comments to you
.not try and get the PO-DO going
.not be a dirty minded husband

When you have one of these sexy aprons on?

Am I suppose to just think about dinner?

I don't think so. So let me know if you are getting one of these so I can behave myself until it comes in, cause after it arrives, its on.

And if your wondering, honey..Get the red one, with that tan of yours
you would so rock that thing.

And as of 10:20am she found out they were out of the aprons..


Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homeschool Rocks..I am so glad that we are too cool for public school..

You know that feeling you get when something happens or you receive something and it puts a smile on your face and lets you know that you made a good decision?

Well last week, two letters came in the mail.  One for C1 and the other for C2. Both of these letters were from Ga. Cyber Academy and they were to let us know that the boys were advancing to the next grade level.  This was awesome news. Not that we were shocked but at the same time. And the same letter stated that the boys were exceeding grade level in Math, Phonics and Language Arts.  Being a dad who works my ass off so T can stay at home and homeschool the kids and take care of them, seeing those letters brought tears to my eyes.

I have said many times and I know she hates when I do this but those letters did nothing but prove the fact even more that T is such a awesome mom. Lets push to the side for the moment that she, cooks, cleans, takes care of two other children and pays bills and does everything in and out of the house. To top it off, she homeschools C1 and C2 and they are exceeding grade levels, is that not some great shit or what.

I was so against homeschooling in the beginning, I mean so much against it. But then that one night back when I was still drinking, I was doing drunk laundry at Disney World and being the shy guy that I am, I started talking to this older couple.  We got on the subject of homeschooling and they started telling me about their daughter...

Who...Graduated a year early
...with honors
...high gpa into a good college

I can remember going back to the room and waking T up and telling her that I had changed my mind I would support her 100%. (not that it would have stopped her anyways) 

Now after two years, two kids and another summer here, I can look back and feel so good about the decision she made to look into homeschooling and the choice and chance she took to take our children's education into her own hands.

So with those letters arriving and the kids beginning to enjoy their summer, all I can say to T is....

Thanks, I love you, you are the best learning coach and I would work multiple jobs if I had to, to keep you at home to continue the great work you do.

Kiss the Baby



Monday, June 20, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....Fathers Day Weekend Recap

Fathers Day Weekend.. Man what an awesome weekend. It started by me getting home and C1 meeting me in the garage and asking me to close my eyes and follow him.  I knew something was up and for a couple different reasons....

1.C1 never meets me in the garage anymore
2.He asked me to close my eyes and was leading me up the stairs

So I make it up the stairs and I am led into my bedroom and I am told to open my eyes and there it is..

T and the kids had a new tv for me in the bedroom. They were so excited and couldnt wait any longer for me to have it, so they all hooked it up.  It was awesome, I loved it. I figured out the remote, the picture style and I even watched a movie Friday night. Adam Sandlers "Just Go With it" and it was funny. Very Good. So I enjoyed my new tv right from the start.

Saturday, boy slept in till 6 am and then hit the gym for a quick workout (30 minutes) and then got to the oil change place to get T's van hooked up. Sat next to the MOST annoying guy on the face of the Earth. His unsmart smart phone was very loud and whatever he was doing was echoing through the place. The cloud of smoke that followed him in after puffing on his dirty lung stick was so bad. I thought about farting just to see if he would get up and leave and as I was about to...they called my name. I was back home before 8 am and no one was even up yet.

Saturday afternoon, while T took C3 and C4 grocery shopping, C1, C2 and I went outside to do a little sweating. We played baseball first, then it was football, and we finished off with a game of basketball where once again C1 came out the winner as he hit 8 shots in a row to finish off me and C2.

When T got home, I actually did something that I dont like doing. I took a nap. A short one but it was still a nap. As I got C4 out of the van, I wanted to let him stay asleep, so I laid down with him on the couch and as he stayed asleep, I fell asleep.
Me and C4
Yeah that is me the fatty with the crazy hair and the hairy face.

