Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...A 10 Pack of Note handed out today

Nothing says Thursday better than a good ol fashioned dose of


The past few days have been filled with the heavy topic of spanking

kind of like a cup filled with..wait that gives me a great idea...

My first Thank You Note of the Week....yeah baby.

Like the Black Eyed Peas sang..


DivaCup...Thank You, for giving me hours of entertainment yesterday. I never knew what you were and now that I do know, I cant get enough of you...Such a cool name...DivaCup

LeBron James...Thank You, for playing like such a beee-otch in the Finals, you just made it clear to me that you are no where near MJ or even my boy Kobe.

Hockey Players...Thank You, now that the season is over razor companies will strike it rich. Every Hockey player has a huge beard and then shaves it right?

Boden Clothing...Thank You, for having no limit on the amount of clothes that can come to one address. I think the Guinness Book of Records is coming to count the shipping bags we have that are going to form a Boden Bag Quilt.

Angie & Michael...Thank You, my awesome friends for sending Double Decker Cookie Cake home. I know I asked for and I got it alright. I got the fat ass and big belly feeling after eating it. Sorry I missed the party.

Laura...Thank You, for always being there to amp me up, when I already want to kick someones ass (but not spank) are there to "stir the pot" and get me that much more amped.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...Thank You, for taking Lady Gag Gag's Meat Dress. The flies in my basement were a bit too much.

Twitter Spammer...Thank You, for always finding that one word and running with it.

Mrs. Anonymous...Thank You, hopefully you wont get this, since your stupid ass hasn't been back, but I wanted to tell you the Day Care you put your kids in Thanks You for your money as they let your kids do whatever they want.

New Balance 730's...Thank You, since I have started wearing  you to the gym, my feet feel like they are being made love to every morning..oh yeah.

Kiss the Baby


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