Friday, June 10, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-10-11.....Have You forgotten something?

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Another week comes to an end today. F*&K Rolaids, Fridays are how I spell relief.  I don't know what we have planned and I don't even care. The weekend is the weekend.

Is there something that is so routine in your life that when you miss doing that thing it can either mess up your whole day or even someone elses day?  T and I have a thing we do when we are on the phone together and we say something to each other right as we hang up. Well earlier this week I hung up and didn't say that thing. I didn't even know that I hadn't said it. It is so routine that I just hung up and completely missed it.  Well when I got home that night something was up. When I finally found out what it was that was bothering T, I laughed. There was NO I forgot that. But she said I did and it affected her. I was sorry then for forgetting and I was sorry for laughing.

Love Ya.

It is amazing how we do little things for so long that you often forget you do them and you forget what those little things mean to others.  But when you slip up and forget or just plain ol don't do it, you can see how it affects others and it makes you realize that you do make an impact on that persons day or night.

Making a good or bad impact is up to you.

And Yesterday was my Moms Birthday so here's to you mom hoping you have a great birthday weekend and make sure dad breaks the bank for you..Well don't let him break it, save some of that for me.

Kiss the baby



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