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Sports. Do you watch based on how the athletes look?

I talked to T about something the other day in the van, something that just came up out of the blue. Nothing serious. Sports. Men's and women's sports.  T probably doesn't remember cause she doesn't care about sports and I don't even remember why it came up, but I believe it was something to the effect of what womens sports could I watch and cheer or root for, I mean openly cheer for, like yelling at the tv style. The two that came to me right off the top were Women's Tennis, and Women's Soccer. Probably because both of those sports are kind of front and center right now in the sports world.
Well this morning while I was at the gym, ESPN was on and showing highlights of Wimbledon Tennis and the Women's World Cup in which the US Women's team plays today.  And it hit me, the question of why do I or any men for that matter watch women's sports?  I guess cause I love sports? I guess cause I like the particular sports that are being played? Is it because of the gotta watch the USA and cheer for my country? But deep down it never occurred to me that it may be because the Women are hot? Yeah, shocker I know.  But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. I have watched a handful of WNBA (women's) basketball games..some of those women are ok looking. Sue Bird isn't bad, Sherly Swoopes was nice back in the day. But think about it more

Tennis. The women wear skirts or skorts..whatever and tank tops. They make loud grunting noises, thats a plus.  Lets not forget that a shit load of the women playing tennis are hot. Go back in my youth, Chris Everett. Then Monica Seles, now you have Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, this Wozniacki chick, i kind of makes sense. I do love watching tennis but if two women that looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I probably wouldn't make it a point to sit and watch.

Soccer. Now I love soccer and the kids play it. I will watch soccer no matter what. But truth be told, I may not sit and cheer for a women's soccer match unless they have that certain appeal. Ummm. Yeah Sex appeal. Im being honest. Now, I wasn't the one who thought it was hot or sexy when Brandy Chastain ripped her jersey off down to her sports bra after scoring the game winning kick years and years ago, but I did think that Mia Hamm was hot. Hope Solo the goalie is bad looking when she has her hair in the ponytail. But the US Women's team is not filled with a bunch of butchy dude look a likes.

T mentioned Volleyball. Now I am not one to sit and watch volleyball on tv, but those women are good looking and in the sand..I mean, getting dirty in the sand. Gabriel Reese, Misty May, for the love of god they are wearing sports bra's and bikini bottoms. Hello...

And I know some of you may not think so after this post, but I also watch alot of the women's sports due to the fact that they are the USA against everyone else. The Olympics is the ONLY time I will watch skating or swimming. The women that ski and snowboard and skateboard are dressed from head to toe and I watch that. So believe it or not again, I do watch some women's sports for the ACTUAL sport.

Guys, whats the deal? Am I the only one. Be honest.

Ladies, what about you. Football players, looking at them and thinking they are good looking. Tennis players? Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer. What about Agassi or Sampras? Do women do the same thing as men. I know T has mentioned before that a guy is good looking but would she watch the sport just because of that? Not sure.

Lets hear it, Let me have it, call me a pig or whatever. Agree or disagree! Let me know if I have left anyone out. Give me your hot or not sports athletes.

Take the poll below. Lets find out.

Do you watch sports based on how athletes look?

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Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud June 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM   Reply to

I'll admit it. At first I sat through the boring game of baseball because my husband loves it so much - grew up playing, has a never-ending love affair with the STL Cardinals (he can't help it really, he was born and raised in St. Louis). The first few games were completely boring. I feigned interest, staring at the tv screen while creating blog posts in my head. Until I saw Albert Pujols setting up in the batter's box. Holy hotness. As he stared that pitcher down, alternately loosening and tightening his grip on the bat, tongue poking out of those juicy Dominican lips, hips moving, body pulsing (the man has this rhythmic thing going on when he's setting up to bat and mama likes it!)...I fell in love. With baseball and Albert Pujols. Look, the man is hot. He's also extremely talented and a great role model. I couldn't not fall in love with him. Or baseball.
These days I really do enjoy the game. I get totally pumped and excited. I yell at the tv and have this superstitious little song I sing when Molina goes up to bat. But I do enjoy the yummy eye candy positioned at first base. Too bad he won't be standing there when I go to Busch Stadium on the 4th of July. I have awesome seats on the 1st baseline. :)

Oh, I'm also a huge boxing fan. I grew up watching boxing since my grandfather was a well-known boxer and trainer in Hawaii. Though I loved the sport I totally turned into jelly the first time I watched Roy Jones Jr.'s muscles ripple in slow motion while throwing a knock-out punch. Talk about hot.

Why do I leave comments on novel-proportions every time I stop by your place?

Christi June 28, 2011 at 11:52 AM   Reply to

Back in the day, Walter Peyton had an ass that blew my mind. Then Emmitt Smith came along, and he put Walter Peyton in the nursing home. But, omg, Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans got 'em both beat!

Unknown June 28, 2011 at 1:23 PM   Reply to

I'm an olympics-water, but tend to gravitate toward the female sports. Voleyball, gymnastics, etc. I'm not ogling them at all, but maybe the guy in me is subconsciously drawn to them?

Recreational everyday sports are more guy centric. Football, baseball, hockey, etc. I watch for the sake of sport. But the olympics seems to bring out the dude in me...

Dana K June 28, 2011 at 3:52 PM   Reply to

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Baseball's pants got looser, which was disappointing. Basketball's shorts got longer, which was a travesty. If football changes, I'm done being an athletic supporter.

(did you catch that????)

Talk2Q June 28, 2011 at 6:08 PM   Reply to

I love sports. Anything that involves chasing a ball or being timed and I'm all for it. But, sex appeal does play a role in me viewing certain sports. Gabriela Sabatini is the reason I started watching tennis in the late 80's. Serena is why I still watch. I don't watch men's tennis. Gabrielle Reece, Sue Bird, Natalie Gulbis, Flo-Jo, Laila Ali, Gina Carano... the list goes on! There are plenty of female sports that I watch just for the sport, but there's no way I'd watch diving, beach volleyball, and the Miss Fitness Competition if it weren't for the sex appeal. Great post!

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