Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and Me

As a man you never know how special Fathers Day is until you actually become one. So today I want to take the time to tell a special dad and let you know just how special he is.

My day, Colonel J. W. S.

My dad, I don't even know where to start. He is smart, very smart. Friendly, loving, the guy can run for miles, and he is a retired JAG officer from the ARMY.  He is not my biological father but after, but in July he will have been my father for 29 years and when I think back on everything that he has done for me and how he has helped me grow from a young boy to an adult, that biological stuff goes out the window.  When he married my mom, I was almost 10. He didn't act like a step dad, he acted like a father. He taught me that having responsibility and respect at an early age was very important.  Being a lawyer, I think it came naturally for him to explain everything is such great detail to me, whether I was getting in trouble and telling me why I was wrong or even doing math homework and taking so long to tell me how to get the answer when I just wanted the answer.

Well the answers have come later in life. I can see why he did everything he did. While my dad have given me a lot of the year, and I mean a lot, he has also been a huge influence on how I live my life.  From how you treat others to how you treat your wife, and now as a dad myself I see that he was getting me ready to become a father myself.

There is really nothing I can ever do to pay my dad back all the time, money, material items that he has given me over the years, but I think if I can continue to be a good dad and love my children and my wife that he can look at me and know that he did a great job raising me and had a huge hand in making me the man and dad that I am today.

So to you my dad, all I can say is Happy Fathers Day and I love you so much for being such a great man and a great dad.

Love, Your Son.

As for me being a dad, I can remember always wanting to have children. I mean since I was young I knew that I wanted to have kids. There are things about me I could tell you about how much I love kids but that is not whats important today.

I have been a dad for a little more than 7 years now. I can remember when T called me from a bathroom to tell me she was prego and I was so excited. So excited that I think I only bought like 5 more test so we could make sure. Well she was sure and we have been sure 3 more times. There is no feeling like being a dad. I work hard to be a good dad. And trust me, I have had my issues over the years to where I have had to work hard but I know that being a dad is a work in progress.

I love being a dad and my C's make me feel like I am the best in the biz. I feel so lucky everyday that I can say I am a daddy. I have 4C's that make me feel so happy and that everyday is Fathers Day.

So I have to say thank you to T for giving me those four special moments. And I have to say thanks to my C's for loving me like yo do.

Happy Fathers Day to me too.

To all the other Daddy bloggers and Dads who read, have a great Fathers Day and remember what makes you a great dad is the reason today is special.

 Kiss the baby



Erin June 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM   Reply to

Happy Fathers Day Scott! Have a great day!

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