T and the kids cooked a nice dinner and a awesome chocolate cake. Soooo Good.

Saturday night I watched another movie on my new tv "Battle Los Angeles". I liked it. Tons of action and we always know how to kick aliens ass' for some reason.

Sunday the big day for us dads.  Fathers Day. Woke up by a little princess asking if she could play with my phone.  We then had a fun time at the pool.  It was an awesome Fathers Day weekend and the kids made me feel like the best dad in the world.  Just like they do every weekend. Everyday for that matter.

I love my life.

Kiss the baby




Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and Me

As a man you never know how special Fathers Day is until you actually become one. So today I want to take the time to tell a special dad and let you know just how special he is.

My day, Colonel J. W. S.

My dad, I don't even know where to start. He is smart, very smart. Friendly, loving, the guy can run for miles, and he is a retired JAG officer from the ARMY.  He is not my biological father but after, but in July he will have been my father for 29 years and when I think back on everything that he has done for me and how he has helped me grow from a young boy to an adult, that biological stuff goes out the window.  When he married my mom, I was almost 10. He didn't act like a step dad, he acted like a father. He taught me that having responsibility and respect at an early age was very important.  Being a lawyer, I think it came naturally for him to explain everything is such great detail to me, whether I was getting in trouble and telling me why I was wrong or even doing math homework and taking so long to tell me how to get the answer when I just wanted the answer.

Well the answers have come later in life. I can see why he did everything he did. While my dad have given me a lot of the year, and I mean a lot, he has also been a huge influence on how I live my life.  From how you treat others to how you treat your wife, and now as a dad myself I see that he was getting me ready to become a father myself.

There is really nothing I can ever do to pay my dad back all the time, money, material items that he has given me over the years, but I think if I can continue to be a good dad and love my children and my wife that he can look at me and know that he did a great job raising me and had a huge hand in making me the man and dad that I am today.

So to you my dad, all I can say is Happy Fathers Day and I love you so much for being such a great man and a great dad.

Love, Your Son.

As for me being a dad, I can remember always wanting to have children. I mean since I was young I knew that I wanted to have kids. There are things about me I could tell you about how much I love kids but that is not whats important today.

I have been a dad for a little more than 7 years now. I can remember when T called me from a bathroom to tell me she was prego and I was so excited. So excited that I think I only bought like 5 more test so we could make sure. Well she was sure and we have been sure 3 more times. There is no feeling like being a dad. I work hard to be a good dad. And trust me, I have had my issues over the years to where I have had to work hard but I know that being a dad is a work in progress.

I love being a dad and my C's make me feel like I am the best in the biz. I feel so lucky everyday that I can say I am a daddy. I have 4C's that make me feel so happy and that everyday is Fathers Day.

So I have to say thank you to T for giving me those four special moments. And I have to say thanks to my C's for loving me like yo do.

Happy Fathers Day to me too.

To all the other Daddy bloggers and Dads who read, have a great Fathers Day and remember what makes you a great dad is the reason today is special.

 Kiss the baby



Friday, June 17, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-17-11....Im too sexy for my.......

This Daddy's Blog


I am so ready for the weekend. As I was laying down on the bench this morning getting ready to try and push this weight up, I started thinking..Wow, this bench is so comfy and I am so tired I could probably just go to sleep.  Then I thought about sleeping in this weekend. I never sleep in. Then it hit me, sleeping in does me no good. I feel like i have lost part of the day, I feel rushed and feel like I am missing out on something.  So I pushed the weight up a few times hopped up off the bench and looked in the mirror, pretended that i looked damn good and told myself, screw sleeping in late, I will get up do what I need to do and that way I can have time for the kids.

So, I will be getting up early tomorrow to hit the gym and then take T's van for an oil change. Im getting up early for the oil change, might as well hit the gym first.  Damn, you know if I was a real manly man, I could park that van in the driveway and change that oil myself..Hmmmm, guess that is why I am kind of what you call the MetroSexual.  I like to be between the rough, tough guy and the overtaken care of handsome man. 

