Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Im Moving On.

It started with what I call the Battle for Breastfeeding (and kids) and now that I have defeated the evil Forest Park City Manager John Parker it is time I move on....

If you would have asked me about the Mrs. Anonymous person over the last few days, I would have told you I was mad, pissed and ready to fight.  Telling me and my wife T that we worry about things that don't concern us and she is smarter than us combined....hogwash...Whatever..

But you know, while in spin class this morning at 5am things other than passing out ran through my mind. I really felt like I did good in standing up to John Parker and Forest Park over the breastfeeding thing, so I was thinking to myself.....There has got to be other things out there that I can stand up against and use my positive influence to make a difference. I mean, I have like a million blog followers (181) and I have like 2 million twitter followers (500). I know I can get backing for whatever I choose...Let me see, what battle do I want to fight today..Something that doesn't concern me..Hmmmm

16 and Pregnant...Get this shit off the tv. Really stop glamorizing the young being pregnant. Is that what we want our daughter to strive to be..NO. I see these kids showing up in magazines and tv and it makes it look like having a baby so young is awesome. I know that alot of young moms do the best they can and stuff happens and it is tough but why do we have to hype it up on tv and make it look like they are going to come out rich at the end for showing their life on tv?  Lets get kids to make responsible choices and if stuff happens then maybe we as older parents and adults can be here to teach them, instead of putting them on MTV.

Marriage...I say that in order to be divorced that couples go to counseling.  Before and after or whatever. And then some kind of counseling before people get re-married. I know alot of step parents can be great and turn into awesome REAL parents, my dad, I don't even consider him a step parent, he raised me and I am a better person because of him being there. In my eyes..biological who? And another guy I know that lives up North and he turned out to be a great dad. He started out as a step parent kind of but he has become one of my favorite's REAL Dad!

Drinking and Drugs...I used to drink WAY too much. I don't drink anymore at all.  I think that parents who drink, smoke and do other drugs in front of their kids should pay fines and that money should go into an account for the kids to have when they are adults. That way if the parents want to do stuff to harm themselves, the kids will have money when they are grown.

Those are the important ones. What will you use your influence for?

Kiss the Baby



Jennifer Johnston June 8, 2011 at 11:51 AM   Reply to

I absolutely love the part about drinking and drugs. My mom drank and did meth when I was in HS & I couldn't wait to get out of her house. So I escaped as fast as I could and this led to us being completely broke as you know. It sure would be nice if we had someone to help us sometimes for certain things but its ok we'll get by with or without parents help!

16 and pregnant should be banned I HATE that show! I think its a waste of TV!

Great post Scott! As always! :)

The Mullins Life... June 8, 2011 at 12:18 PM   Reply to

Really??? Parents who drink and smoke infront of thier kids should be fined? If that is the case Parents who eat fattening foods and feed thier kids unhealthy foods should be fined too because that junk is just as bad for you as smoking drugs and alcohol. Just Sayin....

Scott S. June 8, 2011 at 12:21 PM   Reply to

"If that is the case Parents who eat fattening foods and feed thier kids unhealthy foods should be fined too because that junk is just as bad for you as smoking drugs and alcohol"

That is a great point. The Junk Food Fine, I think I will add that to my list.

Wendy June 8, 2011 at 6:52 PM   Reply to

100% agree with all of your hot topics! 16 & Pregnant has only glorified teen pregnancy (I teach pre-teens, you should hear them talk!). Awesome idea about counseling, too. Too often people jump into divorce! Drinking & drugs...fantastic idea!

Q June 9, 2011 at 9:12 PM   Reply to

Man, '16 and Pregnant' is a garbage of a show. Why would anyone think that this show is watchable? It would be different if they showed the difficulties of being a mother at a young age, but they don't. They do not care. I hate that show and 'My Super Sweet 16.'

Chels June 9, 2011 at 11:22 PM   Reply to

I'm behind you on all those things. Especially the 16 and Pregnant show. Now that my little sisters are in high school, there are THIRTY pregnant girls there. That is absolutely ludicrous for me to think about. THIRTY?! Makes me nervous about what kind of world my kids are going to grow up in.

kmlindsay June 13, 2011 at 1:43 PM   Reply to

You obviously havent watched 16 and is not glorifying their lives at all. It shows how HARD their lives are. Sure, they get a baby shower with a few gifts, but most of the time, it shows how lonley and sad it is to be a teen mom. And if you are upset about a show about teen moms, welcome to the real world.

Still love you though :)

Scott S. June 13, 2011 at 1:52 PM   Reply to

By putting them on tv and paying them and making them popular in the tabloid world it is wrong. It is showing that is it great to be 16 and pregnant. These KIDS have gained so much in the WRONG way. I am all for someone making their life better but to be thrown in the spotlight and make it look glorius is crazy. What about a show called 16 and Virgins. I dont see that on tv

And how can you not love me, Im awesome

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