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I am so ready for the weekend. As I was laying down on the bench this morning getting ready to try and push this weight up, I started thinking..Wow, this bench is so comfy and I am so tired I could probably just go to sleep.  Then I thought about sleeping in this weekend. I never sleep in. Then it hit me, sleeping in does me no good. I feel like i have lost part of the day, I feel rushed and feel like I am missing out on something.  So I pushed the weight up a few times hopped up off the bench and looked in the mirror, pretended that i looked damn good and told myself, screw sleeping in late, I will get up do what I need to do and that way I can have time for the kids.

So, I will be getting up early tomorrow to hit the gym and then take T's van for an oil change. Im getting up early for the oil change, might as well hit the gym first.  Damn, you know if I was a real manly man, I could park that van in the driveway and change that oil myself..Hmmmm, guess that is why I am kind of what you call the MetroSexual.  I like to be between the rough, tough guy and the overtaken care of handsome man. 

I know some of you are laughing, but I can do some manly things. Like take out the garbage (except on days I forget), change out ceiling fans and light fixtures (even though I never turn the breaker off and blast myself off the stool), spray for bugs (even though I hate bugs), I can build things (do legos count), I can grill (T does it better), but you get my point. I am a man.  But then I have my MetroSexual side..I love looking and smelling good.  I have to be free of body hair. I hate body hair. None on my arms, back, chest, neck, nope none! I have the cleaned trimmed beard and that is because T find me so Tom Brady like sexy. (stop laughing a-holes). I am maybe two more trips to the pool away from shaving my legs and seeing if they look good like that too. Tan and buff from the gym, damn I look good. (again-stop laughing).  I pee sitting down..what it is more comfortable that way (dont judge). I love to use T's bath stuff and deodorant. I would use her body splash but I am afraid that too many men would hit on me.

That last point just made me question something about myself..No I am not gay, dont have a problem with anyone that is (which is the minority here in Ga.) but you know how there always seems to be the quote un quote WELL FIT gay guy and then the quote un quote TUBBY gay guy? Which one would I be?  Which type of gay guy would hit on me? Hmmm. I can remember T and I took our dog to a park many many years ago (before kids) and all these guys kept looking at me, T was laughing, we were at the mostly gay park area in Atlanta. Compliment or Not? Hmmm.

Well, just some things that were running through my half empty brain this morning.

Hope all the Dads out there have a great Fathers Day weekend and to the Moms who play both roles, paint on a fake mustache and enjoy the day too.

Dont forget to come back Sunday if you get a second and read my most awesome, special Fathers Day Post that I plan on having up.

Oh and you know, if you have twitter and dont follow me come on over, I usually say some stuff that will make you laugh..(at me)

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Chels June 18, 2011 at 6:33 PM   Reply to

Have a super great Father's Day, Scott!

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