I know some of you are laughing, but I can do some manly things. Like take out the garbage (except on days I forget), change out ceiling fans and light fixtures (even though I never turn the breaker off and blast myself off the stool), spray for bugs (even though I hate bugs), I can build things (do legos count), I can grill (T does it better), but you get my point. I am a man.  But then I have my MetroSexual side..I love looking and smelling good.  I have to be free of body hair. I hate body hair. None on my arms, back, chest, neck, nope none! I have the cleaned trimmed beard and that is because T find me so Tom Brady like sexy. (stop laughing a-holes). I am maybe two more trips to the pool away from shaving my legs and seeing if they look good like that too. Tan and buff from the gym, damn I look good. (again-stop laughing).  I pee sitting down..what it is more comfortable that way (dont judge). I love to use T's bath stuff and deodorant. I would use her body splash but I am afraid that too many men would hit on me.

That last point just made me question something about myself..No I am not gay, dont have a problem with anyone that is (which is the minority here in Ga.) but you know how there always seems to be the quote un quote WELL FIT gay guy and then the quote un quote TUBBY gay guy? Which one would I be?  Which type of gay guy would hit on me? Hmmm. I can remember T and I took our dog to a park many many years ago (before kids) and all these guys kept looking at me, T was laughing, we were at the mostly gay park area in Atlanta. Compliment or Not? Hmmm.

Well, just some things that were running through my half empty brain this morning.

Hope all the Dads out there have a great Fathers Day weekend and to the Moms who play both roles, paint on a fake mustache and enjoy the day too.

Dont forget to come back Sunday if you get a second and read my most awesome, special Fathers Day Post that I plan on having up.

Oh and you know, if you have twitter and dont follow me come on over, I usually say some stuff that will make you laugh..(at me)

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...A 10 Pack of Note handed out today

Nothing says Thursday better than a good ol fashioned dose of


The past few days have been filled with the heavy topic of spanking

kind of like a cup filled with..wait that gives me a great idea...

My first Thank You Note of the Week....yeah baby.

Like the Black Eyed Peas sang..


DivaCup...Thank You, for giving me hours of entertainment yesterday. I never knew what you were and now that I do know, I cant get enough of you...Such a cool name...DivaCup

LeBron James...Thank You, for playing like such a beee-otch in the Finals, you just made it clear to me that you are no where near MJ or even my boy Kobe.

Hockey Players...Thank You, now that the season is over razor companies will strike it rich. Every Hockey player has a huge beard and then shaves it right?

Boden Clothing...Thank You, for having no limit on the amount of clothes that can come to one address. I think the Guinness Book of Records is coming to count the shipping bags we have that are going to form a Boden Bag Quilt.

Angie & Michael...Thank You, my awesome friends for sending Double Decker Cookie Cake home. I know I asked for and I got it alright. I got the fat ass and big belly feeling after eating it. Sorry I missed the party.

Laura...Thank You, for always being there to amp me up, when I already want to kick someones ass (but not spank) are there to "stir the pot" and get me that much more amped.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...Thank You, for taking Lady Gag Gag's Meat Dress. The flies in my basement were a bit too much.

Twitter Spammer...Thank You, for always finding that one word and running with it.

Mrs. Anonymous...Thank You, hopefully you wont get this, since your stupid ass hasn't been back, but I wanted to tell you the Day Care you put your kids in Thanks You for your money as they let your kids do whatever they want.

New Balance 730's...Thank You, since I have started wearing  you to the gym, my feet feel like they are being made love to every morning..oh yeah.

Kiss the Baby




Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...but with words. IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL

Wordless Wednesday

But with words..

To finish up my post from yesterday.

You do what you do and parent how you parent...

that I will EVER EVER spank my kids.


Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Hit Your Child?

Oh, Im sorry...You SPANK your child you said..Guess what jackass its the same thing.

