Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Note Thursday...The Mercials that contain Info..

Thank You Note Thursday

I noticed a while back when we called DirecTv and slimmed down the programming to save some money, that we as customers really get screwed over. When they tell you that you can still get over 100's of channels..umm yeah, you can.

They didn't tell you that most of them are F-ing InfoMercial Channels.

So this weekend I was relaxing for a bit and flipping the channels on my over priced DirecTv and I thought I would check out some InfoMercials. Who has not flipped channels and stopped on a InfoMercial and thought about getting the phone? Be honest. Or for the least, sat and watched the whole thing in a trance? I know I have and I did this weekend.
So today these InfoMercials are getting Thank You Notes. (ps. if any of them send free products, i will review and endorse..maybe)

So in no special order here are my favorites that I came across.

Must Have Hair Styling Tool...Thank You, if not for you so many women would not know how to style their hair.

Jewelry TV...Thank You, You put ugly jewelry on the most beautiful fingers, hands, necks and ears, yet your jewelry is still ugly.

Zumba...Thank You, I couldn't dance when I drank and was single to have fun, what makes you think I can dance now that i am married and fat.

Susan Lucci Malibu Pilates...Thank You, BUT no Thank You. You couldn't win a Daytime Emmy forever and you want me to think you can teach me Pilates.

Ahhhh Bra...Thank You, for making a bra for women that make them say "Ahhhhh". Finally a bra for women that is like boxer briefs for me. Keeps em nice and compact.

10 Minute Meals...Thank You, for proving that Rachel Ray got screwed over and she then screwed us all..30 minute meals my ass.

Pajama Jeans...Thank You, for making those who go to Wal Mart in pajama's look good.

Relieve Foot Pain...Thank You. I have no idea why, when I am the one rubbing T's feet every night, where the hell are you.

Carve Abs in Bed...Thank You, I no longer have to wake up a 5am to go to the gym. I can get a sexy six pack by staying in bed.

Ninja Kitchen System...Thank You, Im sure everyone has always wanted a kitchen system that will kick the users ass.

What InfoMercials do you think are awesome or just off the wall?

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