I am having a huge problem writing this post today.  I have written and deleted and rewritten and re deleted. So I guess I am just going to write whatever and see how it goes.

I am not a fan of the word HATE. But if there is one thing I HATE it is Spanking. Spanking to me is the same as hitting. You may not agree and that is fine, if you want to spank your child go ahead, don't ever do it in front of me or around me and we wont have a problem.

Some parents and people believe that spanking is needed for discipline, to make your kids mind, to do what they are asked. And if a child does something wrong or makes a mistake or messes up then they get a spanking...Really, lets scare the shit out of our kids and let them live in fear.  How about we scare our kids with a hard cold dose of reality.  Hitting your child to prove a point or to make them mind doesn't prepare them for the future. Some of you are probably saying "Yes it does"...Really?  If you are in school and you forget your you get spanked?  If you are at a job and you miss a deadline..Do you get spanked? If your a spouse and you forget to pay a you get spanked?

NO!!!!!!!!  You Spankers believe you are doing your child a favor. That is bullshit. Go ahead and hit your child. What is stopping you from slapping them, pushing them down? You are trying to teach them a lesson, right and wrong, protect them? What? Why are you doing it?

I believe I was spanked maybe a handful of times by my mom and dad and guess what?  I still did shit. Bad things, things that were wrong. Yeah, I drank way too much, I did drugs, I injected steroids, I have even stole some things in my life. But wait I was spanked, shouldn't I do right?  You know I don't remember how many times I was spanked, but you know what I do remember? The times I did something wrong or made a bad choice and my parents sat me down and talked to me about it.  That had more impact on me than a spanking.

Say your child hits a brother, sister, friend that they are playing with..That is not cool, so what are you going to do, spank them?  Hit your child as a way to tell them hitting is wrong. Yeah that makes sense. If your child makes the mistake of touching something hot and burning themselves would you stick the hand back on the hot surface to tell them that was wrong? I don't get people.

I am so against spanking. I just am. I dont see the benefit of HITTING your child. And yes SPANKING is HITTING. Where does it stop?  Are you going to use your hand, belt, a switch? What happens when your child becomes immune to you spanking them? Are you going to step it up and start punching them, whiping them, water boarding them? I mean seriously, hitting is hitting, whether it is with a hand, belt, stick or whatever.

So you beat your kid and I will put mine in time out, do Love and Logic and talk to my children about what they have done and how to fix it and not do it again. 

I always make it know on my blog, in my personal life whatever that I may make a lot of mistakes with my kid...but one thing I will never ever do is put my hands on my kids in a harmful way. 

Instead of spanking, try talking to your kids about what they have done. Try other methods of disciplining your child or children. There are so many other alternatives to HITTING them. Time outs, talking, Love and Logic, I mean if you are a spanker and you take the time to do some research you might find other ways deal with your kids.

I could go on and on and on about this but I am leaving like this. I feel like this post is somewhat incomplete, but my mind is scattered right now over this.

Im sure I will have more to say as the comments pour in...agree or not..Do what you do.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, June 13, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....I found the Balance..and A Big Movie in the Park

So on Saturday I did something that I have been trying to do for months. I had been looking for a new pair of running shoes for the gym. I have seen so many that I liked but just hadn't pulled the trigger on buying any.  But Saturday I was shoe shopping with C4 while the others were at the craft store I came across these. The New Balance 730's. Man these were so comfy and regularly $80, marked down to $50 and I got $10 off, so I got them half off. Awesome. I wore them this morning to the gym and they felt so good.

Then later on Saturday.....

There is this little park area in a city right by us that does cool things and one of those things includes show movies outdoors. They have a huge screen in the middle of the little park area and they also have all kinds of fun games and things for the kids to do. Shoot the kids just ran around and played tag and played with balls and other kids.  It rained before but dried up quickly so it ended up being nice for the night.  The movie playing was Yogi Bear. So we all lined up our chairs and got a great spot and then after playing the movie started around 9 pm.  After eating popcorn and watching the movie outside we headed home got the kids a midnight snack and they were all out. 

That was a fun Saturday night thing to do and we plan on going back for the others.

Yesterday was a "Lazy" day.  We just hung around the house and cleaned, T paid the bills. You know like Anonymous said I am too stressed from working so much so I have T pay the bills to take some of the load off of me.  We let the kids have an inside day and that was fine considering the rains came and helped us out with that. Laundry done, rooms cleaned, hell I even got into the storage room and cleaned it up, threw away some boxes and that made a difference.

On the laundry side of it. I am allowed to help to laundry. Actually I like to help do the laundry, it makes the week easier for T, you know being that she stays at home and doesn't have a job like Anonymous says. But when I do the laundry I am not allowed to do the BODEN Clothes. These are the kids awesome, nice, XXXXpensive clothes that the C's wear. This stuff has to be turned inside out, washed on the "Gentle Hands of Tom Brady" Cycle, and then hang dried and then dried on low for 10 minutes. What all that to wash and dry some clothes? YEP!  So I failed once again. A pair of C4's shorts ended up in the dryer ON HIGH.  Well T saved them while they were still damp...Im back on laundry probation.  But the truth of it is that the Boden Clothes are the most awesome clothes and our kids make the clothes look even more awesome.

Yesterday too, there was a huge discussion on twitter about spanking. Good, not good. Bad, ok to do, for what reasons and so on...Well I am going to get into this one day this week, but I see spanking as wrong wrong wrong. I will have a post about this tomorrow, so come back and we can discuss it then.

It was a great weekend and even the part where I was aggravating T in the bed last night and she began to bite me. I love how we have fun little moments like that. All cause I was thumping her arm as she was giving me shit.  During the game she asked me to go get this, go get that, "your going to wake C4". Then she called me a whiner....Im thinking she meant WINNER...

I love that woman..

Kiss that baby



Friday, June 10, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-10-11.....Have You forgotten something?

This Daddy's Blog


Another week comes to an end today. F*&K Rolaids, Fridays are how I spell relief.  I don't know what we have planned and I don't even care. The weekend is the weekend.

Is there something that is so routine in your life that when you miss doing that thing it can either mess up your whole day or even someone elses day?  T and I have a thing we do when we are on the phone together and we say something to each other right as we hang up. Well earlier this week I hung up and didn't say that thing. I didn't even know that I hadn't said it. It is so routine that I just hung up and completely missed it.  Well when I got home that night something was up. When I finally found out what it was that was bothering T, I laughed. There was NO I forgot that. But she said I did and it affected her. I was sorry then for forgetting and I was sorry for laughing.

Love Ya.

It is amazing how we do little things for so long that you often forget you do them and you forget what those little things mean to others.  But when you slip up and forget or just plain ol don't do it, you can see how it affects others and it makes you realize that you do make an impact on that persons day or night.

Making a good or bad impact is up to you.

And Yesterday was my Moms Birthday so here's to you mom hoping you have a great birthday weekend and make sure dad breaks the bank for you..Well don't let him break it, save some of that for me.

Kiss the baby



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Am I the only one that wants to keep my kids young and innocent?

OK let me get my juices flowing over something T and I and the kids saw last night on tv.  The show America's Got Talent is a decent show. We have watched it before and last night we let the kids watch it with us. They had some cool things on there and some things that the kids really enjoyed watching.

Like this one that C3 really liked

This was a great act. I mean that is talent. And there were others but I think that was the favorite.

But then comes out this 6 year old little boy and the uuhhh's and aahhhh's begin, awe he is so cute and whatever. Then Howie, Sharon and Pierce ask him questions. And that is when T and I looked at each other and at the same time said "No way, that is not right"  They were asking if he had a girlfriend and if she was watching and if he wanted to say anything to her and then he says "I love you"  That is in NO WAY right for a 6 year old to even think he has a girlfriend or to even be telling another little girl he loves her. Its not cute, its not cool and its nasty and the mother and father should be ashamed. Then the 6 year old little boy goes on to do this

I am not intending to bash a little 6 year old boy. My problem is that when he is dancing and then starts thrusting his hip and shaking his little boy junk like he is Usher, umm that is not called for. That boys mom and dad need to wonder if that was a good look or not. I don't not want my 7, 6, 4, or 2 year old child dancing like they are Usher or Shakira or whatever.

Kids are kids and should be kept as young and innocent for as long as they can be kept that way. My sons don't need to think they have a girlfriend and my daughter doesn't need to think she has a boy she loves. Hell NO!

Why does any child need to shake his shit, and on tv?  Im sure some of you out there don't agree with me, and that's ok, let your kids shake their shit, and while we are at it, my kids don't play with guns (we even took away the lego guns), see shows or movies that are older than their age limit, don't watch things with violence so if today is a day when you want to have a healthy debate, bring it on.

Kiss the baby


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Im Moving On.

It started with what I call the Battle for Breastfeeding (and kids) and now that I have defeated the evil Forest Park City Manager John Parker it is time I move on....

If you would have asked me about the Mrs. Anonymous person over the last few days, I would have told you I was mad, pissed and ready to fight.  Telling me and my wife T that we worry about things that don't concern us and she is smarter than us combined....hogwash...Whatever..

But you know, while in spin class this morning at 5am things other than passing out ran through my mind. I really felt like I did good in standing up to John Parker and Forest Park over the breastfeeding thing, so I was thinking to myself.....There has got to be other things out there that I can stand up against and use my positive influence to make a difference. I mean, I have like a million blog followers (181) and I have like 2 million twitter followers (500). I know I can get backing for whatever I choose...Let me see, what battle do I want to fight today..Something that doesn't concern me..Hmmmm

16 and Pregnant...Get this shit off the tv. Really stop glamorizing the young being pregnant. Is that what we want our daughter to strive to be..NO. I see these kids showing up in magazines and tv and it makes it look like having a baby so young is awesome. I know that alot of young moms do the best they can and stuff happens and it is tough but why do we have to hype it up on tv and make it look like they are going to come out rich at the end for showing their life on tv?  Lets get kids to make responsible choices and if stuff happens then maybe we as older parents and adults can be here to teach them, instead of putting them on MTV.

Marriage...I say that in order to be divorced that couples go to counseling.  Before and after or whatever. And then some kind of counseling before people get re-married. I know alot of step parents can be great and turn into awesome REAL parents, my dad, I don't even consider him a step parent, he raised me and I am a better person because of him being there. In my eyes..biological who? And another guy I know that lives up North and he turned out to be a great dad. He started out as a step parent kind of but he has become one of my favorite's REAL Dad!

Drinking and Drugs...I used to drink WAY too much. I don't drink anymore at all.  I think that parents who drink, smoke and do other drugs in front of their kids should pay fines and that money should go into an account for the kids to have when they are adults. That way if the parents want to do stuff to harm themselves, the kids will have money when they are grown.

Those are the important ones. What will you use your influence for?

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caught Cheating...What Would You Do?

My name is not John Quinones from "What Would You Do?" but after T and I watched this movie last night
The Dilemma it left me, well us with a question.  What would you do?

This movie is so funny. T and I laughed and laughed but we kept asking ourselves the question, What would you do?

If you found out that your best friends wife was cheating on him. Or your best friends husband was cheating on her. You know what I mean.  Would you tell the wife or husband? Would you tell YOUR wife or husband and let YOUR OWN spouse in on your secret?  This is tough. How would you tell the other person what you saw, knew and how would you explain it to them?

Are you going to try and hide the fact that you know something?  What is your own spouse going to think? Why are you acting weird and hiding something?  I mean as funny as the movie was, it brought up so many good and bad points.  What in the world would you do in that situation?

Would you go above and beyond to try and get proof so you could show the person that you were not bullsheeeting them?

I don't know what I would do!  I am not sure yet!  I tend to think I might stay out of it and let whatever happens happen or then I think I may be doing my friends a favor to let them know. I am not sure.  Would my friend hate me for shedding light on something where both people may be happy living in a private little life where they do their own thing?  I just don't know...

And as they end the show, I will end my post..


And at the same time, you want to watch a funny movie with a little bit of a love story in it too, go watch this movie.

Kiss the baby
(and no one else's wife)



Feel Free Breastfeed in Public in Forest Park..Last but not least post about it...

This does concern my wife and I as well as learning about vaccines and other healthy ways to raise our children.  It is very important that we, we being ME and T, teach our C's to stand up and fight for what we believe is the best way to live our life.

After weeks of writing and hammering the City of Forest Park and its (in my opinion) dumb ass City Manager John Parker about them trying to limit moms and breastfeeding in public, last night the City announced at a council meeting that they will change that. I am happy that this has happened. Now I still have no respect for John Parker. NONE. He wouldn't have changed a thing if people like myself, my wife, and other husbands and women on twitter and fakebook had gotten together and written and stood up for what they believe in.  (In my opinion) John Parker is the biggest F-ing good ol boy redneck and im sure he is set in his ways as a person.

I just applaud my wife and other women who took the time to go to Forest Park for a Nurse In and also taking the children to include them in a life lesson. Stand up for what you believe in and fight for whats right.

(This is for ONE person and ONE person only)
And to the haters and people that go out of their way to shit on others for being great parents and taking time to educate themselves and learn about awesome ways to care for their children and says WE shouldn't concern ourselves with things like the Forest Park issue...guess what..Screw You and you know exactly who you are. We made a difference.  You the self proclaimed smarter that both of us put together crab who works and has her husband work since she is not a good enough parent to stay at home with her kid or kids. And again when you are a strong enough person to stand behind your comments and not use the ANONYMOUS tag, then we can have a civil conversation about how you parent and how we parent...Until then...keep reading our blogs since you cant get enough and you need to copy our parenting skills. Wait that is why you come read, you need help in the parenting dept...


Kiss the Baby



Monday, June 6, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun....We party hard...C4's Birthday Celebration

T said last night while we were eating dinner that the weekend seemed to be going by so slow. I looked at her like she was nuts. It goes by too fast. It seemed like it was just Friday night and we were starting to clean and get ready for C4's party.

What a great weekend it was. We had a great birthday party for C4, he had a blast and he loved having everyone come over to play in his backyard in the near 100* temps. All the C's had a good time too. Saturday was great. The hardest part was trying to keep the kids in the house. They wanted to go out and play so bad all day long, but I had sprayed bug stuff on the yard and it needed to dry and plus they were going to be out pretty much the later part of the afternoon and evening playing during the party.  T did a great job decorating and setting things up and as the people started to arrive and the sweat began to drip, it was on.

Frisbee, soccer, the trampoline and tag and all kind of other fun stuff was going on. The cooler that was full of waters, and cokes and sprite and kids drinks was hit hard and fast since it was so hot out. But the important thing is that the kids had fun, the parent sat and talked and it was a nice time. By the end of the night, I think it is safe to say that every child that was there had used up all the energy and probably slept pretty good that night. I know the C's did.

He got a Orange Dino

Started in on some gifts

Ripping into action 

More gifts

Looking and waiting for more

He loves that yellow ball 

tossing is aside

More goodies

back to the ball

My ball, not letting go 

Rex flashlight...Are you scared yet?

one of his favorites

Llama Llama book and Llama Llama in his hand

Big Brother C2 watching

Cool little boat

what a stud

Well like I said it was a great time, he loved playing and opening his gifts. And after that he opened a few more from the other C's and they all played inside. 

Then yesterday at the pool he enjoyed his own little
private pool

Kiss the Baby



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